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Sex toys have suffered from a tacky image over a number of years, and it’s no surprise when you consider their poor designs and plastic materials. The first thing that springs to mind may be a blacked out high street store with bright pink lights and a dodgy blow up doll, but this isn’t what the designer market has to offer.

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Designer sex toys are just starting to penetrate the market, these products benefit from high quality craftsmanship and design, offering you enhanced pleasure and enjoyment. Companies have gotten away with poorly designed sex toys for too long, but you no longer have to suffer from rattling batteries, worn out motors, unsatisfying shapes, as designer sex

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toys are crafted to perfection.

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More and more designers have actually started considering the consumer, and what they


might want from a sex toy. Leaf, Lelo, and Jimmyjane have all launched designer sex toys

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made from body-safe materials, which feel just as incredible as they look. The future of sex toys is changing thanks to the considerate souls at these companies. Hopefully it won’t be long until the tacky plastic vibrators of the 90’s are a thing of the past. The new sleek designer sex toys hitting the market are fabulous and functional, with simple

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but intuitive designs. Plastic is most definitely on the way, these designer sex toys are only manufactured with high quality phthalate-free and waterproof silicone, allowing you to enjoy

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your toys in a new and fashionable way. On first thoughts, you might not think about how a designer sex toy could influence your mood or improve your experience, but think outside the box and consider how other products do just that. Take the iPhone, for example, Apple reinvented mobile phones, providing consumers with a sleek handset and a better all-around experience. Walking along the street with an iPhone in your pocket, gives you a feeling and a glow you probably wouldn’t achieve with an old-school Nokia 3210. The philosophy is the same with designer sex toys; they provide a much more enhanced experience, and empower you from the inside. Although designed to arouse and pleasure, the emotions you experience using designer sex toys are far superior from any of the tack invading the high street. You can be confident that there will be a designer sex toy out there to meet your needs because these products are crafted to tease and pleasure. Unlike the cheap and tacky vibrators and dildos stashed on the top shelves of newsagents which advertise themselves as all-in-one orgasms in a box, designer sex toys meet specific needs. The manufacturers understand that what pleases you, might not arouse the next customer, and so there is an array of different designer sex toys in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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