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TIMBERLAND! Since 1996, Mass Appeal has defined and delivered street-savvy content to an audience of over one million young and hungry multicultural trend drivers. Uncompromising in its style, humor, and integrity, Mass Appeal is the authoritative voice of the ever-broadening urban experience. We don’t just track trends and report the latest developments in music, fashion, art, film, and cutting-edge lifestyle; we’ve created a movement that marks this generation. Our word is bond!


83% male 17% female


18-24 (39.2%) 18-34 (75.5%)

Household income:

Median income $61,785 Over $32,000 86% Over $46,000 69%

Circulation: 6 Issues Per Year

US Rate Base: 145,000 140,000 135,000 130,000 125,000


2007 2006 2005 2004 2003

Issue #48 On sale 10/16/07 Issue #49 On sale 12/18/07


P4CB (1X) $8,500 net (2X) $7,500 1/2P4CB (1X) $5,000 (2X) $4,300 1/3P4CB (1X) $4,000 (2X) $3,400 1/4P4CB (1X) $3,500 (2x) $3,000

Positioning: First 20% RHP opposite edit

ADDED VALUE! Mass Appeal can offer a free web banner at, while the issue is on the stands. Also, we can offer a free E•blast to our subscribers about Timberland product information and release dates. Together, the web banner and the E•blast have a net worth of $8,000! Sponsorship for our next issue release party with Timberland providing promotional product for gift bags. Mass Appeal parties are always the hottest and this will be a great way to get the product into the right people’s hands. Net worth $5,000! Free 1/3 impact page to accompany paid page! Net worth $6,600!


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