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Recent Press!

“Get ready to Missbehave!”

New York Times calls us...



Missbehave - like Vice for girls is a collection of hot stuff to buy, listen to and know about. We especially love the magazine’s ‘Does your car make you look fat’ and ‘32 products & tips to keep your gear tight” stories in the premiere issue.

“An ode to multiracial cool .” fresh!

“like Vice

for girls” -New York Post

“Born out of a void in the streetwear market for ,

young women

Missbehave Magazine celebrates fashion rebels everywhere who

love Jordans as much as they adore Chanel handbags.” - Label Networks

Readers vote


as the new Jane. Look, we even beat Nylon!

“Street savvy!”

Recent Press! “for the street culture girl”

Dance heavy!

“The new Brooklyn-based ‘girls’ lifestyle mag reads and looks like an editorial DNA-mashup of Mass Appeal , Nylon , and Tokion.” “Edgy op

- Air Massive



[ Clubbers getting their picture taken at the Missbehave magazine launch at Happy Valley. ]

Recent Press! “Lots of


ashy c l p s , y h s fla


writing is “ The smart and

funny .

The pictures are big and glossy . The articles are muy

interesante and super informative , making this new girls mag...

” “Go buy it!”

Missbehave Magazine  
Missbehave Magazine  

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