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Flower Accelerator

LED Grow Lights -90 Watt Illuminator -180 Watt Jumbo Illuminator -350 Watt Pro-Series Hybrid

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SPECIALTY GROW LIGHTS -Flower Accelerator -90W Mother Keeper -180W Mother Keeper

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Flower Accelerator 90W LED Grow Light

180W Illuminator Mother Keeper Our Price: $399.00 Add

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Out of Stock until March 1st ** First To Market ** Beware of imitators! 90 Day Risk Free Trial 3 Year Warranty

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We are now offering a special supplemental light called the Flower Accelerator that does just what the name implies. We are creating a pure spectrum of light that acts as a synergy effect to compound the effects of flowering at a 10X equivalency. This specially designed light duplicates the effects from the Autumn Effect that allows that far red spectrum through the atmosphere and really enhance your flowering production as well as the overall strength and flavor aspects. Through our initial testing of this supplemental light we have seen yield increase by better than 20%. Again we are the first company to bring a product like this to market so beware of the imitators. You may use this light only during the Flowering C ycle and should be used with the same lighting time cycle as your main overhead light. The footprint of this light is a 3'x3' pattern and can accompany any of our full-cycle LED grow lights. You may also use this light in addition to any lighting source, including a High Pressure Sodium Light to greatly magnify the flowering effects.

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Technical Specifications: 12 hour flowering cycle Output Power: 90 Watt - .87 AMPS Operating Temperature: -4F to +104F (-20C to +40C) Voltage: 110v US / 220v European Weight: 7 lbs. Wavelengths: Far Red, proprietary Diode Configuration: 90 X 1W Covers 9 square feet Discreet - No thermal footprint Safe to operate - no exploding bulbs and they will not burn plants Dimensions: 11.5" X 3.5" Comes equipped with built-in cooling fans Weighs only 7 lbs - no ballast required 50,000+ hour life cycle Environmentally Safe - contains no hazardous materials CE and ROHS Compliant Please let us know if you are interested in a volume discount...

Illuminator Mother Keeper Grow Lights Our Price: $199.00 Add

Illuminator 180W UFO LED Grow Lights Our Price: $500.00 Add

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Flower Accelerator LED grow light  

Illuminator 90W Flower Accelerator Supplemental LED grow light. Increase yield & potency, use with any other grow light. 3 Year Warranty.