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Focal Floral Arrangement /// Continued

by Claire Brody

I have a life hack that will make you appear as the hostess with the mostess, even if the party is a last minute happening! When I see fresh flowers at an event, I always stop to appreciate their beauty as well as the effort that went into getting them there. However, it’s not always practical to have a lush, $100+ arrangement made for every party that you host. I was recently in a similar situation as the hostess and came up with a real/faux flower arrangement. I paired some inexpensive, reusable faux flowers with a handful of real flowers and greenery. It’s a brilliant solution for always having lush, yet affordable flower arrangements for all events you host.



• Faux flower wreath

1. Cut the chicken wire to fit inside the serving bowl. This is what will hold the stems in place. The wire does not need to be the exact shape/size of the bowl. It is a good idea to cut the wire in a square and then bend the sides to fit inside of the bowl.

• 3-4 faux flower stems • Serving bowl

2. Place the wreath on the rim of the bowl. The wreath will serve as the base of the arrangement. Its diameter should be the same as the bowl’s diameter so that the wreath can sit on the rim of the bowl.

• ½ dozen real flowers • 1 bunch of greenery

3. Cut the stems of the faux f lowers to fit inside the bowl. Place the f lowers sporadically.

• Chicken wire • Wire cutters

4. Cut the stems of the real flowers to fit inside the bowl, and place them sporadically. This arrangement uses ½ dozen white roses, which were purchased from a local grocery store. 5. Add bunches of the real greenery to fill the holes. Remember to add water to your arrangement so the real f lowers and greenery can survive! 6.

Play with the flower placement until you are satisfied.

Hello. I’m Claire, an interior stylist living in Austin, TX with my husband, Parker. I’m the blogger and business owner behind Claire Brody Designs. I specialize in providing unique and one of a kind spaces on an affordable budget.

TJMag June 2015  
TJMag June 2015