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Stop Overpaying For Merchant Services Options Once and For All It’s terrible when merchants see the price of a product or service, and purchase it thinking, “What a great deal!” Then later on they discover an even better deal and have to come face to face with the bitter truth that all along they were overpaying for this product or service. The situation becomes even worse when the merchant discovers he or she had been overpaying for months or even years. There’s no way for a merchant to recover a loss of money due to overpayment. No matter how much more revenue merchants pull in, there will always be that nagging thought that they could have made more or saved more money if they hadn’t overpaid.That’s why it’s important for merchants to constantly search for better deals on payment processing equipment. Since every merchant wants to obtain the lowest processing rates possible, Bank Card Systems(BCS) makes finding these good deals easy. One of Bank Card Systems’ goals is to offer merchants the lowest credit card processing rates in New Jersey. For example, Amin Khalifa of Auto Shine Car Wash said, “With my nine locations car wash, I was delighted to know that Bank Card Systems offer free equipment. I almost leased nine terminals for a total of $351 a month for 48 months with a non-cancelable lease. Thank God for Bank Card Systems. They stepped in and saved me from the horror of leasing. I was able to get all nine pieces of credit card equipment for free! There is no monthly lease, no rent, no buyout, no monthly minimum fee, and I ended up paying a lower rate. Words do not express my appreciation for Bank Card Systems.” Khalifa almost overpaid for merchant services equipment. Fortunately, he found out about BCS which saved the day by offering him free equipment. Otherwise, he would have overpaid a total of $16,848.00. Instead of overpaying, Khalifa was able to save his money and use it for other purposes. To read more about how BCS has helped people stop overpaying visits the testimonials page.

Bank Card Systems Set MerchantsFree One way businesses trap consumers is by making them sign contracts. Contracts are beneficial to businesses because they guarantee a profit. Usually, consumers who sign contracts have to pay a fee if they break their contract early. If consumers happen to find a better deal, or a better product or service,

they have to wrestle with whether or not they should break the contract or endure until the contract ends. Both options are a loselose situation because either way the consumer will be unhappy. Therefore, consumers who sign binding contracts may end up feeling trapped.They may want to feel free, but it’s hard for customers to feel free when they are trapped in the world of contractual obligation. This is how merchants can feel when a financial processing company locks them into a contract. They can feel trapped. They can feel hopelessness and despair. They may feel like they are playing Monopoly and just got sent to jail. Being stuck in a long term contract is exactly like going to jail. It’s like going directly to jail. Merchants cannot pass go, and they cannot collect $200.00. Fortunately, Bank Card Systems (BCS) is every merchant’s get out of jail free card. Since BCS will never lock merchants into a contract, they are free to try different processing options as they please. BCS also allows its merchants to experience freedom to the fullest by offering free devices such as the free cash register or free items such as customized gift cards.

Stop overpaying for merchant services options once and for all  
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