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Ropes Courses in Illinois for your growth Ropes courses offer teams an opportunity to develop more trust, open up communication and develop collaboration skills like sharing information, solving problems together and creating innovative approaches. Ropes courses exist throughout Illinois. Ropes courses are divided into low ropes courses, and high ropes courses. Low ropes courses in Illinois are often built at Park Districts and private camps. Now there is a new low ropes course in Illinois located at the Chicago Hilton Indian Lakes Resort. This is the first ropes course built in Illinois to accommodate adults-only, to focus on how adults learn and collaborate together. Adult low ropes courses allow teams to focus on the skills needed for the workplace. Illinois'newest low ropes course offers adults an unusual learning experience set amid a golf course-like setting. Other Illinois ropes courses facilities offer low and high ropes courses throughout the state of Illinois that provide the skills that teams need to succeed. Many of these courses provide a costeffective alternative, but require adult groups to share space with youth groups. Ropes courses in Illinois have existed for many years and are often utilized year-round. Many offer shelters and indoor classroom space to allow teams to debrief the ropes course activities even in inclement weather. Some ropes courses in Illinois provide student groups with a needed boost to ensure cohesion. These ropes courses are often associated with colleges and universities. There are many ropes courses in Illinois that can work best for your group if only you research your needs. Enter "Ropes Course Illinois" into your search engine and many options will appear. The option that is best for your team should fit into your timelines, budget and ability needs of the ropes course facilitators. To learn more about the new teams challenge course, contact Susan Cain at or 630.347.6333. Visit The Corporate Learning Institute at

Contact Information: Susan Cain Corporate Learning Institute 1-800-203-6734

Ropes courses in illinois for your growth