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Mac Users Guide’s iLearn Workshops now bring valuable information to a physical location. The workshops are designed to expand on the concepts and how-to articles found on Mac Users Guide and offer you, the user, the opportunity to learn with a real Apple professional who can answer your questions about Apple’s Mac OS X and wide range of equipment and applications. January 3[7:00 PM] iLearn OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

January 4 [7:00 PM] iLearn iWork’ 09

Setting up your Mac Get the most out of your Mac! Do you know everything that Mac OS X 10.6 has to offer? Or do you need a refresher? We will show you how to get the most out of your operating system and answer all of your MacQuestions.

Pages, Keynote and Numbers iWork is fast becoming a great replacement for Microsoft Office. Gone are the days where using Pages, Numbers and Keynote only worked on a Mac – iWork is compatible with Microsoft Office so sharing is a breeze. As a productivity suite it is easy to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations – the Apple way. Learn to share or continue editing on your iPad!

January 5 [7:00 PM] iLearn Home Networking

January 6 [7:00 PM] iLearn iPhoto

January 10 [7:00 PM] iLearn Apple Portable Devices

January 11 [7:00 PM] iLearn GarageBand

January 12 [7:00 PM] iLearn Apple’s Aperture

January 13 [7:00 PM] iLearn iMovie

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Introduction to digital photography Are your digital photos piling up in a digital wasteland? iPhoto takes any photographer to the next level by simplifying this organizational task. Intro to iPhoto gets to the basics and covers everything from connecting your camera and importing photos to archiving and organizing. We will cover additional features such as Faces and Places and show you how to sharpen your photo editing, sharing and printing skills.

Pro Photo Editing Have you mastered iPhoto and want to move to the next level with your digital photography? Aperture provides a powerful interface for non-destructive editing and image organizing for the prosumer. Learn how to navigate the interface and learn how to edit your images using adjustable brushes, custom presets and other new tools found in Aperture 3.

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tips What can you accomplish with your Apple portable device and iOS 4? More than you think. Explore iOS 4 to get the most out of your iPhone, iPod or iPad and learn about great apps made especially for it like iWork for the iPad or iMovie for iPhone 4.

Import, Edit and Share Have some great video footage shot but don’t have a lot of time to edit? iMovie provides an easy to use interface to that lets you import your videos from a wide variety of digital and analog cameras; edit footage and apply effects; and export to DVD or share on YouTube or Facebook.

and Print Sharing Basics Calling your cable or DSL tech support is sometimes frustrating -- especially after you mention you have an Apple Airport! Apple has made setting up a home network easy – you just need to understand the basics behind setting up an Airport Base Station and how to troubleshoot potential problems before you call your (ISP). Also covered during this workshop is how to install and manage print sharing using an Airport Extreme Base Station.

How to Podcast Have you been wanting to learn how to Podcast? Get an introduction to GarageBand basics and learn about this powerful personal home studio. We will discuss how to set up, record, edit, and share music and podcasts using GarageBand. for more information and scheduling.

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Also Offering Private Lessons! 909-962-8738 or January 18 [7:00 PM] iLearn to iChat

Your Mac, a Communications Powerhouse. Built into Mac OS X is iChat, a chat client packed with much more that just chat, video and file sharing features. iChat is a comprehensive application that works with your SMS, AIM, Jabber, MobileMe, Facebook and Google Talk accounts. Advance features include iChat Theater, Screen Sharing and Conference. iChat isn’t all business – it has fun features like video backgrounds you might not even know about.

January 17 [7:00 PM] iLearn iDVD Burn It!

Included with iLife ’09 is iDVD, Apple’s outstanding DVD building software -- it’s easy to use and produces professional results. Learn how to prepare photos in iPhoto, video in iMovie, audio in iTunes and bring it all together in iDVD to create truly professional looking DVDs.

January 19 [7:00 PM] iPhone Advanced Photography

Yes we said iPhone! This workshop explores how to take great picture using your iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4. Learn how to use it as a serious camera and get tips on great photo taking apps that help enhance your photography. Get noticed by sharing your work using a variety of different iPhone photography websites or learn how to simply post photos to Facebook, Twitter or MobileMe.

January 25 [7:00 PM] iLearn iWeb

January 26 [7:00 PM] iLearn to Keep in Touch

January 31 [7:00 PM] iLearn Photoshop

Februray 1 [7:00 PM] iLearn iLife Suite

Building a Website the iLife Way Have you been wanting to start your website but don’t have time or money. . . or maybe you just don’t really know where to start. Apple’s iWeb makes it easy with an expandable library of templates and features that will get you going in no time. We will walk you through how to get started, organized, connected (FTP), and optimized for the web.

Essential Image Manipulation Skills Are you looking to take your Aperture or iPhoto photography outside of the digital darkroom? Learn to create cutting-edge graphics using special effects found in Adobe’s Photoshop. Aimed at the beginner, we will demonstrate through step-by-step instruction how to transform selections, retouch photos, adjust color, and work with masks and layers, composites and much more.

Mail, iCal and Address Book. Keeping contacts, email and your busy schedule in sync is challenging with or without a Mac to help you. Typically we fall back on pen and paper to take down vital numbers, dates and information – but what happens when the Post-Its get lost? This workshop explores the best practices for staying on top of things the Apple way. Get your contacts organized in Address Book and link them up into Mail and iCal.

Learn to Shape Your iLife Apple’s iLife promises to bring your digital life and your personal life into sync. This workshop will show you how all the applications work together to help you get the most out of your photos, movies and music. We will also show you how to share what you have created on a DVD using iDVD or on the web via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or your personal iWeb site.

January 20 [7:00 PM] iLearn Backup

Did you back it up? Of course you did… Get an early start to avoiding tomorrow’s regrets by establishing a sound backup strategy before losing the most important thing you own – your memories. Backing up your vital assets – photos, documents and videos – is something that you want to do but sometimes it takes a push to get started. Learn how to manage your digital assets and get the latest on keeping your hard drive organized.

January 27 [7:00 PM] iLearn Final Cut Express

Professional Video Editing Concepts Looking for something that offers more than iMovie but not quite sure if you are ready for Final Cut Pro? Final Cut Express gives you the look and feel of Apple’s premier video editing software without the big price tag. Learn more about this semi-professional suite by getting the basics of how the program is set up and how to best start a project. We will show you how to import, organize, edit, share and publish your movie!

Mac Users Guide iLearn Workshops - January  

Mac Users Guide’s iLearn Workshops now bring valuable information to a physical location. The workshops are designed to expand on the concep...

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