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SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY MACURH 2013 Newsletter Issue No. 2 May 2013

Hey MACURH! The World’s Fair conference team has been hard at work meeting, planning, and striving to make MACURH 2013: The World’s Fair the best conference possible for our SLUper delegates and advisors. Since our last newsletter, we have revised the schedule, gone on a conference team retreat, and finalized many of the forms necessary for registration and programming, to name a few. This newsletter will focus on housing updates and fun things to do in St. Louis. We have confirmed the Sheraton for housing during MACURH. After scooping the place out and everything from the ballrooms to the pool will be absolutely wonderful.


We are also excited to introduce the newest member of our conference team….Kate Maratea! Our Ceremonies Chair, Roger Perkey, has been chosen to be the next RCC of Recruitment and Kate Retention. We could not be more proud of Roger, but we had to find someone just as awesome to fill his spot on the conference team… A freshman majoring in Mathematics and Economics, Kate is an integral part of her hall council, and has been elected to the RHA executive board as the Administrative VP for the Fall 2013 semester. She is also a part of NRHH, the Mathematics Club, and the SLU chapter of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. She enjoys volunteering, running, volleyball, reading, and socializing with friends. Her favorite thing to do in St. Louis is visiting the City Museum. Important Dates: •May 31-June 3: NACURH 2013 •August 2: Registration opens •September 27: Registration closes •October 25-27: MACURH 2013

sPiRiT pOiNtS: Find Molly and email our Spirit & Philanthropy co-chairs, Evan and Amanda at with her location for some spirit points1

Dear MACURH, I am so thrilled to be serving as your Housing Chair for MACURH 2013!!! Next October, you will all be staying to the fabulous Sheraton St. Louis City Center Hotel. As the name implies, you will be staying in the middle of St. Louis, and will get to enjoy all of the sights and local attractions that go along with living in the Downtown area. These attractions include the Old Courthouse, Market Street, Busch Stadium (home of the St. Louis Cardinals), and of course, the St. Louis Arch! Imagine all this and still being within ten minutes of Saint Louis University! The Sheraton has a lot to offer so I hope you will all take full advantage of its amenities. With an average guestroom size of 700 sq. ft., you will have plenty of room to lounge but I hope you wander around and find out what else the Sheraton has to offer. You’ll be able to enjoy a full fitness center, an ADA accessible pool and hot tub, and open-air sundeck (talk about a beautiful view!). Oh, and let us not forget the on-site Starbucks for all your coffee needs! Also provided by the Sheraton are free high-speed internet, 24-hour access to the self-service business center, guest Laundromat, and onsite parking protected by a 24-hour security team. The rooms include an iron and ironing board, coffee maker, hairdryer, cable television, and a mini refrigerator. Our conference team has reserved over 185 rooms so at four delegates to a room, we’re hoping to make this one of the largest and most exciting MACURHs to date! See you in October. Maggie


I love going to the Loop and having lunch, and afterwards walking around looking at all the stores. Sometimes on weekends there will be small performing groups, they are great!Roger

As one of the newest members to be chosen for the Regional Board of Directors, I am super excited to server as your new RCC of Recruitment and Retention next year. This means that I will no longer be able to sit as the chair of ceremonies for MACURH 2013: The World's Fair. I am confident in Kate’s ability to ensure the everyone's conference experience is still top notch!

My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is to visit the St. Louis Zoo and the penguins!!!!!!!!!!!

Working closely with Rocco and Nygel, our volunteer chairs to get a good number of volunteers so programming will go as smoothly as possible. Getting a document of do's and don'ts for programming ready so we can all be prepared and on the same page. Get excited!!!


My favorite things to do in St. Louis include taking a walk in Forest Park, going to a Cardinals game, and journeying to the top of the Arch!

All of our registration forms have been finalized and are ready to go! After visiting the hotel, we are getting a better idea of how to set up the registration room to expedite the process! We have also made significant progress on the conference evaluation to be sent out to all delegates after the conference! Amanda E.

I have been working almost solely on the World's Fair and trying to make it as exciting as possible! I have finished a definition of each table including the purchases I need to make, the volunteers needed, and how each activity is played. Additionally I have been working with the conference team on figuring out the movie, and working with Trevor, the dining chair, on the food for the hospitality rooms. Trevor


This month, I have been making sure our contracts are together with Dining Services so we can serve the delegates the best food Chartwells can deliver!

During philanthropy, we will have a speaker from the Ronald McDonald House. We will also be putting together care packages to donate to homeless shelters. Delegates will bring the necessary items. Check out the website for guidelines and rubrics,, and keep ‘Liking’ and posting on our social media for spirit points! Our favorite things to do around St. Louis include biking around St. Louis, getting gelato smoothies from the Hill, walking through Forest Park, and getting BBQ Pulled Pork from J Bucks downtown!

I like to go play in the fountains at Citygarden!

The Arch is something that I loved going to as a kid even though I'm from Chicago. Still to this day it brings out the kid in me.


When I’m not enjoying the sights and food around campus, I love to explore the Science Center. It’s free and lots of fun!. It’s interactive and great for all ages!, and right next to the zoo! I’m also a huge Billikens Basketball fan. Go

We finally have our own financial account through the university! I am currently reformatting the budget into a more simple spreadsheet to make it easier to share and discuss with the conference team, the RBD, and other contacts at SLU. I am also still on a quest to attain more sponsors. I have met with the team members responsible for task requiring larger portions of the budget about ways we can cut costs in order to stay on budget. I have been scoping out our campus and diagramming where to place signs, and what to make them out of. I’ve maintained contact with our transportation service and have received an official invoice! Kyler


I really like to visit the St. Louis Zoo. I have gone there with my family almost every year for as long as I can remember, but it never gets old. I love animals, and it is a bunch of fun to see the kinds that you don't normally see. Plus, it's free to get into the zoo!!

Show Me…

Saint Louis! St. Louis Zoo 1 Government Dr St Louis, MO 63110 5.6 miles from Sheraton

Now that you’ve heard from our Conference team what their favorite places in St. Louis are, here is some more information to check out! More information will be available soon under the ‘About Us’ tab.

Hours: 9am-5pm

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (an STL Favorite!) 6726 Chippewa St St Louis, MO 63109 7.2 miles from Sheraton

Forest Park 5600 Clayton Ave St Louis, MO 63110 4.5 miles from Sheraton

Hours: 11am-10:30pm

St. Louis Arch 11 N 4th St St Louis, MO 63102 0.5 miles from Sheraton

Hours: 9am-6pm

City Museum 701 N 15th St St Louis, MO 63103 0.7 miles from Sheraton Hours on website

Central West End 326 N Euclid Ave St Louis, MO 63108 4.9 miles from Sheraton

Park closes at sundown

Hours vary by business

The Loop

Union Station

6504 Delmar Blvd St Louis, MO 63130 7.7 miles from Sheraton

1820 Market St, St Louis, MO 63103 0.7 miles from Sheraton

Hours vary by business

Hours: (M-S) 10am-9pm Sunday 10-6

Botanical Gardens

Galleria Mall

4344 Shaw Blvd St Louis, MO 63110 4.8 miles from Sheraton

1155 St Louis Galleria St Louis, MO 63117 8.6 miles from Sheraton

Hours: 9am-5pm

Hours: (M-S) 10am- 9pm Sunday 10-6

Thanks for reading!

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MACURH 2013 May Newsletter  
MACURH 2013 May Newsletter  

This is the second issue of our MACURH 2013 conference newsletter