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MACURH Newsletter August 2012

Regional Board Updates

Regional Director Email:



Luke Lasson

I hope all of you are doing well so far this lovely summer. A lot has happened in past month. To start the month off and corresponding with the heat wave that we have been having, things have been heating up regionally. The RBD and I had our site visit and conference retreat on the weekend of July 6th-8th. A lot was accomplished over the course of the retreat and we laid a lot of ground work for the year. Be on the lookout for some new initiatives from all of your board members. In addition to having our retreat I have been hard at work coming up with how to implement the boardroom mentorship program that I had mentioned in my bid. This program will be a great resource for all to utilize and help to create some great bonds in the boardroom. Keep tuned to your email in the next few weeks for some awesome updates on when the applications for the program will be available. The next thing to keep your ear to the ground for will be the sustainability forum. This will be happening early in August and should be a great time for figuring out how we can improve our sustainability efforts. Let me know if you have any ideas that you would like to have discussed in the forums. That is about all that is happening from me. I would just like to say thank you to all of you who have applied for committees these past few months, you guys are awesome! If there is anything that you would like to see discussed in the NCC Chats this year or in an all MACURH chat shoot me an email and we will try to get to it this year! Enjoy the rest of your summers! Luke

Associate Director of Finance and Records Email:

Hey MACURH!!! Things here in sunny hot Nebraska are going swimming!!! In the time since I gave you my last update quite a few things have happened. As you know the regional board had their summer retreat in Kearney a few weeks ago. This retreat was a huge success!! We really had a chance to go over a lot of information as well as get to answer quite a few of the regions questions so that you can know us better. While at the retreat board got to all discuss some of their goals that they had for their positions. I wanted to take the opportunity to share those goals with you. One of the big things I would like to do is make the budget more user friendly. One of the main ways I would like to do this is creating a guide about each category. This would help the region see where the money goes as well as clear up any questions there would be about the budget. I would also like to provide an updated budget for everyone once every month. With this budget I would also provide a list of where money had been taken out of so that you could see where all the difference are. I also want to keep great records! It is a lot easier to keep a balanced budget when you keep good financial records. This means keeping all receipts and filling out the proper forms immediately. The final goal that I have for right now is that I want stay on track with the account reconciliations. I hope that you are all having a wonderful last few weeks of summer! As always if you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me! MACURH love!!! Katie

ce n e r w a L e i t a K

Associate Director of NRHH Email:


n Alex Sniffe

Can you believe it’s already been about two months since NACURH?! Time has absolutely flown by and the Regional Board has been going crazy getting things ready to go for the school year. As for me, I’ve been working on a few projects of my own! Since it is the affiliation season, I’m working on updating and re-doing many of the documents and resources that all of our amazing NRHH chapters will be using to re-affiliate this year. In addition, I will be working on a different document to aid new chapters and those who wish to affiliate new chapters in their formation and start-up process, so that will be coming around shortly! Speaking of affiliation, Tyler and I are in the midst of the spirit point contest for affiliation, and this round is almost over! If you want the most spirit points for your school be sure to affiliate ASAP! It could make the difference between your school and another at the end of the year! Lots of talking was done at the RBD retreat at the lovely University of Nebraska - Kearney, and I can tell you that you’re going to love what they’re planning. Justin is with the conference staff and working hard over the summer to bring you the best conference that MACURH and UNK has to offer. The boardroom spaces look amazing, and I can say for sure that NRHH will have plenty of space to hold our business! Just be sure to bring power strips and extension cords, because we’re going to need them! :) Obviously I’ve also been working on OTMs, and we’ve been getting some pretty good ones in all summer! Soon we will be transferring into the academic year OTM committee, and remember that it is an awesome committee at the regional level, and does not require the normal time commitment of a standing committee. Expect the Regional OTM Committee application to come out sometime soon over the MCAURH listserv, and I hope to get plenty of applications from all of you, and I look forward to reviewing every one of them! Be sure to look at the blog posts, facebook statuses, and tweets that I put out each month about the OTMs if you want to see who won! I will also be having my first NNB (National NRHH Board) Meeting/ Chat coming up on the 29th! We have so much that can be done, and this is only the beginning. I will also be having my first One-on-One with Miss Amy Funk, our NACURH Associate of NRHH very soon, which will be extremely productive and rewarding as I continue to work to improve everything and develop more resources for MACURH (or even NACURH) to use to improve its NRHH Chapters! I hope to start hearing from all of you soon about NRHH questions! See you next month! Alex

Regional Communications Coordinator Administrative Development & Programming Email:

Hey MACURH! I hope everyone is having a great summer and believe it or not, getting ready to go back to school soon! I haven’t been too busy lately, but I am so excited for things to pick up! I recently began communicating with the MACURH 2012 Programming Chair, and I am excited to start figuring out MACURH-U and general MACURH programs! Be on the lookout for information regarding programming at MACURH, and start thinking about what programs YOU can present! I am also starting to think about the MACURH case study, which is going to be fun and exciting this year! Please feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you have regarding MACURH programming or anything else, and enjoy the rest of your summer! With MACURH Love, Michelle Hobbs


b b o H e ll e h c i M

Regional Communications Coordinator Recruitment and Retention Email:

Hello MACURH, After much preparation, the first emails are heading out to recruit new institutions. I would like to personally thank the following people for their help with the necessary recruitment documents: Brandy Schillace Candice Guenther Carey Pechacek Javier Gutierrez Joshua Coppenbarger Chris Rice Dan Badalamente Luke Lassonde Becky Bahe

w Tyler Trepto

I wouldn’t have been able to complete these important documents without your help. I would also like to thank the remaining members of the regional board for their advice on reaching out to these new institutions. Onto affiliation! The spirit initiative continues so please affiliate as soon as you are able to receive the maximum amount that is available. If you are encountering obstacles, I have shared your situation before so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. I and Alex Sniffen (AD-NRHH) are at your full disposal. Please refer to the NACURH website for a detailed checklist. This checklist will prove exceptionally helpful before starting the process to ensure that you are ready for all areas of affiliation. Wishing you some Rest & Relaxation in the remainder of your summer, Tyler

Regional Communications Coordinator Technology Email:

Hey MACURH! This past month has been crazy busy for me as I’ve been working hard on getting this new website designed and updated! I’m planning on having it be up online in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for that. I’ve also been working on getting President-related business ready for the year so we can have our Presidents serving their campus’ RHAs the best way possible. Also, if you know anyone that needs to be added or deleted from the listservs, please send along names and email addresses and I will help take care of it. The different listservs we have are NCC, NRHH, President, PCC and Alumni. I hope you are all ready for the school year to begin. I know I am! With MACURH love, Josh


Josh Coppe

MACURH Conference Chair Email:


l e g o V n i t s u J

As several of you may already know, we’ve been very busy this month here in Kearney. On back to back weekends, we hosted the Regional Board of Directors and MACURH 2012 Conference Staff for some business- (and fun-) filled retreats. After giving the RBD tours of the hotel and campus, sampling the meal options, discussing regional business, and working out some details for the conference, the MACURH 2012 Conference Staff came into town and hashed out as many of the remaining conference details as we could! I know I speak for the rest of the RBD and MACURH 2012 Conference Staff when I say things are going well and we’re really excited to see everyone in Kearney in November. At the beginning of August, the final per delegate price will be released in a newsletter that will also discuss the ins and outs of registration. We have been testing our registration forms and they seem to be working quite well so we look forward to providing an easy, efficient registration process for everyone!! If you have any questions for me or anyone on the staff, feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at (308) 641-7208. Also be looking out for our registration and programming email accounts to be activated so you can send your questions to Alyx or Kyle directly! As always, every person has their own rhythm, so keep Moooovin’ to the beat MACURH! Sincerely, Justin

No Fril s Conference Chair Email:

Hey MACURH! This is your No Frills 2013 Conference Chair Joseph Nabity! Here at the University of Nebraska Omaha we have been hard at work organizing the 2013 No Frills Conference. Our residence life staff is truly excited to host you all here in February! I had a great time meeting with the rest of the Regional Board of Directors during our retreat/site visit on the University of Nebraska Kearney. Everything was amazing!! I am super excited for you guys to see what they have planned for you in November. The retreat was a great chance for the Regional Board of Directors to bond as a group and begin planning the rest of our year with the region. The MACURH Director, Advisor, the ADFR and I spent time during our retreat working through the No Frills 2013 budget. We’ve been tightening our expenses and searching for as best of deals as possible to keep costs low for the 2013 No Frills Conference. I have sent our new Sponsorship Co-Chairs on a mission to bring in as much sponsorship from the community as possible. We are hopeful that we can make this conference as inexpensive for you as delegates and advisors as possible. The other Regional Board Members and myself have been working hard since the retreat to ensure MACURH continues to flourish this year! Your RCC of Recruitment and Retention, Tyler Treptow, has been diligently working on affiliation and recruitment of new institutions and institutions that haven’t been active in MACURH for a while. His enthusiasm is rivaled only by that of ADNRHH, Alex Sniffen. You should definitely see what they’ve been working on, they are working hard, just for you MACURH! On campus this week UNO has been preparing rooming assignments and move-out plans. Our 12-month leases are up here at the end of July and we’re preparing for a large movement of residents. We’re also getting ready to start RA training in the beginning of August. We have so much planned for the RA’s and we’re getting extremely excited about our new residents moving-in in just a few short weeks. With MACURH and UNO Love! Joseph A. Nabity No Frills 2013 Conference Chair, MACURH

ity b a N h p e s o J

Regional Advisor Email:


Becky Bahe

Wow, summer is wrapping up quickly and with that most of us are in the midst of training! I was once told that it seems like those of us in residence life do more training than any other area. It definitely made me think about what we do, how we do it and if we are the most efficient and effective with our resources. It also made me think about the areas in which we don’t train as much and wondered if we are doing a disservice to those individuals. That being said, even in our own profession, we have noticed a lack of training in the realms of advising. For many institutions, advising is left to whomever would like it regardless of their education or training. In the coming months, there will be collaboration between ACUHO-I and NACURH to create professional standards for advising and will then follow up with a concrete training program to address these standards. These will be the first competencies in regards to advising the profession has defined. By doing this, we hope to have better trained advisors and even better advised students. Instead of our students being advised by chance, there will be incredible focus and intentionality behind what we do. If you have input and/or ideas on what should be included in these professional standards, please do not hesitate to ask. In other MACURH news, a few important updates and reminders: 1. The Regional Advisor position will be up for bid at this MACURH (2012). Please take some time to discern if this is a good fit for you! I am more than willing to talk with anyone who is interested in the position! 2. Mark your calendar for MACURH 2012-The Musical at the University of Nebraska-Kearney (November 2-4)! UNK has done a phenomenal job, so get ready for a fantastic conference. 3. Transitions at your school? Please keep us informed to ensure the proper people are receiving emails with information. 4. Watch out for important advisor chat times coming in September!

MACURH August 2012 Newsletter  

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