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May 14–June 10, 2011

Limited time offer! Vent ’N Serve® containers now on sale!

homemade heroes Let’s celebrate Dad. See inside for tasty recipes, great Father’s Day gift ideas & more.

Any way you want it. Build your own Vent ’N Serve® collection and save! For a limited time only, purchase our popular microwave-reheatable storage by the container at special prices. Save time and money! Store pre-made meals in your fridge or freezer, then reheat in the microwave and serve.

Less than $25 each! a Vent ’N Serve® Medium 4½ cup/1 L. $24 value. Save $5.25! 81737 $ 75



b Vent ’N Serve® Medium Deep 6¼ cup/1.5 L. $27.25 value. Save $6.75! 81736 $ 50


c Vent ’N Serve® Medium Shallow 2½ cup/600 mL. $21.25 value. Save $4.75! 81735 $ 50


20 16

d Vent ’N Serve® Large Shallow 6 cup/1.4 L. $26 value. Save $6! 81731 $ 00


Less than $40 each! e Vent ’N Serve® Divided Dish Reheat a complete, three-course meal. 4 cup/950 mL $35.25 value. Save $7.75! 81734 $ 50


f Vent ’N Serve® Large Deep 33⁄4 Qt. /3.5 L. $54 value. Save $15! 81730 $ 00



Before microwave reheating, pull vent open to release steam.




Stack up the savings. Save more on this complete set! Vent ’N Serve® Get It All Collection The modular, stackable design of these containers saves storage space in your fridge or freezer. Includes one Large Deep, one Large Shallow, one Divided Dish, two Medium Shallows, two Mediums, two Medium Deeps, and five FREE Vent ’N Serve Magnets. $272.75 value. Save $83.75! 81729 $ 00


FREE Vent ’N Serve Magnets!


Southwest Chipotle Turkey Burgers with Cilantro Serves 6 11⁄3 lb./600g ground turkey 1 large egg white 1 tbsp. Simple Indulgence™ Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend ½ small red onion, quartered ½ cup fresh cilantro Add ground turkey, egg white and seasoning blend to a 12-cup/2.8 L Mixing Bowl, set aside. Place onion in base of Chop ’N Prep™ Chef, cover and pull cord 4–5 times to finely chop, add to meat mixture. Place cilantro in base of Chop ’N Prep™ Chef, cover and pull cord 4–5 times to finely chop. Add to meat mixture and mix thoroughly with Saucy Silicone Spatula. Using the Hamburger Press, divide meat mixture into four portions and press each portion of meat into a Hamburger Keeper. When ready to cook, heat a Chef Series™ 11"/28 cm Fry Pan over medium-high heat and cook burger, or grill to an internal temperature of 165˚ F/ 73˚ C. Serve on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato. Find products for making this recipe on page 5 and in the Tupperware Summer 2011 Catalog.


Kings of the grill. These handy items make great gifts for your home’s master BBQ chef.




Save over 25%!

Save over 25%!

Save over 35%

a Hamburger Keepers Value Set Save time and money by keeping extra, ready-made burger patties on hand in the fridge or freezer for later use. Set includes eight snap-together Keepers and two seals. $38.50 value. Save $10! 81732 $ 50

b Hamburger Press and Keepers Set Here’s Dad’s secret to making the best burgers in town. Includes four snap-together Keepers, seal, press and ring for shaping and storing perfect patties. $39.25 value. Save $10.25! 81733 $ 00

c 3-Pc. Mixing Bowls Set Requires a $120 order Just like Dad, these multi-purpose bowls can do it all. Useful for breading chicken, chops, steak or fish for the grill. Or take salads or other food outdoors. Includes 4-cup/950 mL, 8-cup/2 L and 12-cup/2.8 L sizes. Limit one set with each $120 order. $42.00 value. Save $16.00! 881844 $ 00




Simple Indulgence Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend 2 oz./56 g. Kosher dairy, gluten free. G See the recipe books in our Summer 2011 Catalog for many more ways to use Simple Indulgence™ Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend.






For a lasting impression. Receive the exclusive Tupperware® Impressions 14-Pc. Entertaining Set FREE when you Host a qualifying party.*



dating gift

Host gift special

Ask a Consultant about hosting a party in your home. Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive the exclusive Refrigerator Bowl. It keeps food fresh in the fridge or for taking along. $5 value.

Host a qualifying party and select the exclusive Tupperware® Impressions 14-Pc. Entertaining Set. Spring events and holiday celebrations have never looked so good! Includes all items listed on page 7. All in exclusive colors. $212.50 value. 8793 $98 in Host Credit* *Limit one with party sales of $650 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.


exclusive colors

Food and props not included.

Serving Center® Set

Tupperware® Impressions 2-Qt./2 L Pitcher

Four exclusive 16-oz./500 mL Tupperware® Impressions Bowls

Four Tupperware® Impressions 16-oz./500 mL Tumblers

Tupperware® Impressions Classic Bowl Set and exclusive Tupperware® Impressions 32-Cup/ 7.6 L Bowl


Father knows best. Dad understands the secrets to good grilling. These backyard favorites help keep him on top of his game.




Buy Season-Serve® Container, get Jr. Season-Serve® Container FREE! ®

a Season Serve & Jr. Season Serve® Set Even when Dad’s in charge, marinating needn’t be messy. The built-in grids on these containers allow marinades to flow around food for ultimate coverage and flavor. Season-Serve® Container is 12½ x 10½ x 4½"/31.8 x 26.7 x 11.5 cm; Jr. Season-Serve® Container is 9½ x 7½ x 3 ¼"/24 x 19 x 8 cm. $52.75 value. Save $23! 81727 $ 75



Save over 35%! b Round Container Requires a $60 order. Perfect for storing pies, cupcakes or many of Dad’s other favorite sweet treats. Freezer-safe, too. 12"/30 cm Dia. Limit one with each $60 order. $28 value. Save $11! 881843 $ 00


Buy 1 Quick Shake® Container, get another FREE! c Quick Shake® Containers So versatile, you’ll need two! Make your own marinades, salad dressings, fruit smoothies and more at home with this ergonomically designed blender—it’s fast and easy. The removable wheel ensures an even blending of ingredients, while the domed seal with hinged pour spout provides extra space for effective mixing. Features both standard and metric measurements in 1-oz. and ¼-cup gradients. 2 cup/500 mL. $44.50 value. Save $22.25! 81726 $ 25


Southwest Chipotle Lime Marinade Makes ½ cup 4 boneless chicken breasts or boneless pork chops 1–2 tbsp. Simple Indulgence™ Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend 1 tbsp. fresh oregano 2 tbsp. fresh cilantro 2 cloves garlic ¼ cup lime juice ¼ cup vegetable oil salt and pepper, to taste Place meat in Season-Serve® Container. Add seasoning blend, oregano, cilantro, and garlic to base of Chop ’N Prep™ Chef. Cover and pull cord to finely chop. Add lime juice, oil and season to taste with salt and pepper. Replace cover and process until well blended. Pour over meat, seal Season-Serve® Container and refrigerate anywhere from 4-8 hours. Remove meat from marinade (discarding marinade), and grill over medium-high heat until internal temperature reaches 165˚ F/ 73˚ C and juices run clear, approximately 15 minutes.


For summer days to remember. Need a gift for Dad, a graduate, a newlywed or a child’s birthday? Check out these exclusive, money-saving offers.




Save 35%!

Save over 35%!

Save over 35%!

a Classic Pitchers Set Two great pitchers—one classic design. Simply adjust the push-button seal on either pitcher to control flow of beverage and ice. Classic Sheer® 2-Qt./2 L Pitcher and Classic Sheer® 1-Qt./940 mL Pitcher. $36.50 value. Save $13! 81723 $ 50

b Lunch Set for Dad Don’t buy him another tie or cologne. With this gift, Dad can take a hearty, healthy meal and refreshing beverage anywhere. Includes CrystalWave® Luncheon Dish with Cold Cup and exclusive 32-oz./950 mL Father's Day ThirstquakeTM Tumbler with exclusive, multi-lingual “I love you dad” artwork*. $42.00 value. Save $16.00! 81725 $ 00

c Rectangular Gelatin Mold This exclusive makes a unique and fun molded gelatin dessert. The removable center seal makes unmolding easy, while the decorative flower insert adds a special touch. $18.75 value. Save $6.75! 81724 $ 00



*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty. 10


Fiesta of Savings!



Save 25%!

Save 25%!

d Super Mega Tumbler Keep several hours of personal refreshment close at hand with this exclusive beverage server. Just fill twice a day to get your daily recommended water intake. Includes virtually airtight and liquidtight seal with flip-open drink spout. 48 oz./1.4 L. $20 value. Save $5! 81722 $ 00

e Early Ages Eco Kids Party Set* Don’t miss out on this exclusive addition to our Early Ages Eco line of children’s products! Unique play set features artwork of adorable animal pals from around the globe. Includes Mini Pitcher and Tumblers, Mini Cake Taker with Server, domed seal with Cariolier handle and four plates for serving. Ages 3 and up. $22 value. Save $5.50! 81728 $ 50




Get ready for Victoria Day, Father’s Day & more! Save 40%! a Large Carry-All® with Handle Here’s rugged, large-capacity storage for Dad’s tools, supplies collectibles, paperwork or other items. It’s also a portable beverage cooler. The virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal keeps dust, dirt, moisture and pests out, while the included handle makes it easy to tote around. It’s a welcome gift. 12 x 7½ x 13"/30.5 x 19.1 x 33 cm. 3.7 gallon/13.7 L. $60 value. Save $24.00! 81743 $ 00



Save 40%! b Small Carry-All® Set This versatile storage pair can make any man’s life easier. They’re ideal for storing emergency gear and first aid supplies for the home or car. 12 x 7½ x 6½"/30.5 x 19.1 x 16.5 cm. 1¾ gallon/6.6 L. Set of two. $55 value. Save $22! 81744 $ 00


Save 40%!


c TupperLiving™ Cutting Boards Keep poultry, seafood, veggies and beef separated for safe grill prep or use them as fun placemats. Set of four. $30.75 value. Save $12.75! 81745 $ 00


Save over 40%! d Freezer Mates® Fresh & Pure Ice Trays Stackable seal keeps ice fresh and odor-free in easy-fill, no-spill tray. Makes small or large cubes that pop out easily. Create designer cubes by adding a sprig of mint or zest of lime. Set of two. $30.50 value. Save $13! 81739 $ 50




Save over 25%! e Tupperware® Impressions Serving Tray Take food to and from the grill or serve beverages, sandwiches, canapés or desserts from this unique tray with hideaway handles. $18.75 value. Save $4.75! 81746 $ 00


Save over 35%! f Tupperware® Dining Trays Forget about wasteful paper plates. This pair of picnic-perfect trays is made for outdoor parties and BBQs. 9 x 15"/23 x 38 cm. Set of two. $28 value. Save $10! 81740 $ 00



f Colors may vary and substitutions may occur.

additional savings—May 14–27, 2011 only!

Summer Savings!

additional savings—May 14–27, 2011 only!

Road warriors. You’ll be on the road to refreshment with these rugged, on-the-go beverage containers. Each one makes a great Father’s Day gift.

Perfect gifts for Dad!




exclusive color

Save over 30%!

Save over 35%!

Save over 30%!

a Commuter Mug Now Dad doesn’t have to stop for expensive coffee or other beverages on his drive to work. Made for travel, our easy-sip Mug will keep his home-brewed blend hot for up to an hour. The virtually liquid-tight, screw-on cover prevents spills. Fits in most vehicle cup holders. 12 oz./350 mL. Q $30 value. Save $10! 81738 $ 00

b Large Sports Bottle Ready-to-go solution eliminates wasteful water bottles. Dad can take it anywhere―to the gym, softball diamond or on the fishing boat. It features an easy-to-grasp, squeezable design with handy pull spout. The removable base is ideal for storing keys, money or snacks. 25 oz./750 mL. Q $20.25 value. Save $7.25! 81742 $ 00

c Insulated Tumbler with Drip-Less™ Straw Seal Whether Dad likes his beverages hot or cold, this Tumbler can keep it that way for up to an hour. Drip-Less™ Straw Seal prevents spills. 24 oz./700 mL. $31 value. Save $10! 81741 $ 00




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See your Tupperware Consultant for more outdoor barbecue recipes and tips.

When barbecuing, grill food to the proper temperature to safeguard the health of your family and guests. To ensure the menu is nutritionally balanced, include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your meal planning and organization. Save money by eliminating paper plates and disposable cups in favor of reusable alternatives that reduce waste and help protect the environment.


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Tupperware® Impressions Mugs—exclusive offer Just like Dad, these handled mugs are both handsome and rugged. They’re ideal for everyday use or for serving cold beverages on the patio or pool deck. No Tupperware® Impressions serving collection is complete without them! Includes virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals. 12 oz./350 mL. Set of four. Limit 10 sets when you attend a party. $30.00 value Save $13.50! 89400 $ 50

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