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1.1 Introduction 1.2 Abstract 1.3 SWOT Analysis 1.4 Creative Brief 1.5 Demographics

Creative Development

2.1 Competitive Survey 2.2 Design Research 2.3 Moodboards 2.4 Logos Specs

Style Guide

3.1 Appropriate Imagery 3.2 Typography & Color Palette 3.3 Graphic Toolbox 3.4 Logo Variations & Specs

Final Designs

4.1 Stationery Packet 4.2 Print Advertising 4.3 Interactive & Motion Graphics 4.4 Promotional Items



1.1 Introduction 1.2 Abstract 1.3 SWOT Analysis 1.4 Creative Brief 1.5 Demographics


Park Place Outreach is an organization in Savannah, Georgia that supports the family system by helping teens that feel they have no options available to them. The organization was founded in 1990 and has since helped hundreds of teens annually. Park Place is an excellent means to help families get there teens on track. During the process of this campaign, Park Place will undergo a major reconstruction with their media related deliverables. Their website, along with business cards and pamphlets will be redesigned for use within and outside of the company to spread the word about the facility. The overall goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about Park Place and to bring in more donors.

8  Park Place Outreach

Abstract Park Place Outreach, located in Savannah, Georgia is an organization that is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well being of at risk adolescents in the Savannah Metropolitan area. Established in 1990 as Savannah Runaway Home. The organization is one of a few establishments in the Savannah Metropolitan area that provides these unique services. The mission of Park Place is to provide its clients with a sense of a home away from home. The organization is a 12-bed facility that provides teens in the area with emergency shelter and temporary support in their time of need. Park Place also provides teens and their families with group and individual therapy to help get through their problems (Park Place, 2012). Park Place focuses on Family, Community and Help as the basis for their principle tenets. With these concepts in mind the organization is able to help teens from all walks of life to cope with the troubles of being a teenager and the difficulties that most teens face amongst their peers. Through these philosophies, Park Place has managed to reach over 50,000 teens since their inception in 1990 (Park Place, 2012). Director Linda Hilts has been instrumental in ensuring that the organization continues to be a pillar in the community and a source of help for those in need.

One of the major concerns with a facility like this is the size factor. There are other facilities in the area that offer the same services and are much larger than Park Place, but with these organizations there is not much of the tender loving care that clients need present in an environment of a larger caliber. Greenbriar Children’s Home is such a place that offers more than 50 beds for their clients but does not offer much of a one on one environment for their counseling sessions and peer interaction (Greenbriar, 2012). With a place like Greenbriar, it just does not seem like home. Even though the services are temporary, it is hard to feel like you are receiving proper TLC when the numbers are high. For the actual rebranding of the Park Place, the client will benefit from having some catchier media components to distribute around the city and the area schools. Park Place has a youth division that encompasses the area handing out information to teens that around the age group that they are looking for. These teens don’t necessarily have to be in trouble or at risk, but it is possible that they could know of someone that could benefit from using the services of the facility.

“The mission of Park Place is to provide its clients with a sense of a home away from home” 9  Park Place Outreach

S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths

Park Place Outreach provides a home away from home experience for their clients. The facility has a family oriented environment that makes their clients feel at home and welcome. Park Place employs between 10-12 house parents for the kids that are placed there. The facility provides group therapy and individual sessions that help facilitate the healing process. All of the personnel at Park Place are CPR certified and the facility has Licensed Social Workers on site.


One major weakness that Park Place has is that it is limited on intake. Park Place only has room for up to 12 kids at a time. The facility is also limited on resources. Most of their resources are based on donations. Park Place is a Non-Profit organization that has a limited budget. The organization is desperate for the community to get involved with donations and monetary contributions to help out.


The facility has room for growth and could use some major marketing strategies. Park Place caters to a specific market. I think that they could some marketing in the local schools.


Major larger facilities pose an immediate threat to Park Place. Because the facility only offers up to 12 beds at a time, that limits the potential for more clientele. The economy is another thing that could affect the future of Park Place. Because most people and most businesses are having financial trouble it makes it harder for them to donate even the smallest amount to the organization.

10  Park Place Outreach

S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths • • • •





11  Park Place Outreach

12  Park Place Outreach

13  Park Place Outreach

The most unique selling point of the organization is the family oriented environment. Other facilities offer the same services but having a smaller atmosphere gives the clients a sense of home away from home. The best thing about park place is it is a house with a heart.

14  Park Place Outreach

The Company Values pictured above represent the key factors that represent the brand. Park Place prides itself on a rich family Tradition that along with the proper Guidance will ensure Success of the clients and the organization.

15  Park Place Outreach

16  Park Place Outreach

Personas Thomas Johnson Thomas is a troubled young man with a lot on his shoulders. His father left home when he was 7 years old leaving him to be the man of the house at a very early age. Thomas’s mother works two jobs to support her three children and still manages to get by. Thomas hangs out with some other neighborhood youths around his age and some older. Most of the kids that he hangs with mean him no good but he does it anyway because it makes him feel that he is a part of something bigger than himself. Recently he started using marijuana and drinking with his friends to “ease the pain”. Thomas has stopped attending school on a regular basis and has his mother worried about his whereabouts during the day. She cannot afford to take off from work in order to see about Thomas’ well being.

Amanda Hugginkiss Amanda is a sensitive young girl dealing with the pressures of adolescence. She is a very attractive young lady and is very smart but she is easily influenced by others. Amanda has been sheltered most of her life and her mother is very overprotective of her. She wants to have a boyfriend and she wants to start working through the teen program at her school when she turns 14 but her parents will not allow it. Her father does not want his daughter to work and certainly does not approve of any boy being worthy of his daughter. Amanda vents through social media about everything that comes to pass her way. She recently got in trouble in school for posting some provocative images of herself in the bathroom after a boy in her class that she likes asked her to do so. After the pics spread around school,

17  Park Place Outreach



2.1 Competitive Survey 2.2 Moodboards 2.3 Design Research 2.4 Logos Specs

Competitive Survey

The Primary competitors for Park Place are Greenbriar Children’s Center and Bethesda Academy. The disadvantage that these facilities have are the fact that they are larger facilities so there is little opportunity for one on one treatment.

20  Park Place Outreach

The interactive opportunities that these organizations present via the web are fairly nice in the way that they present information to their viewers.

21  Park Place Outreach


22  Park Place Outreach

23  Park Place Outreach

Interactive Media Development The original web design that Park Place displayed on the web was not a very strong presentation. It was obvious that the original design was derived from a template, so there was a great need for a refreshed design to showcase some of the key attributes that the facility can offer.

24  Park Place Outreach

Print Ad Development The brand did not have any print advertisements that could be found on the web or locally. The most important aspect of the design had to be the imagery, so in the design I wanted to showcase a strong image with the right call to action.

25  Park Place Outreach

Logo Development Originally i wanted to design a logo that symbolized Park Place as a vital element in the community. I started out using a design that resembled the periodic table, since it is an important element but after careful consideration I decided that maybe some people would not be able to immediately associate the design with an element.

After careful consideration I decided to focus on an updated layout of the current logo. I elected to redesign the house design to bring it up to speed.

26  Park Place Outreach



3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

Appropriate Imagery Typography & Color Palette Graphic Toolbox Logo Variations & Specs

Appropriate Imagery

30  Park Place Outreach





abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz MARKER FELT- LOGO

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQURSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv wxyz Lithos Pro- BODY COPY


Color Palettes Possible Palette selection This selection did not seem to be bold enough and need some more flair.

Possible Palette selection This one seemed to be too close to the previous selection but I still liked some of the color features but need to add some red.

Final Palette Selection

32  Park Place Outreach

Graphic Toolbox

33  Park Place Outreach

Logo Variations & Specs These logo variations were the first concept that was conceived. The original thought was that since Park Place is a pivitol element in the Savannah Community, then I would do something that resembled the periodic table .

Based on feedback from peers, it was determined that everyone might not pick up on the periodic table feel so that concept got scrapped for a more complex design.

34  Park Place Outreach

Improper Logo Usage

White backgrounds were used in the examples to show definitive clear space, but should never be used in a final mock up of the logo. The Correct typography for the signature is Marker Felt and should not be deviated when used with the logo. No other elements should be placed in or around the logo either.

35  Park Place Outreach

Final Logo Specs

The Logo specification shown here is an even 2� around, However resizing is permitted as long as the logo does not distort and does not appear to be stretched. The logo can also be used in a grey-scale form for the purposes of using it on a document or in a position that the integrity of the brand can be compromised by affecting the design.

36  Park Place Outreach

Logo Clear Space

Whenever you use the logo, it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone. The height of the lower case letter “r”in the logotype defines This unit of measurement.

37  Park Place Outreach



4.1 Stationery Packet 4.2 Print Advertising 4.3 Interactive Media & Motion Graphics 4.4 Promotional Items


40  Park Place Outreach

Print Advertising

41  Park Place Outreach

Advertising & Promotional Items

42  Park Place Outreach

Interactive Media

44  Park Place Outreach

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45  Park Place Outreach

Final Design Submission  

Final Design Submission