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The Pinnacle “The Winds of Change”

“Winds of Change” JAN 2012


Dear PNEC! I would like to introduce all of you to THE PINNACLE. Miraculously, this is our second issue and we will make sure we continue to publish it further. Yes, it may be surprising for most of you but like everything else at PNEC the first newsletter also blew with the wind. It is but a memory of the distant past. Oddly enough, here at PNEC we never speak up or speak out about anything (good or bad). Thus we never tell the person sitting next to us that revolution is on the brink of arrival! So I would like to bid adieu to the past and start off with a clean slate. The first issue was intended for the fresher’s but now this one is for all of you. PNEC is on the verge of change. With a freshly geared admin, re-energized societies, newly brewing politics and gossips, it seems that PNEC suddenly has a lot to offer. Thus we at the editorial are anxiously looking forward to the coming days. The open forum has ‘opened’ new doors for the students of PNEC and we’re glad to see that. From discussing controversial library issues to no smoking in the cafeteria! Yes, we’re seeing some serious change amongst our midst. This issue of the PINNACLE also highlights change. From the new cafeteria, to the addition of PNEC TIPS into our newsletter, we have decided to change and to expand. Here’s hoping that the change is positive. Cheers!

HEADLINES Open forum! The buzz of the semester. We can’t get enough of the IMPORTANT issues that were discussed at the forum. Yes, PNEC needs hot pots not only to store chapattis but also to make sure that all ‘records’ stay hidden. It seemed as if some students were out to get everyone they could. From societies, to students, to labs to vegetable shops. Yes, the forum had it all and we’re glad we had the forum!

Paving the way for change Uh the cafeteria sucks! I’m fed up of these samosas! Sounds familiar, right? All of us are used to nagging but it’s about time that someone acts for a change. Mr. Ali Imran Merchant took a step by launching a new “Tea Bar” in the IME Department. Starting off with decent French fries, we wish our teacher the best of luck in his recent endeavor. Let’s just hope this tea bar blesses all of PNEC.

Check Mate Muaaz Bin Sarfaraz, a modest yet extremely talented student from the EE semester V, has

finally decided to display his gusto not only in the university but across Pakistan. After successfully winning the Intra PNEC chess tournament, Muaaz geared up to take Islamabad by storm. Consequently, he bagged the chess tournament at EME as well. Congratulations Muaaz! We expect great things from you.

ROBOWARS In a baffling display of robotic mettle, Porcupine, a robot made by Zeeshan Raja Faisal Amjad and Saad brilliantly bashed other robots during the Olympiad at EME. We, at the editorial, are proud of these talented engineers. This was Porcupine’s second chance to exhibit its mechanical strength and it proved itself in this arena too. Beating EME at its own game isn’t easy… good going boys!

THE PINNACLE | Issue # 2

IEEE Career Counseling III: It appears that IEEE- PNEC is going strong in directing budding engineers to a career path of their choice. Having successfully arranged Career counseling sessions three times in a row, I am sure they expect all of us to actually bag jobs now and then! However, it appears that ‘certain students’ at PNEC still don’t know the difference between open forum and counseling session. A message to those students: Quit bugging the guests with so many questions!

Sports News: By our correspondent: Ali Akram Bhalli AKU hard ball one day match – PNEC beats AKU at their home ground AKU Futsal tournament – PNEC team reached quarterfinals COMKAR squash tournament: Ali Shafi reaches FINALS Interdivsion matches: Nishtar division beat Liaquat division by 2-1.


Clash of the Titans Plenty of smiles for S/Lt’s as they head off. Each player gets a hug from their captain as they go back towards the pavilion. After all, victory doesn't come easily. S/Lt.’s team is now officially the best team in PNEC and Civilians, after this loss, slip down to second place. S/Lt. Chaudry’s thirteen very important runs in the last over propelled Naval Officers past the Civilians in a game that had everything except for a Super-Over finish. It featured an astonishing half century from the debutant Ayaz along with a strong bowling display from Bilal Hassan, who had two-for 8 runs figures to his credit in a game where 226 runs came off 19.5 overs. Sublime stroke play from S/Lt Hamza in his prime form, plus the strong helping hands of S/Lt Sarfaraz and S/Lt. Chaudry, were added delights. Ahmed Shah’s captaincy has come in for a bit of criticism in recent matches, mainly for under-utilizing his part-time spinners. But he got it right when he asked Muzammil Safdar to bowl the first over of Civilians’ innings. The chase had started poorly for S/Lt.’s when S/Lt. Sufyan, fresh from the two high score innings in the practice matches, was run out in the first over without facing a single delivery. S/Lt Hamza miss-timed a pull and called for a single but did not follow it up with a run, resulting in S/Lt. Sufyan being caught short of the crease at the bowler's end by a wonderful direct hit form Masroor Mehdi at slip. S/Lt. Hamza and S/Lt. Sarfraz then contributed towards an 82-run stand that more than steadied the S/Lt.’s team, which had worked hard in the field to ensure anachievable target. Luck favoured both the batsmen when they were dropped early in their innings and some loose decisions from the umpire fell their way. It all boiled down to the last over off which thirteen were needed. Noman Liaquat, reportedly the best bowler from the civilians’team was asked to bowl, but it certainly wasn’t his day at all. He got smashed for a four on the first ball followed by a six over midwicket and these two balls made the equation much simpler for the S/Lt.’s. Among the noticeable performances of the civilians bowling innings were Bilal Hassan’s most economic two-over figures for the Civillians, perhaps the most crucial record on a night that must have sent statisticians into frenzy. It is hard to say if the batsmen were a touch too circumspect. The question must only arise because the contrast between his figures and the rest was stark. Bilal did seem to do the right things, though: he didn't give the batsmen the slow pace or the bad-ranked deliveries. That he managed to frustrate S/Lt. Hamza into the rare injudicious shot of the night, costing him his wicket, drew a bit of caution, and he rushed through his quota. Another notable display was that unbelievable catch from Ali Akram Bhalli; the ball was sailing over long on and no one knows how he managed to get his hand on that ball. One word, “FABULOUS”! Earlier in the civillian batting innings, Ayaz had spent some time getting himself settled, and was soon striking the ball

THE PINNACLE | Issue # 2 cleanly, repeatedly finding the middle of

3 the bat.

He welcomed the left-arm bowler with a six over long-on for the first delivery, and took to the offerings of another of S/Lt’s. Team bowler, S/Lt. Sajid who ended up with 1 for 32; but even that one wicket was of Ahmed Shah, who once again succumbed to a dismissal on a duck. S/Lt Sajid’s final over leaked 19 runs as Ayaz crunched him for a four through midwicket and then launched a pair of sixes over midwicket and deep cover. With support from two of the best members of civilians batting order, he built up a 28-run partnership with Masroor Mehdi followed by a 65-run stand with Muzammil Safdar. A good old friend, the Yorker, was sorely missed among the crowd of fancy slower balls of all varieties. The only one produced got Civilians a wicket.

FRESHERS WEEK’011 A flash back!

DAY 1:

Opening Ceremony: Freshers’ Week’011 officially kicked off with a nice little opening ceremony which was mostly attended by seniors and a very few juniors. Those who were a part of it witnessed PNEC at its best.Juniors were given a chance to share their experience so far at PNEC, and sigh at their fate. Akbar

loads and loads of laughter. In an ending note fresher’s were reminded of the ‘great virtues of punctuality’ and given a glimpse of what awaits them in the four years at PNEC (mind you this place does groom you a lot). And of course, how could it end without letting some balloons in the air

by picking 5 pasta pieces from a stick in his mouth and if it wasn’t enough, Dean EPE

Night Cricket Match by NASR: The Opening Day concluded with the seniors’ victory against the freshers in a night cricket match. On that night, our dear Parade Ground, with all the flood lights switched on, was no less than a cricket stadium. Over all, the match was an interesting one for both spectators and players..

Chaudry, Sem VII ME, knows how take the weirdest things at PNEC and make them look good. He thus managed to start fresher’s week with a bang and

tasks in a minute to win the prizes. Osama bin Naveed showed real heroics

Minute-To-Win-It by WIE: This really got the ball rolling for a funpacked week that was to follow. Participants had to do near impossible

completed his task in 35 seconds, the quickest in the contest. Spectators were also treated to some fine break dancing along with a couple of good songs. If the opening ceremony was a bit formal, this event surely cracked every one up.

THE PINNACLE | Issue # 2


Bake Sale by WIE: The whole week was organized for the noble cause of collecting funds for the flood victims, and the Bake sale was a direct attempt to collect some donations. Not to mention, it gave a chance to girls at PNEC to show that they are not just great in the field but equally good at indoor jobs too! People willingly paid for the scrumptious and mouth-watering food items that were on sale. It reenergized the atmosphere after the exertion in the Minute-To-Win-It.

DAY 2: A series of unfortunate events led to a no show on DAY 2 of the Freshers Week’011.

DAY 3: Movie Night or the Wall of Fame? By EASEL and MACS After a couple of failed attempts to hold some sporting events, we, organizers, had a movie night planned for the third day of this week. Fast and the Furious Five would have been enough to entertain the audience but “The Wall of Fame” actually stole the show. People had to wait for their turns to get their snap taken with the Wall and thus, camera flashes were seen for the entire duration of the show. The movie screening went smooth and the cool sea breeze made it even more enjoyable.

Day 4: Scavenger Hunt by IEEE: This event was just what the freshmen needed to make them feel at home, and boy did they not enjoy it!. A lot of teams participated and the people kept registering themselves until the last moment. Every team wanted to win it by hook or by crook and an excitement,

never seen ever before, was evident on the grounds. Clues were hidden all over the campus and the teams had to use their brains, along with their feet, to reach to them. There were eight clues overall, the last one being the winning clue. Quite a lot of teams found their seventh clue but they were not lucky

enough like the Yellow team who managed to find the eighth one too. Losing teams just couldn’t believe their luck and some even blamed their team members and coordinators. It was such an immense success that the organizers were requested to make Scavenger Hunt

THE PINNACLE | Issue # 2 a semester-based event.

Gaming Competition by IEEE: True to the Geeky spirit, PNEC loves virtual gaming. Hence, after the scavenger hunt gaming competition was arranged to give the students some more opportunity for fun and give them another shot at winning. Fifa 10, Fifa 11 and Counter Strike (CS) were the chosen games and not surprisingly the team that won the Scavenger hunt went on to win the CS competition too!

DAY 5: Karaoke Night by MACS:

5 welcoming them, and from dealing with external affairs to managing internal ones, this long journey was surely a scintillating one. We eagerly look forward to more of such worthwhile journeys in future. Thanks to those who attended it and for those who missed it, I’d say that you guys really MISSED it! Aqsa Sikandar, IME-V Organizing the Fresher’s Week 2011 was a memorable experience, especially since this was my first experience of collaborating with other societies. Admittedly the kick-off for the week with the opening ceremony was a little scary for the organizers since at the scheduled beginning time, there were more organizers present in the auditorium then fresher’s. But then attendance

Onib Nasir, EL-V

Who Stole the Backdrop? The backdrop of the Freshers Week’011 was like a diamond for the entire week. Everyone wanted it. Two incidents stand out in this regard. Firstly, when we found people stealing it and secondly, when we actually got it stolen. For the former one, we were successful in stopping the crime ourselves and for the latter Lt/Cdr Asif Mansoor became our saviour. He got this diamond back to us safely and consequently received the title of Hero’011.

Was it the Wall of Flames? The famous “Wall of Fame” became the

If people were wondering things couldn’t get any better than the Scavenger Hunt, then they were wrong as the last night of the week was one hell of an enjoyment too. Underground bands along with the local talent of PNEC entertained the audience and kept up the standards of the successful previous events of the week. To top it off, a hilarious stage play was performed by the Power Boys. People just couldn’t control their laughter on watching the Boys make fun of some really popular and controversial celebrities like Amir Liaqat and Meera. And for once, the food wasn’t a disappointment at all. The Wall of Fame was again set up on the huge public demand. People made sure not to miss the chance of having pictures taken with it this time and the famous wall was seen on the Facebook display pictures of almost all the PNECians.

Organizers’ Thoughts For the attendees, the Freshers’ Week’011 comprised of just five days but for us, the organizers, it started before the Orientation’011 and is concluding with this newsletter. From the compilation of the newsletter to its distribution, from the making of the backdrop to ensuring its security at all times, from inviting people to

started soaring as the week passed, exponentially rising at the Scavenger Hunt and reaching a climax at the Concert. I had amazing fun being amongst the organizers of the Scavenger Hunt (which was the most successful Scavenger Hunt in the history of PNEC). I am already looking to the next big collaboration of all the societies since this one has already inculcated an excellent chemistry of working together.

“Wall of FLAMES” while we were getting done with our last-minute preparations for the closing ceremony. To get this wall transported from the CBM Office to the GunRoom Mess, a suitable vehicle was required. Any guesses about who came into action? Well our dear fire brigade team sorted out the issue for us as their vehicle was a perfect one for this famous wall. Thankfully, “Fame” didn’t actually turn into “Flames”!

THE PINNACLE | Issue # 2


Pnec Tips PNEC TIP # 1


PNEC introducing its WTF Fridays

Outliving and bad law order, new in Karachi?

Wear Tie Formal Fridays

Don’t get confused, PNEC would always remain open… even if it’s the end of the world!

Well that’s just fantastic



To all those Geeks (theetas)

Every (Pakistani) Engineer’s wildest fantasy…

Stop asking for extra copies out loud in the examination halls!

Mahol NCA jesa ho and degree NUST jesi!!!


PNEC TIP # 5 Having fun times during the semester is inversely proportional to your GPA!!!

PNEC TIP # 6 If you see the Library full of students, don’t think the Apocalypse is near! It’s either because an assignment or an hourly is up in the next hour!

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The Pinnacle - 2nd Issue, February 2012  
The Pinnacle - 2nd Issue, February 2012  

2nd issue of the MACS Official Newsletter.