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Bike Parts USA Concept Statement Project team: Jean Rojas, Steve West Create a list of all users that may visit your site (not from the WWW but those you’d invite). • Bicycle enthusiasts •

Bike commuters

Bicycle owners

Bike shops

What will each of those users want to see in order to enjoy their visit to your site? • Bike parts •




Name your intended audience (the person(s) you need to persuade.) • Male, Caucasian, age 25-64, wide range of income, (data: University Transportation Research Center, Analysis of Bicycling Trends, March 2011, John Pucher) Describe what you need to inform and persuade them of: Promote: professional retail of bicycle parts Goals of the site are: reduce submenus for ease of use Site’s ultimate message/philosophy: carry a wide variety of bicycle parts and cater to bicyclists’ needs List the assets you need to persuade the user: • Reviews •

Secure site for ordering


Images, description of items

For the purpose of structuring your website, list the categories: • Parts •




Energy Supplements


Concept Statement: Our goal for this website is to compile the submenus into a clear interface that doesn’t confuse and overwhelm the user, especially on the home page. The home page displays “features” and “what’s new” but needs to be more prominent than the logos along the right side of the page (the large logos draw the user’s attention). The featured items should have larger images with less information with links for details and reviews. The overall appearance should be sleek in appearance with colors that convey professionalism and trust. The navigation will be categorized into (fewer) departments. The shopping cart will display purchased items and appear on every page, in a section of its own. Review dynamics will be added to each item’s description.

Current Home Page:

eCommerce project concept statement  

concept statement for eCommerce project

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