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New LaSalle Vancouver campus entrance – 3-D rendering by Angel Torella

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Table of Contents 3 Intro Frill it up

Frilling Vancouver


hen I arrived in Vancouver, many years ago, I was greeted at the airport

by my friend who took me to his place and then directly to lunch at a Mongolian

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6 Instructors Interviews Thoughts on teaching

14 Graphic Design Careers

BBQ restaurant. It was January, and the city seemed lush, alive, and relatively exotic compared to where I had just left (Ottawa: -20°C and a monochrome grey-white.) In this issue, we explore Vancouver’s uniqueness – its food, events, multiculturalism and, of course, the weather. Also, we provide some links to several of our graduates’ on-line portfolios, interview select instructors (ahem, myself included…), and outline some exciting careers available

16 Grad Web Portfolio 18 VanDusen Botanical Garden

in graphic design. All this to sum-up a few experiences here in Vancouver – with all the frills. 

— Daryl Askey

Festival of lights

22 Are you a typical Vancouverite?

200 – 889 West Pender Street Vancouver BC  V6C 3B2  Canada 604 683-2006 • Toll-free 1 877 847-7902

Cover Photo by Niko Li

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BIO Holding two BFA, and 30 years in Fine Arts education. My professional career has been exploring different fields like Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Book and Magazine Design, Illustration, Animation, TV set Design,Visual Effects for TV, Artistic Ceramic, 3D modeling, among some other positions. My life took a big turn when I moved to Canada and had the opportunity of applying all those skills in private education. 6  Frill Magazine

What made you decide to start teaching? Having the best teachers during my studies marked me for the decision of being a teacher, for sure. The opportunity of continuous learning, and the need of studying everyday to prepare my classes was the second factor. I’m still teaching because I feel the need to learn. Every student has something to teach me.

What is the difference between LaSalle and other design schools? LaSalle College International Vancouver is a very special school. We really care about every single student. As a school, we are successful only if the student we graduated is successful too. Our instructors are all professional in active from the field, so they are bringing real experiences to the classroom. And finally the size of the classes allows to teach in a very personal way.

What is your philosophy as an educator? Education is about expectations. Students need to know what I’m expecting from them since day one, and they will know from the very beginning what to expect from my courses. Students are coming to learn, I’m there to teach, we just need to set the rules of this relationship.

What do you think about the future / potential for graphic designers? The future for Graphic Designers looks awesome. If the economy is doing well, there is nothing to concern about it. If the economy goes bad, don’t worries, all companies will try to invest more in advertising to beat the competency. Just keep your eyes open, don’t waste opportunities, and learn everyday.

Tell us about some of your inspirations? I find inspiration everywhere and every time. I would need to live ten times my entire life time, to make real some of the inspirations I have in my mind. My greatest inspiration... women.

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BIO Traditional Graphic Design, Art Gallery Director, Art Director, Screen Printer, Photographer

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What made you decide to start teaching? I needed to find an use for my non-stop talking, and also I love seeing all the different ideas that come from the students. It keeps me on my toes and the students inspire me.

What is the difference between LaSalle and other design schools? Personalized training with instructors who work in the industry. Real life experience served with projects that reflect actual business needs and marketing, using current technology.

What is your philosophy as an educator? Honesty with guidance to reach your goals. Creativity on every level. Showing you how to make work for yourselves. I want to hear your ideas, and if it does not work now, store it away for later.

What do you think about the future / potential for graphic designers? There is always going to be a need for great design and great ideas. It is very powerful to be able to send a message and communicate using smart interesting ideas. Who else is going to make things look beautiful?

Tell us about some of your inspirations? I love seeing a smart commercial, or a stunning, witty logo. Any idea that makes me think “why did I not think of that�. People who are excited and positive about life. An ad campaign that is beautifully styled and photographed. A great piece of fashion, or a beautifully decorated room. I love illustration. I love art. Paintings, photos or a scribble on a napkin.

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BIO Graphic designer, Educator, Musician, Artist, Dad – From a small hometown in Eastern Ontario to a home in East Vancouver with many steps in between.

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What made you decide to start teaching? After working in printing, and graphic design for a few years, I had skills I could pass on – which I did by training at work. The opportunity to teach came up at LaSalle. I tried it, and given the small class sizes, the experience was really akin to on-the-job training.

What is the difference between LaSalle and other design schools? The friendly attitude – generally staff, students and instructors conduct themselves in a warm, accepting, and inclusive manner. The hands-on approach differs. Overall, the simplicity in the day-to-day operations of the school cause students and instructors not to feel bogged down. They can focus on the material to be learned and on projects to be completed. Also, the programs are short and fairly intense, so students can get the skills and get out to work.

What is your philosophy as an educator? We learn best by doing. I always set up directed projects that relate to passions the students have. That way, they are so immersed in projects they barely realize how much they are learning. As time goes on, my role becomes more like a coach and art-director – no rambling on at the front of the classroom.

What do you think about the future / potential for graphic designers? Graphic Design skills matter more and more for just about anyone in modern society. We all deal with information and communication all day long. Graphic Design allows you communicate more clearly.

Tell us about some of your inspirations? Inspirations would include nature, and also some things that I gravitated to when I was growing up like comic books (both kids’ and adults’), skateboarding, underground music. There are other designers and artists, currently and historically, that provide inspiration. Show up in my graphic design classes and we’ll explore them!

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What made you decide to start teaching? I started teaching workshops initially. It was very useful, and good experience to do that. I applied for this job, and luckily I got it.

What is the difference between LaSalle and other design schools? A main component is that classes are smaller in design, so it does allow the student to be more interactive with the lessons.

What is your philosophy as an educator? Give the students the necessary tools to survive the exciting, and highly competitive world of fine art. Not just technical, its about realistic goals, and short term projects for success.

What do you think about the future / potential for graphic designers? The design world is great, there is a lot of potential much like how it was in the wild west. Now its the wild world.

Tell us about some of your inspirations? I am inspired by music, art of mixed media, youth, travel.

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Print Package Designer

Print Publication Designer

Web User Experience Designer

Design team

They design the basic workflow or “experience” of the user.

Art/Creative Director The leader of the team

Front End Web Designer They design the aesthetic parts of web design.

Senior Designer They are in charge of main parts of the project.

Designer/Developer The specialist of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP,

Intermediate Designer

Ruby and other prominent web technologies.

Mac Operator/Entry Level Designer

User Interface Designer

In charge of making minor changes from other designer

They design web elements such as custom buttons,

and also, converting files to a print-ready layered file.

fields, navigation, typography and others).

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Print & Web Marketing Developer

Advertising designer

Brand identity developer

Film & TV industry Concept art designer

Matte Painter


They create the personality of the brand.

Visual Effects Specialist Illustrator Editor Visual Journalist They design information graphics.

Photography Photo Editor

Fashion graphic designer They design graphics for textile..

Logo specialists

Photo Retoucher

And more jobs available

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Hubertine Paramagita •

Guillem Rovira •

16  Frill Magazine

Meava Revellin •

Yuleth Silva •

Angel Bolanos •

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VanDusen Botanical Garden

The Festival Of


18  Frill Magazine


estival of Lights at VanDusen Botani-

for the entire seven minutes. The shows offer

cal Garden has become a must-see

two alternating sets that play each half hour.

seasonal tradition for all ages and

backgrounds to the Greater Vancouver people. Families, dating couples, elders, and toddlers – they all find the Festival of Lights fascinating.

Children’s Christmas Experience On the performance stage, children can have their photos taken with Santa, the Christ-

The Centerpiece: Dancing Lights

mas Gnomes, and the Grinch as well. There

The major show of the Festival of Lights is

will be a puppet show and choirs singing to

the enthralling Dancing Lights on Livingstone

entertain the visitors on stage.

Lake. The show bursts to life every half an hour with the lights dancing to seasonal music

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Make-A-Wish Candle Grotto Every year, the garden holds a highlight of the ethereal Make-A-Wish Candle Grotto for visitors to make donations to the children foundation, to light up a candle to make a wish, and the candle will be placed on the Grotto wall. The Make-A-Wish’s Room of Joy will feature a magical Winter Parade created by the Vancouver Lego Club. For more information about the event, visit

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Are you a typical Vancouverite?


eing an international student in Vancouver for

10 years, I’ve experienced culture-shock, loneliness, homesickness, and feeling left out from Vancouver society. I often came across the question, “Am I a typical Vancouverite?” over

you don’t mind the rain-You’re a Vancouverite. Below information might help you become a true Vancouverite.

A recent Youtube video from IFHT called “How To Be A Vancouverite?” managed to reach a viral status throughout the web demonstrating typical “Vancouver Lifestyle, Culture, and Behaviours.” There are a few easily identifiable facts that a typical Vancouverite possesses, such as if you’re enjoying being dressed in yoga pants paired with Uggs boots, you love drinking coffee, and

Getting around Vancouver Vancouver is famous for convenient transportation with its Translink

downtown Seawall, and the commuter West Coast

system. As a newcomer to Vancouver, to really blend in the society

Express links several outer suburbs to downtown

and meet new people, start taking public transportation. In total, we

Vancouver. (For more information, please visit:

have three SkyTrain’s lines- Expo line, Millennium line, and Canada

line, most bus routes come every 15 minutes, seabus connects from Downtown Vancouver to North Vancouver, aquabus takes you directly to Granville Island and several docks located along the 22  Frill Magazine

Vancouver, what Fashion? Many have described Vancouver as a multicultural city and that has a strong impact on its fashion. Compared to other cities, people tend to be more relaxed and slower paced. Lululemon and Artizia, the local fashion retailers have successfully captured Vancouverite style. Their fashion certainly became the icons for Vancouver fashion. (The picture to the right is an example for how female Vancouverite would dress.) The mixture of cultures had certainly attracted fashion designers to come to the city. Therefore, many organizations host several fashion shows, giving the designers opportunities to present their pieces.Vancouver Fashion week is one of the largest fashion events that hosts fashion shows quarterly. LaSalle College International Vancouver is one of the sponsors participating in Vancouver Fashion Week, which provides opportunities for Fashion Design students from LaSalle to see their designs in the fashion shows and provide real world experiences for students to run their shows from scratch.

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Frill - Issue 2  
Frill - Issue 2  

LaSalle College International Vancouver Student Magazine. Are you a typical Vancouverite? Instructor Interviews. Festival of Lights.