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FALL 2013

2  Frill Magazine

3 INTRO Frill it up

Image – this page: by Reiko Katayama

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Frill it up…


elcome to the Frill, the newest magazine by the graphic design students at

LaSalle College International Vancouver. This time, we focus the publication on design and artistic process and discovery. In the premier


issue, we feature the “journeys” of current

Mind Map

well as a profile of CANU, a tech start-up

6 CANU Getting it Together

students Priya Olak and Reiko Katayama, as co-founded by LaSalle graduate,Vitali Poluzhnikov. Here’s hoping you find it informative and entertaining – a real frill. 

— Daryl Askey (instructor)

12 Back to the Basic Looking around the Surroundings

16 Dedication to Down to Earth Priya Olak Interview

Cover Photo by Karen Chen

Back Cover by Reiko Katayama

200 – 889 West Pender Street Vancouver BC  V6C 3B2  Canada 604 683-2006 • Toll-free 1 877 847-7902

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4  Frill Magazine


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6  Frill Magazine

Getting It Together CANU is about the near future and getting together – in real life.


eveloped by LaSalle College

on the go. They want you to stop scroll-

graduate,Vitali Poluzhnikov and

ing through the past. Look into the future,

his partners Didrik Persson

join the fun and be part of something real.

and Roger Calaf, CANU is an

Part of that was reversing the order and the

app that makes it fast and simple for you

direction of the feed. It’s like a treadmill.

to share and join spontaneous activities Frill Magazine  7

What makes CANU different? They found that in order to get users to spend as little time as possible with the app

that appear “closest you” are those events

they needed to strip away all the unneces-

happening soon. The team strives to make

sary features to make the experience as

CANU the quickest way for you to get

simple and smooth as possible.

together with people around you on the

So, they did exactly that and they like

go. Through coordinating events using

saying that it takes the same time to open

CANU, barriers between attendees be-

the Facebook app as it takes to create an

come minimal.

activity with CANU. It should be that quick. The main point about the idea is “get together.” You start at the bottom of the 8  Frill Magazine

feed, and work your way up so events

Didrik Persson

Roger Calaf

Vitali Poluzhnikov

CEO & Founder.

CTO & Founder.

Vision/Design & Founder.

From Tillytorp, Sweden. Loves

From Barcelona. Loves soccer, sail-

From Russia and studied in Van-


ing, nature and coding.

couver & Montréal.

The CANU Crew

How did it all get started? It was born when the founders had just

made him creative. Roger is a natural-born

moved to Stockholm and wanted to get to

coder. As for Vitali, he enjoys questioning the

know the locals, they found that there was

status-quo and creating something new. He

no spontaneous and relaxed way of doing

is driven to discover the next thing, not just

that. So they created an app that lets you

ride on trends.

propose what you want to do with people

Clearly, the founders built the product in

around you. They thought it would be bit

response to their own situation – recently

like Twitter for activities, only location based.

moved to Stockholm and looking for new

They wanted to make the phone a tool for

friends, they created an app that could help,

getting together in real life.

so that’s always a good start.

Because Didrik lived outside of any civilization on a farm in the south of Sweden, he believes that the isolated life there is what Frill Magazine  9

The Future? And they have the plans for the next six months. Step one is finding their fourth member – another IOS developer. After that they are going for first round of investment. As for product,our goal is to add privacy as soon as possible and if all goes well we will have an Android version soon as well. More info:

10  Frill Magazine

“I’ll be putting full load on CANU with the team – we need to reach the desired goal. Just the start. Working hard … the upcoming updates will be quite good.” –Vitali Poluzhnikov Frill Magazine  11

Back to the Basic Why do we want to live somewhere? Look around the surroundings. Vancouver is a beautiful city indeed.

Words & Photos 12  Frill Magazine

Reiko Katayama


omebody was saying, “ All I can

However, something has changed my

think of Vancouver is a bunch

perspective and design philosophy over

of glass boxes.”. I used to agree

the year since I started Photography. It

with the thought. It sounds

gave me the opportunities to discover

negative but there is nothing wrong with

about the different aspects of the city. I

contemporary architecture with num-

realized it wasn’t just a bunch of glass

erous glasses. Simplicity makes design

boxes. There are much more than what

timeless. Besides modern design is func-

I could ever imagine but yet, I had never

tional. All high-rise near ocean deserve

paid attention to them because they

to have beautiful sceneries. It could be a

were there all the time. I used to wish

shame if there are not enough windows

to be in a different city where there are

to enjoy them. So why not?

historic buildings designed by famous Frill Magazine  13

architects, museums which exhibit those pieces of art

the city with my SLR to explore and capture those rare

shown in the textbook, large departments which carry the

moments. There was no specific place in my mind, however,

well-known fashion labels and so on. I was living in my little

I wanted to feel something old instead of modern objects

own world for a long time and wasting my energy for seek-

which are every where in the city. Maybe the fog or bright

ing the things not even here.

fall leaves made me feel sentimental. I started my short

The fall this year was quite special. As soon as the

journey from West end and ended in Gastown of down-

summer is over, it usually rains day after day so we don’t

town Vancouver. By paying attention and leaving precon-

see many trees with bright leaves under the blue sky or fog

ception, I was surprised how everything looked different

during the day or night with stars but it turned out one of

through the view finder of my camera.

the gorgeous seasons of the year. I decided to go around

14  Frill Magazine

The truth is Vancouver was beautiful as much as other

cities I used to dream about. There are history, art and

had to do is focusing on the things happening here. It is that

warm vibe even in a small park.


We easily demand or complain in the world we are living

Finally I felt like stepping out of my little own world. I

instead of appreciating what we have. However, I’ve learnt

will keep continuing to do Photography because there are

something very important through my Photography experi-

too many precious things to discover here in Vancouver, the

ences, It made me go back to the basic of life principle. All I

city where I am living.

Frill Magazine  15

is a 24-year-old Indian young girl who was raised in Richmond, BC. She loves life. She loves to help others around her and enjoys seeing others happy. People describe her as a down-to-earth person with an old soul living in this young lady. Priya takes it as a compliment and she treasures everyday in her life. To Priya, everyday counts as a new experience. Different than others in her age, she enjoys quiet life, appreciates simple things in life, and she loves a huge cup of coffee!

16  Frill Magazine

Priya is a very creative and hands-on per-

Moreover, religion plays an important

son that she has a great passion of painting

role in Priya’s life and design. Her purpose in

and drawing. Her love of creativity leads her

design is bringing joy to others’ lives. It has

into Graphic Design. She’s always inspired

a huge impact on Priya’s attitude toward the

by everything around her; anything from

design industry too; as it can be a cold and

music, nature, people, and food. But most

competitive working environment. Hav-

of all, Priya’s mother is her greatest inspira-

ing faith has taught Priya to be humble and

tion. “She has always given me the power to

always put others at first. People doubted

achieve my dream goals, whether they are

Priya would survive in this industry with

small or big. She is such a positive and sup-

such a soft personality. She responded, “…I

portive person and I’m so grateful for having

have faith that everything will work out!”

her around”, Priya described.



18  Frill Magazine

Priya Olak

Frill Magazine  19


Beyond our Imagination

Frill Magazine issue 1  
Frill Magazine issue 1  

Featuring CANU together; Back to the Basic – architectural & photographic revelations in Vancouver; Student Profile: Priya Olak