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Archive The new year is one chunk of uncertainty. Nothing is set in stone and so we welcome the year with a little hesitation but greater enthusiasm. The year is ours for the taking – plan trips, grab opportunities, discuss the future, challenge ourselves… Everything is possible. In the same way, AdCreate is welcoming the year with new plans as well, complete with a new executive board and set of officers. Everything is new and we’re still feeling our way through. Yet, this is the perfect time to make resolutions. Ready to prove ourselves and eager to test our new positions, we might as well defy our limits, hoping to build a culture of excellence right from the beginning. After all, if we don’t start somewhere, change will never begin. And the new year always presents a good opportunity to start.

In advertising, it is important to go all the way, all the time, in everything you do. Imagine having to entertain, make a good impression, become memorable and then sway the audience towards purchase in 30 seconds or less. It isn’t possible in small subtle steps or safe measures. We take big leaps. The idea is that, even if we don’t reach the impossible dream, at least we would have done something great. And that in itself is a feat of no mean size. By doing the most and the best that we can, we hope to truly make a difference. In the midst of all this, we never forget to have fun because enjoying every step turns work into play, and this is why we love what we do. When we are faced with challenges, this is what gets us through. This is how we change the game. We constantly reinvent ourselves to become better individuals and leaders, because we love it. And the start of the year is always the greatest opportunity to do this.

Romina Yu ,President


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I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST GA By: Joseph Yuhico Photo by: Bernardine Garcia & Ninya Macasaet


The Official Newsletter of the AdCreate Society

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Our vision is to help students enhance their creativity and inherent advertising skills. Our mission on the other hand, is to answer the students’ prime needs. To provide useful and efficiently implemented activities. To become the most member-oriented professional organization by delivering quality activities as well as student services.

Managing Director

Lance Francisco Lay out Director

Arianne Apostol & Ced Ungab Lay out Artists Contributors:

Romin Yu, Joshua Lunzaga, Kristelle Kua, Tricie Amador, Therese Rivera, Joseph Yuhico, Jisallyn Acosta, Raymond Angat, Rachelle Cedillo, Rina Pantino, Richenna King, Vic Sison, Tin Tolentino, Ninya Macasaet, Liza Lorenzo & Mel Reamico Nicole Uy

Photo Director

Bernardine Garcia & Patricia Gonzales

AdCreate Top 5

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Romina Yu

Anlex Basilio


Josuha Lunzaga

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Jella Buquiran VP - Human Resource

Therese Rivera Editor-in-Chief

Macrin Senas Associate Editor




Kristelle Kua

Executive Vice-President for Externals

Gaylord Alocada

Strategic Planner-Internal

Tricie Amador

Strategic Planner-External

Have you ever seen a ghost walk by you in school? How about having to crawl your way to depths of the abyss just to get to your destination? Do you know any serial killers? Well, definitely the students that attended the 2nd General Assembly of AdCreate Society could answer one if not all these questions. The general as-

sembly entitled “I Know What You Did Last GA” was themed after the late great movie that was hated by kids but loved by boyfriends with big arms. It started out with the attendees of the General Assembly were first given the chance to draw from a short list of Halloween monsters and ghouls. Then they were asked to blindfold themselves and find their group mates by making the sounds of the ghoul or monster they picked. The GA included a wide range of games that the officers and neophytes were able to play. One game was a relay sack race. The contestants raced to a basin of blood (juice) and had to pick out the candies out of the liquid using only their mouths, then go back to their group hopping and passing the sack to the next group member. Did I mention that each member had to have a broomstick in between their legs while hopping? The highlight of the activity was the introduction of the officers who were for running for EB or Executive Board. These bright and brave young men and women were up to the task of handling responsibilities, issues, and of course the whole organization. The afternoon started with a big scare and ended with smiles , AdCreate Society once again proved that a lot of imagination,

believing in yourself and your friends, will help you to achieve what you want to achieve. “There were times that were fun, but there were times to be serious as well, I Love AdCreate.” – Jan Estuesta, “Activities Neophyte”




“Asylum: Insanity Unleashed created a world where time stood still, prohibitions tossed to the wind, and insanity ruled.”

“INSANE” That is the best word to describe 2011’s much awaited and highly anticipated PROBE party entitled “Asylum: Insanity Unleashed”. PROBE which consists of 8 organizations(BMS, JEMA, AdCreate, JPIA, MAFIA, Econorg, Ley Lasalle and YES ) and 2 college governments(CGB and SOE) came together and worked hand in hand in throwing one of the biggest and grandest party in DLSU yet. Asylum: Insanity Unleashed. Last November 5,2011, Icon Bar, Intercontinental Hotel was filled with people that falliing in line outside the venue was needed just to get inside Icon. The best part of it is that you see people went all the way to insanity- in a good way. The theme of the party really embedded itself in every person that attended the party. From the sizzling hot fashion show opener to the captivating performances and entertainment, Asylum: Insanity Unleashed created a world where time stood still, prohibitions tossed to the wind, and insanity ruled.


By: Kristelle Kua Phot by: Mel Reamico

by: Rina Pantino photo: Bernardine Garcia “I don’t think you ever stop giving. I really don’t. I think it’s an on-going process. And it’s not just about being able to write a check. It’s being able to touch somebody’s life.” – Oprah Winfrey True enough, giving has never been only about money; it is also about being able to make a difference in someone else’s life. With all the accomplishments that the AdCreate Society has achieved within the year, the organization never fails to give back. Hence, last November 12, 2011, Saturday from 1:00-4:00 in the afternoon, the GK Build activity was put into action. The GK Build was a project implemented by the AdCreate Society in order to reach out to the less fortunate. Volunteers were tasked to paint murals for two houses inside the Baseco Compound. About thirty volunteers, as well as the organization’s faculty adviser, Mr. Anlex Basilio, took part in the activity. The weather was not very cooperative at first. The volunteers had a hard time doing their tasks under the scorching heat of the sun. An unexpected rainfall soon followed after. The sudden change of weather had a certain effect on the volunteers; but knowing how happy the

residents of Baseco Compound will be after finishing the mural paintings made them even more motivated to conclude the job. In about three hours of mixing paint and producing artistic strokes, the murals were finally finished. We were assured of a “job well done” the moment we saw the smiles across the faces of the residents of Baseco Compound. We could feel them expressing their sincere gratitude over what we have been able to do for their community. Everyone was pleased to be involved in a project that would be beneficial not only to the residents of Baseco Compund; but also for themselves. GK Build made us all feel humbled and it paved way for us to realize how lucky we are compared to others. Oftentimes, we complain about not getting what we wish for. We begin to want more than what we deserve, and not understand the value of being content. Through the GK Build, every volunteer was able to grasp the fact that, although he may not have

everything; at least, he has something. Although everyone was tired upon going home, it is safe to say that the whole activity was worth it. The AdCreate officers and members who participated in the mural painting were able to instill within their minds and hearts their Lasallian values. Yuko Mitsuhashi, the AdCreate Society’s Account Executive and Project Head for the activity said, “The GK Build was a really fun and fulfilling experience for all of us despite the heat and the sudden downpour. It is worth all the sweat and body ache because we know that we made the community look better because of our help. We stepped out of our comfort zone but that did not stop us. It was a bit hard to accomplish two huge walls in just a few hours but we finished it because of team work and determination.” For the years to come, trust that the AdCreate Society will not cease to help others. We will reach out to those in need, and we will continue to make a difference.




The First Creative Campaign Competition By: Josh Lunzaga Photo By: Bernardine Garcia & Richenna King

Last Novemeber 26, 2011, The AdCreate Society hosted its first inter-college competition held in Pablo Nicolas Auditiorium. Teams were pre-screened and asked to make a creative campaign of the clothing line of David and Goliaththe major sponsor of the event. Tricie Amador, the project head of the event says that this competition helped AdCreate to get its foot out of the door in terms of holding its own competition. “The Big Idea will be the foundation of the next ones. With the next project heads constantly trying to improve and to make The Big Idea recognized hopefully - nationwide.” - she added. Out of the four groups who who qualified for the finals, Team Hexagon (Yullia Lee, Vic Sison, Lance

“The final outcome was not exactly what we had in mind during the first half of the competition. The most important thing is we accepted what is wrong and moved on as soon as possible.”


Francisco, Rafael Bello, Kylie Ng Cha, and Laurisse Sapungan) won the judges over. Redmond Cajucom, AdCreate’s 2010 president and a judge of the competition said that Team Hexagon’s campaign was ambitious and daring. He liked it so much especially their approach in the digital medium. According to the team leader, Yullia Lee, the main reason they won the competition was to not settle with the first big idea they had thought of. “The final outcome was not exactly what we had in mind during the first half of the competition. The most important thing is we accepted what is wrong and moved on as soon as possible.” Team Hexagon won a certificate, two pairs of Havaianas for each member, and 15,000 worth of David and Goliath GCs.



GAME PLAN A CUBE special feature on the newly appointed Executive Board of Ad Create By: Therese Rivera & Jisallyn Acosta Photo by: Liza Lorenzo




End of Round 2011 Courtside reporter, Bob, takes over. …And she scores! Whoah! Amazing! The AdCreate Society is on a whole new level as they made it to the Top 5 student organizations of DLSU last year! The crowd cheering even louder than before! Can you believe it? A little history here, folks, a few years ago, AdCreate Society was a bit uneventful. Fortunately, when Mr. Red Cajucom and his team took over with much dedication and re-launched AdCreate back in 2010, the organization became a hit! Ms. Karen Robles and the team’s enthusiasm lived up to the legacy of making AdCreate even better in every opportunity it gets. It was about time AdCreate lived up to its true potential. The organization today cannot be thankful enough for these inspiring group of individuals. 2011 ended with AdCreate leaving behind such a great impression to the students and professors. Therefore, much is expected of the new EB, surely this year’s team will be full of clever and creative ideas that will continue to bring admiration upon the organization.

Jisallyn Acosta

Photo By: Liza Lorenzo Romina Yu (President)

Josh Lunzaga (EVP-Internals)

Kristelle Kua(EVP-Externals)

Gaylord Alocada (Strat. Planner -I) Tricie Amador (Strat. Planner- E)


The New Team Captains


By: Therese Rivera &

Make way for AdCreate Society’s new Executive Board! Having made it this far takes a lot of effort and commitment that surely paid off or so we think. Their quest for an even more adventurous quest is just about to begin. These people work hard but most definitely know how to have one heck of a great time! Having undergone quality training under the previous EB, they have the makings of a true and passionate leader. Let us get to know them and their ambitions for the org. CUBE Publications conducted an interview, so let us hear them out! CUBE: What kind of leader are you? Why? Romina: “I try to be a teacher, to help train my officers to become good leaders as well – to know what they’re doing, to make good decisions – with the hope that they too will be inspired to work towards their best, growing as persons along the way” Rich: i’m the type who is encouraging and will be kind to my officers. Kristelle: I’m strict yet flexible. What I really dont like about a person if he/ she can’t accept changes. Change is constant so whether we like it or not, everyone has to change. Being a great leader does not mean that people do what you want or like. It should be that people agree with your decision and in turn they do it perfectly. Alfonso: Alert and on my toes. I have learned that everything that

Alfonso Aycardo (Executive Secretary) Doris Edralin (Executive Treasurer) Ulla Sy (VP-Events & Promotions)

Kyrene Co (VP-Activities)

can go wrong does go wrong so I have learned to accept the turn of events and work quickly to have it get fixed. CUBE: What continues to inspire/ motivate you to bring AdCreate to the top? Mai: All the effort, time and skills we invest are clear reasons on how we can bring the org where it belongs! And because I know AdCreate deserves to be there!! Kyrene: You can see the outstanding support everyone will give. It’s because of this that inspires me to make AdCreate the best. Tricie: I love AdCreate. I love the people I’ve met. I love what AdCreate has given me. I believe it’s just a Thank You for everything.

The Game Plan

A team can’t be called a team if the team captains do not have their team players to back them up. AdCreate Society is not just an organization; it is a family that grows together and sets goals for one another. Each member undergoes guidance to make the organizations and its members the best of DLSU. The EB this year is planning to place the game on an entire new level. It is about time AdCreate Society’s Team Captains change the game and for its members to trust and follow their lead. Their strategy?... The Game Plan. Let’s see what they have to say as the new game-changers of AdCreate.

Kristelle: To embrace changes that will be for the betterment of the organization. Josh: AdCreate will not be limited to Advertising students only. Anyone in DLSU is welcome to join and I want to give them the assurance that they will not feel out of place. Romina: I think that what changes the game for AdCreate this year, more than anything, is having a clearer sense of purpose. We’ve redefined who AdCreate is, and that’s what we’ll be this year. We’re a whole new other org. CUBE: Your goals for AdCreate? Gai: For AdCreate to be known as THE creative org in school. To be the no. 1 org is just a bonus Tricie: My goal for AdCreate is that we continue to be an efficient and tightknit organization. I also want AdCreate to be the go-to org for all things creative. Josh: We will take care of the bond between the MAD (Marketing and Advertising) professors and AdCreate.

Pep Talk

As leaders, it is important to keep the morale of your team high, positive, united and productive, always motivating and inspiring keeping them driven. It is essential to touch the hearts of each one because they lead to action and loyalty for AdCreate’s purpose. What will you do to help keep the rest of AdCreate motivated like you?

CUBE: Since our theme is Changing the Game, how will you change the game and achieve the EB’s goal this year? Gai: I think having a different goal is already a game changer, a lot of the orgs always strive to be the no.1 org but to be the most creative org will just inspire the officers to do better and build great ideas.

Jella: When there are people who support and believe in you, you are more inspired and motivated to do your work. Rich: Focusing on a skill they want to master will produce quality creative designs for the org. Mai: We help, develop, and grow together! Cesca: Creating this “vibe” that will encourage more members to commit and strive to push themselves further.

Tricie: I’ll change the game by focusing on the connection of EB and officer, officer and member and EB and member. I believe in changing the game by eliciting a greater response from our members.

Share a short message for AdCreate that has given you the drive to strive for performing better? Mai: Always keep this in mind: “FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE ORG.”

Mai Morato (VP-Corporate Relations)

Chesca Lorico (VP-Accounts)

Alfonso: Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt Rich: Don’t do things half-heartedly. I have been inspired by this quote from my previous bosses. When you do something, do it with passion. Tricie: It is good to know who you’re working with and to act accordingly. Don’t be satisfied with the ordinary. Doris: If you love what do, you will never have to work a day in your life. If you enjoy what you do, everything else comes easy. Expectations from AdCreate: Doris: I expect them to them to keep their word. Ulla: To be the best version of themselves and show the organization and others as well what they are really capable of. Kristelle: To the officers: Know that sometimes you have to sacrifice your personal wants for the organization. Set your priorities and of course make AdCreate Society part of your priorities.

To the Next Round

AdCreate is not just about making the coolest videos and posters, creating the most awaited acitivities and parties or having the best speakers. After everything you have learned from them, you can definitely conclude that AdCreate is about being a family; a family of boundless and creative individuals. Coming to an understanding, thev obviously value creating a strong relationship among its members giving this the competitive advantage. AdCreate is ready for this outstanding game play. This year will be AdCreate’s year. Together, we stay united, standing in position and set to take the leap, to take the challenge. For AdCreate, the very essence of being a leader is about being a game-changer: breaking the stereotype among advertising students, going beyond mediocrity and aiming for diversity. They are ready to Imagine Bigger, Create Better and Achieve Higher. 2012, Let’s go!

Jella Buquiran( VP-Human Resource)

Richenna King ( VP-Creative)




Changing the Game By: Lois Madrid Photo by: Bernardine Garcia

Last November, Lasallians, along with the other students and delegates from different companies, packed their bags, filled their gas tanks, flew over cityscapes and arrived wide-eyed and smiling in CamSur. Welcomed by garlands of pili nuts and women clad in feathery underwear, everyone was thinking the same thing – it’s game time. The CamSur Watersports Complex was the venue for this year’s Ad Congress. Four days wouldn’t be enough to expe-

rience the full splendor of not only the event but also the venue. This year’s Ad Congress’ sponsors such as SMART, Marlboro, Dunhill, GMA, and TV5 have set up their booths in one part of the complex while white tents were assembled on the opposite street for the parties and luncheons to follow. In addition, the complex’s clubhouse and other facilities were decked out with sponsor booths, games, and freebies. While the delegates’ meals were also extravagantly prepared and hosted by the Philip-

Lopez of ABS CBN, Director Brillante Mendoza, Aly Borromeo of the Philippine Azkals, and Publicis Manila’s COO Marlon Rivera were some of the game changers present in the Ad Congress. The Ad Congress did not only aim to inspire delegates but also awarded agencies, companies and individuals alike during the Araw Awards. For the Araw Craft, Araw Media, and Araw Awards, companies such as Asian Development Bank, Unilever Philippines and CocaCola Export Corporations were awarded for the excellence of their work and campaign. hol, music, and entertainment. Parties would go on until the break of dawn to welcome yet another day. The Ad Congress may be fun and filled with frenzy but in the heart of it all is the real reason everyone was there. The Ad Congress’ theme for this year is about Changing the Game. People who have successfully done so were invited to talk during the Ad Congress to advice, influence and inspire the delegates –Gabby


So what do all these things mean for student delegates? La Sallians for sure can use the information and connections to add to their arsenal for future dealings with people and situations in the industry. But what about students from other schools present during the Ad Congress? According to Antonio del Rosario, a student from Ateneo De Manila University, “I’d say that the venue was the best part about it since I was

pine Daily Inquirer, and the Governor of Camarines Sur. During the day, the delegates enjoyed the use of the facilities of CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC). As many would know, CWC is well known for its wakeboarding activities and everyone was able to experience it along with the other facilities the complex has. The days were spent enjoying and soaking in the sun but that doesn’t mean the night can’t be for convivial events as well. The sponsors of the Ad Congress hosted endless supply of alco-

able to make the most of the venue since I enjoyed an adventure here and there!” and Christine Stewart, another Atenean said, “The best part of the Ad Congress was how it allowed us students to interact with all these different people in the industry.” The Ad Congress happens every other year. Whether connections were made and skins were burnt it was still a great opportunity for students, especially Ad Create Society members to experience the festivity and leave their own share of flare during the event.

By: Joshua Lunzaga Photo by: Rich King, Vic Sison & Sammy Pajalla

SAMMYJIM PAJALLA Some are good. Some are great. Few are born to do it. It was the last day of the 22nd Philippine Ad Congress when we decided to go on a trip to see the Mayon Volcano in Bicol. It was a very stunning landscape but what made the experience more awesome was when we met a young boy by the name of Sammy Jim Pajalla. He looked like an ordinary boy. He approached us while taking pictures. He offered to take a single shot which was followed by several more shots. He amazed us with his creativity and precision in taking good photos with just one click. When we asked him his age, he revealed that he is only 16 years old and is a high school student in a public school but what made it more shocking was when he said that he does not have his own camera because his family cannot afford one. “Natuto lang ako sa camera ng mga tao dito. Konting paturo tapos ako na yung nag-iisip kung anong magandang kuha.” humbly said by the 16 year-old boy. He even gave tips on how to get good photos such as adjusting the flash, and the shutter speed.Photography loves this boy as much as he loves doing it.



| reminder

Office of the

Student Leadership,Involvment Formation and Empowerment

Papers, Tests, and Cookies By: Lois Madrid Photo from AdCreate Facebook group and Papers to write, to compile, and to pass. Finals to learn, to memorize, and to take. Cookies to accept, to eat, and to FEEL GOOD about… This Christmas season, the Ad Create Society members, much like other school organization members, focused on their finals as they prepared themselves for the fast approaching holiday break. It isn’t that easy to focus on the organization’s goal to keep the relationship among members family-like with the stress and sleepless nights that goes along with the dreaded finals week. Not only is that hindering the organization from the family-feel goal but also the shyness of other members hinders them from fully giving their time and talents to the organization’s activities. With an organization which relies so much from its members’ strong work force, the executive board was challenged to come up with an activity that will enable its members to interact with one another in a feel good, stress-free way. What would be a more perfect time than Christmas, yes? Before they knew it, members of the Ad Create Society were drawing names from pouches and hands. Some of the members were thankful that they knew who their Feel Good Friend (FGF) was but others found it to be much more difficult because they don’t personally know their FGF. The FGF activity was intended to give maximum happiness with little to no

stress. FGF’s would leave presents, notes and things in the organization’s tambayan (Yuch cave) until their partners receive the gifts addressed to them. It was a lovely activity which a lot of the members really put their time and effort to making their partners feel loved and less stressed during the finals week. Though some of the members didn’t receive anything from their FGF, they still continued to make their partners feel special –spite is one thing you’ll never see in an Ad Create member. Here are some statements from the org’s members about their FGFs: “MY FGF IS AWESOME. I found out who it was early cause she slipped but Yuko Mitsuhashi is the sweetest FGF ever! She always made my day with her little notes and gifts. I am super lucky.” –Tricie Amador “My FGF is awesome, too! Cause she really made me feel good especially when I was down. And yung mga stuff na binibigay niya is yung pinagisipan talaga, yung hindi lang ibinigay para masabi lang na may nabigay ako sa FGF ko.Kaya lang, I found out din agad. Hi Doris Edralin!” –Yuko Mitsuhashi


By: Tricie Amador Photo by: Ninya Macasaet & Liza Lorenzo surprised when I knew it was her.” –KristelleKua (FGF: Julia Arsenal) “My FGF is the beautiful (Lorraine) Lora. Sweet niya.” –MarloEstruesta With the Feel Good Friend activity done and Christmas had its passing, the Ad Create Society is back to dreaming, creating, and achieving like it always has but that doesn’t mean making your fellow org members feel good has passed as well. If it’s one thing, the Feel Good Friend activity has not only strengthened the bond of the org but also sparked the creativity and resourcefulness of its members.

Sometimes, you have to wonder what you’d be if certain things didn’t happen or if you didn’t meet certain people. It makes you think how everything has a purpose and how such small things have a big impact on where you are today. Some people directly mold you into becoming who you are. They could be your parents or your friends who have influenced your decisions to study in La Salle or take up a certain course or even eat in a certain place. Admittedly, it’s these people who we are most thankful for. If the AdCreate Society needed to pinpoint a driving force in its life, it would be SLIFE. SLIFE or the Office of Student Leadership,Involvement, Formation and Empowerment has a huge hand in where AdCreate and all the other organizations are today. SLIFE is our mentor. They continuously

guide us into creating great activities and implementing them effectively. SLIFE watches over all the organizations. They make sure that we’re doing the right thing. They show us our mistakes and help us to make it right. However, don’t think of SLIFE as the one controlling our every move –they are far from it. They are the supervisors, the advisers, and the mentors of the Council of Student Organizations and of the University Student Government. They mold us into the leaders that we are. On a more personal note, SLIFE has and always been there for AdCreate. Their patience in answering our questions and teaching us during consultation is incredible. Their support, through all the mistakes that we have made, tells us not to give up,always challenging us to be better. It is because of them that AdCreate is standing proud where it is today.

“SLIFE or the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, Formation and Empowerment has a huge hand in where AdCreate and all the other organizations are today. SLIFE is our mentor”


“My FGF drew me a portrait!!! She’s the most creative one hihi♥” –Frances Cabatuando (FGF: Alyssa Babasa) “My FGF is very secretive. She gave me gifts at the last part of the program but I really appreciate all the stuff she gave me. I was super (Above from Left To Right) Ms. Evelyn Lopez-Esparrago (Director), Ms. Cristina Eusebio (Coordinator, Operations of Student Organizations) Ms. Regina Zambales (Secretary), Ms. Rita Colar (Secretary) & Ms. Paola Rubio (Coordinator, Leadership Training for Special Groups) & Mr. Xavier Lara --No picture taken (Coordinator, Leadership Formation and Action)

“ They are the supervisors, the advisers, and the mentors of the Council of Student Organizations and of the University Student Government. They mold us into the leaders that we are.”



BRANDSTORMING By: Raymond Angat Photo from L’Oreal Brandstorm 2012 Facebook page

Working with different brands is a bread and butter for both marketing and advertising practitioners. Endless brainstorming (call it “brandstorming” so to speak) and conceptualizing on how to sell their clients’ products take up a huge chunk of their time. Being the ones next in line to fill in their positions, we advertising students undergo rigorous trainings in the form of practical lectures and hands-on projects within the hallowed walls of the university. Of course, what we learn inside the four corners of our classroom is not quite enough if one wants to enter and make an impact in the cutthroat industry of advertising. Exposing oneself to seminars, training camps and competitions would definitely give your resume a boost to edge out your rivals for ad agency positions you covet. Take a note from the team of Riz Sapungan, Lance Francisco and Zoren Ofiana (all are third year Advertising management students) who did just that as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and entered this year’s installment of L’oreal Brandstorm. Deemed as the biggest international marketing competition, L’oreal Brandstorm attracts more and more undergrad students all over the world since its inception in the year 1993. So how does this marketing scrimmage work? Interested students first need to form


a group of three and from there, they must act as marketing managers for a L’oreal product and in the case of the DLSU participants, The Body Shop was the assigned account. Aside from surveying and analyzing the

cosmetics industry and the brand’s position in the market, the final task was to come up with an iconic product for The Body Shop. Finalists from the top universities in the Philippines will battle it out to win the competition’s national level and represent

the country in the international finals to be held at Paris, France. Last year, Lasallians Austin Uy (ADV), Elise Veloso (MKT) and Pixie Erana (AE-ADV) bested 149 local aspirants and flew to Paris and competed with 41 of the world’s best marketing students. Imagine that! This year’s Brandstorm, kicking off with the themeCreate for a beautiful world, is the fourth season where the Philippines is contending for a win. From the ten semi-finalists chosen by the DLSU panelists, the final count is now down to six whose fate is to be decided on January 17, 2011. The team of Lance Francisco was a tad short of qualifying into the final six but without regret he said, “We worked as a team, and we did our best. There were some difficulties due to time pressure and school work but we can’t blame that. Although we only made it to the University Semi-Finals, I’m still proud of it.” Their team proved us that there is definitely no harm on trying out new things that would potentially help us grow and excel on our chosen careers. “Seize the day - don’t be afraid to grab opportunities and join competitions. The L’oreal Brandstorm required no registration fee- everything was free. There was nothing to lose.”, Lance puts it.



Brought to you by the AdCreate Society

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