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President’s Note Creativity is one of the most prized and the most sought after attributes in the advertising world – maybe because it is what sells, what catches attention or perhaps because there is no system or technique to it. As advertising students, we always try to learn not only what is creative and unique but how to produce those creative and unique ideas. It is probably one of the most frustrating mind exercises. Applause and awe always go to the person who can think of the clear, understandable, and communicable idea coming from that fresh new perspective. For me, creativity is not a skill or a technique. It is an attitude. AdCreate isn’t a creative organization not just because we are good in Photoshop, photography, etc. We are creative because we live to think outside the box; and without constraints, we have no concept of 100 percent. We always try to push limits. Truly, it is easier to dream big and to realize the dream and make it smaller than to dream small and then hope it will become something amazing. The first step is thinking that anything and everything is possible. Hypothetically, of course. And then the next is making it possible.

Romina Yu

President, The AdCreate Society


Editor’s Note

“What am I doooing?” I’ve been asking myself that question every time I do something erratic, radical or just plain stupid. I know I’m not the only one who asks this question when it comes to life-changing decisions or, you know, after making said decisions and realizing the adventure you’re about to partake. So this issue, we at CUBE will try to help lessen the “What am I doooing?” moment by setting up rules for creativity and how AdCreate as an org managed to pull it off. We set the rules up in such a way that there are rules for yourself as a creative person, rules to be applied with others, rules by the org (Imagine, Create, Achieve), and rules for changing –the good kind. So relax, clear your mind, and let us at Cube entertain you with what we do best. Are you excited? So am I.

Lois Madrid Editor in Chief



Lois Madrid

macrin senas

Editor in Chief

arianne apostol Layout Artist

rina pantino Writer

michael ungab Layout Artist

bon tiangson

PAT GOnZALES Photographer

therese rivera

Associate Editor


Managing Director

joshua lunzaga Writer

jisallyn acosta Writer


lance francisco Layout Director

joseph yuhico Writer


raymond angat Writer

richenna king Contributor

rachelle cedillo

nicole uy Photography Director

VICTOR SISON Contributor

Love What You Do

be curious


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editor's note

president's note

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widen the work hard box play harder

speak out




be collaborate inspired and inspire

break reinvent yourself the rules


create achieve


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with the People

Written by: Therese Rivera Layout by: Nicole Uy


Love, love, love

was in the air when AdCreate held its General Assembly last February 2012. With Valentine’s Day being celebrated that month, the Yuchengco lobby was filled with red hearts and paper cut-outs. They even had their own Cupid host the event, Zoren Ofiana, in his adorable costume holding his bow and arrow. Not to mention, the simple layout of the venue, wherein members seated comfortably on the floor gave room for a closer feel for friendship and togetherness among its members and officers.

The Activities Committee always seems to come up with such fun themes for the members of the organization. One thing members look forward to during AdCreate’s General Assembly are the games. Only creative minds can come up with such witty and interesting games that bring the entire organization together. Each game is a challenge for each member to express their creativity and personality through strategies and love for one another through teamwork! Games like the Partner Newspaper Dance, Pick-Up Lines with Mai Morato, VP Corporate Relations as special guest and our very own Advertising professors as judges, etc. The general assembly ended with a video clip showing the different couples and “couples” of AdCreate! The venue was filled with laughter and “ayyyeeeee, kilig naman akoo” as some of the AdCreate couples were being teased by the members. In my opinion, I have never felt this comfortable and at ease in any other organization but AdCreate, where it is so easy to be myself and experience the great love this family always shares with its members. There’s so much camaraderie in this org, where not only is it important to work hard as a team but to have fun as well!



Written by: Lois Madrid Layout by: Arianne Apostol

La De ts, es s n r e u co s stud nts vast s it wa he y offer ersity llian t t v i i ith s n r a u e L Sa the rogram Univ t the Salle ms tha . When tive P ry 14, e e a a it se d mor Altern Febru hance t d c of to a hment eld las n the h c e i nds utv r s i i n a k g E w o e s ) r P u e ario e and luded (LEA lians w l id t v c Lasa try ou red ins sses in n and e C ff . la c desig s ofto es o s u p se s hi clas the cam , grap he clas rse as g T ve the i d side dancin hons. as in t pole ie mara AP are artook y year r E p mov last L who ens eve same. s d fere tudent P happ ever the anize s g A the ram. LE es are n and or em to s h g t s t o s a r l o c p om ho up t the ns and and nizatio nd it is most r of the a a Org lasses th the uriosity to let i c c p w ite the y and the hat u e s t t n com es to ig mmuni ctivitie DLSU. a s clas lian co ience ered at l r Lasa expe ally off m them ot nor n e r a



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Written by: Lois Madrid Layout by: Bernardine Garcia

Written by: Lois Madrid Layout by: Bernardine Garcia


dCreate is known for its excellence in the fields of student activities such as talks, programs and parties. But there’s more to the organization than its achievements, and that are its members. How can an organization be without the little monsters that form it? Not only do its members excel within their organization, they also excel outside of the group. The following students are just some of the amazing people that hold up the name of AdCreate. Frances Cabatuando: winner of the The Outstanding Coed – The Outstanding Young Men award. This award is given by the CSO to students who give more to the honor of being called a Lasallian. Not only does Frances excel in her academics, she also gives her time and effort to the organizations she is part of such as Santugon and, of course, the AdCreate Society. When asked about what she can advise to other people who are vying to achieve such excellence, she said that “It’s not that you aren’t contented with what you have, it’s more about reaching your full potential and being able to help others with it.” Tricie Amador, Rolly Mercado and Vic Sison: 2nd runner up for Green Evo: a tie-up competition hosted by JEMA with World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). They came up with the P2P campaign that is composed of three simple phases: Moderate, Segregate, and Innovate. Using the knowledge gained from their studies, they have provided a simple solution to a big problem. With this, they have also proven that no matter what your interests are, you can always find a way to help solve the world’s problems. “Think out of the box. Don’t just stick with what’s there already or with what people already know. Question things.” – Tricie Amador

11 11

Written by: Therese Rivera Layout by: Arianne Apostol



dCreate Society’s year-end party last March 10, 2012, CRASHED at The Parallax Studio was the bomb! The Events committee decided to take a step back from all the high-end party clubbing and went for a more chillin’ vibe. It was the ultimate house party where you could be whoever you wanted to be, could meet new friends and could complete the party’s ultimate bucket list of games and dares included in the program. The event was started by EJ Mariano who presented such amazing performers as Heart Beat Box and Rappers – Jace Miraclez and Matt-itude, Dance Crews: Airforce United and Kinection. Do you remember back in the day when you were in high school and you just knew which part of the crowd you were? CRASHED’s fashion show, depicted some of our high school status-quo (jock, emo, party people, nerdy) traditions for it to be in line with the house party theme! The models, were hot and gorgeous, styling and make-up werefabulous! Of course, the night ended with our DJ Ysa Chong mixing the latest hip hop and soul music that kept our party-goers feeling the hype on the dance floor. It was crazy! It was fun! Definitely another night to be remembered presented to you by The AdCreate Society. According to Bench Cruz of Airforce United, he’s never gone to a party like that before. It was hella fun, fist pumping all night and one of the best org parties he’s been to! It was crazy! It was fun! Definitely another night to be remembered presented to you by The AdCreate Society. So if you missed CRASHED, be sure to make it to the next AdCreate Party. ;)


Written by: Jisallyn Acosta Layout by: Richenna King


ccording to Ogilvy, branding is deciding what image a businessman wants for his product to project. Branding is similar to putting a unique personality to your product, which can make it or break it them in the industry. The personality of a product can be seen through its name, packaging, price, advertising and the nature of the product itself. Greenwich, the Philippines’ very own pizza chain, projected its brand as a food enjoyed by the ‘barkada’. It targeted ‘barkadas’ as its main audience and eventually branded Greenwich as a pizza chain enjoyed by close friends. Through LXB (League of eXtraordinary Brands), advertising students were able to better understand how Greenwich became successful by branding itself as the barkada’s number one pizza snack. It also gave advertising students tips for successful branding. Branding definitely is one of the reasons why companies become successful. They give their brands a personality that is unique from their competitors. Branding definitely helps the brands’ sales and success today as well as in the future.


Written By: Joseph Yuhico Layout By: Arianne Apostol 16

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? These men and women of AdCreate Society surely didn’t just walk their walk; they strutted their way to prove that they are worthy of being called Most Outstanding Officers and Members. Every term, AdCreate Society gives its kudos to people who showed extraordinary dedication to the organization and its activities. Last term, the Outstanding Officers were Jedd Amoncio, Research and Development Manager, Daniella Tan, Asst. Academic Manager, and Tosh Rodriguez, Multimedia Manager. These officers did not just show exceptional talent and perseverance, they also served as examples to other officers and members as well. Giving more than 100% in every responsibility given to them, they are definitely worthy of being called Outstanding. Aside from doing what they’re supposed to do they didn’t stop there; they volunteered for different things as well. Being able to manage their time, which is very important when in an organization, is one of the factors they have advantage over the other officers already. Another reason they were chosen to be Outstanding Officers is because they are humble about their work. They inspire not just the people around them, but the whole organization and the people outside it as well. An organization cannot be complete without its members. There are members whojust call themselves members, and there are a few that prove what they really are. Marinela Bongalon and Kisha Aquino are the members who proved they were. These two dedicated members attended talks to mingle as well as learn, attended the General Assembly to get closer to other members and officers, and of course, went to Crashed, the Year-End Party of the organization to party all night long. This group of men and women are nothing less than outstanding. They know that being in the organization isn’t all about the talk, but strutting your stuff as you speak.


Written by: Joshua Lunzaga Layout by: Nicole Uy


or 12 years now, The AdCreate Society has been providing its members with quality seminars and activities that will help them to be competent advertising practitioners in the future. But as years passed, the vision of the organization’s Executive Board has shifted to train its members and officers holistically. Last term, it was AdCreate’s first time to launch its first ever Bible Study sessions: Crossroads. This activity aligned the members and officers to the motto of the University, “Lasallian Achievers for God and Country.” This activity allowed AdCreate’s members and officers to be reminded of God’s faithfulness to them in all the things happening in their lives despite the busyness and pressure that they experience due to academic requirements and org demands.


Article by: Rina Pantino Layout by: Lance Francisco


s the cliché goes, “No one really knows what the future holds.” Each has his or her own idea of what the future means and how it looks like. CUBE interviewed some of AdCreate’s officers and asked about their insights regarding the future. What exactly does the future mean to you? Reena Robles (ID 110, Accounts): To me, the future is something that we all expect to arrive. It’s inevitable. Samantha Teano (ID 111, Accounts): The future is our destiny. Sonny Trajano (ID 109, Creative): The future holds all that we aspire, all that we dream for. What do you think is in store for AdCreate in the future? Patricia Barcelona (ID 110, Budget): AdCreate as one of the top organizations will continue to grow and help not only advertising management students, but others who would want to join the family. AdCreate will be their training ground for future creative endeavors. Sonny: There is nowhere else to go but up for us. I am confident that we will be able to achieve even more than what we have already achieved in the past year and the months ahead. Samantha: I’ve only been a part of AdCreate for one academic year and so far, so good. It can only get better. What can you contribute to ensure that AdCreate will have a bright future ahead? Reena: Time is always a big factor I can contribute to this org. If I did have the skill, but no time, then there’s no use for it. Sonny: AdCreate has my utmost support in whatever endeavors we have and will have in the future. As one of its officers, AdCreate can count on me to contribute my talents for the betterment of the org. Go AdCreate! Yes, maybe it is true that nobody can predict what will happen in the future. However, seeing how driven and passionate these officers are in helping AdCreate achieve its goals, it is without a doubt that only a brighter and better future lies ahead.

Written by: Lois Madrid Layout by: Macrin Senas



ike every good organization, The AdCreate Society aims to excel and it does so by imagining, creating, and achieving. This time around, they tapped into the wave of the future by creating Creating a website allows AdCreate to grow and be more accessible to other people. The website features the latest events of the org, photos of activities, news written by and soft copy of Cube (newsletter of AdCreate), details and history of the org, downloadable wallpapers created by members, and mentions of AdCreate in Twitter. Given the opportunity to grow, AdCreate doesn’t let this one pass. AdCreate is taking steps, hurdles, and leaps to reach out, be heard, and inspire people.

Visit us at 23

Written by: Joshua Lunzaga Layout by: Richenna King



March 30, 2012, The AdCreate Society conducted an online survey among members and officers to assess the organization’s performance during the year. This paved the way for Adcreate members and officers to voice out their opinions and concerns regarding the effectiveness of the organization in communicating to them and implementing its activities. Likewise, the results of the survey are taken into account by AdCreate’s Executive Board to improve and make AdCreate a better organization.

17 25



oss Whedon once said “Passion is the source of our finest moments”. He’s the guy who wrote screenplays such as Toy Story and The Avengers (which he also directed). Imagine having that kind of passion, the one that burns inside and just ignites when you’re doing something you’ve always wanted to and being good at it. In the world of advertising, there are plenty of areas where people with certain skills can excel. AdCreate society has always been rightfully proud of the activities it offers to those who are interested in pursuing the field. There are tours, conventions, talks and seminars. But this year, the org decided to reinvent itself by coming up with workshops – activities that actually i nvolve the students while they’re learning. Instead of the usual speaker talks, some of the activities offered during the third term AY 2011-2012 became workshops that demonstrated how certain activities in advertising are actually done. To name a few, there was the Hot Seat with Leo Burnett, Casting Call with Mr. Krix San Gabriel and Cartoon Workshop with Mr. Meneer Marcelo. Hot Seat with the world-renowned Leo Burnett Manila featured the Human Resource Director, Ms. Leah Ocampo. This involved how ad agencies interview prospective employees for the firm. Not only was the process broken down, the students got a taste of what it’s like to present themselves, to think on their feet, and how to leave a good impression. Casting Call was handled by Mr. Krix San Gabriel, whose roster includes some of the best TV ads such as Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog’s “Dear Diary” aka Goodbye, Carlo. The participants got to see and experience facing a live video camera with red lights (the lights used in casting videos), to follow what the caster wanted (such as tying your hair in a ponytail) to get a better look at your face and to act the part you’re auditioning for. Two AdCreate members were lucky enough to catch the eye of this talent caster. Cartoon Workshop by Mr. Marcelo is one of the most fun activities last term. All the students had to do was bring some paper and a pencil and they got to draw basic things the correct way. Who knew that stick figures were more than straight limbs with a circle? They got to draw different poses of stick figures, and some were even drawn on the spot by this amazing artist. Not only that, he took the time to view the creative portfolios of those who were smart enough to bring them. These activities wouldn’t have been such a success, and wouldn’t have become workshops, if these amazing pros didn’t share the passion that the students were seeking. It would have been easy for them to decline the invites they got, but not only did they agree to do it, they exceeded expectations. So passion? It definitely led to some of the org’s finest moments.

Written by: Rachelle Cedillo Layout by: Cedrick Ungab


To those who don’t know yet, advertising people have three unwritten sets of laws:

Have three sets of unwritten laws or have a set of three unwritten sets of laws or have a set of three unwritten laws: Rule # 1: There are no rules. Rule # 2: If there are rules break them, as many as you can. Rule # 3: Refer to rule number one. For A.Y. 2012-2013 Frosh Welcoming, all of De La Salle University’s student organizations need (needed) to represent themselves using movies as the theme. AdCreate Society has done plenty of ingenious booths in the past, one of which is the Avatar booth for last year’s FW, but its officers continue to strive to top what has been done before. So far, they’ve been successful! According to one of the Creative Monsters, the org’s creative committee, the first concept was to recreate Disney’s Monsters, Inc. to be able to exhibit bold colors and even bolder personalities, which the organization does have plenty of. But since the team wanted to explore more than just the cute side of movies, they decided to go with pirates – rebellious, edgy and defying Among the superheroes, wizards, tea parties and little blue creatures in white hats, AdCreate’s Pirates of the Caribbean has dropped anchor in the Marian Quadrangle. With its jaw-dropping ship wrapped in the life-like Kraken surrounded by loot and plenty of booty, the crowd can see that the org is overflowing with groundbreaking ideas. The best part was the amazing buckaroos that consisted of Captain Jack Sparrow (Jedd Amoncio and Rolly Mercado), Will Turner (Fons Aycardo), Elizabeth Swan (Tin Tolentino), Calypso the Sea Goddess (Ninya Macasaet), and the fearsome Davy Jones (Pat Gonzales). These characters gave life to the entire concept. For the two hours allotted for each day of the Frosh Welcoming, the crowd, including the other orgs, was completely stunned. When the initial shock subsided, the pirates gave away goodies: message in a bottle with gold chocolate coins and pegs, and pirate pouches with flyers and the org’s publication, CUBE. What the officers have come up with has not only shown frosh students what they can expect here at DLSU and from AdCreate Society, but it also captured the essence of what the organization stands for and truly raised the bar for all of its upcoming activities.


Cube Issue I Volume II  

Brought to you by the AdCreate Society. The official Newsletter now on it's 5th issue!

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