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Monthly • Volume 14 • Issue 5 No. 162 • Fall 2010

onto the underside of the leaf where the veins are more utumn is a fabulous time of year—the weather is apparent. Carefully place the leaf on the card stock and cooler, the colors are brighter, and the fall crops are cover with a layer of paper towel. Gently press and hold ready to be harvested. It’s the perfect season to venture for a few seconds. Remove the paper outdoors with your children to enjoy all towel and lift the leaf. Add your child’s that autumn has to offer. name and date to the notecard with Celebrate this season with a visit to a black marker. Presto! Your children local pumpkin patch. Many have created beautiful notecards offer much more that will be treathan just a garden sured. full of pumpkins— • Leaf-Person. you can enjoy You’ll need: an bouncing around autumn leaf; on a hayride, paper; crayons warming yourself or markers; at a bonfire, finding your way glue. To make: Glue a leaf onto through a maze, and various the center of the paper. This leaf other forms of family-friendly will be the body. Draw a head, entertainment! Visit an apple arms, legs, hat, shoes, etc. to finorchard and pick a bushel or ish your person. two of this tasty fruit. Use the • Shrunken Applehead. You’ll recipe on page 5 in this issue need: 1 cup lemon juice; 1 tbsp. to make your own homemade salt; large unblemished apple; apple sauce. Or don your jackwhole cloves; a large wooden ets, and head out on a nature craft stick or pencil; paring knife, walk. Give each child a paper vegetable peeler. Note: Adult bag and let them pick up colsupervision and participation is orful leaves, acorns, pretty required for this activity. To make: rocks, and whatever else Peel the apple and shave away catches their eye. Talk with any bruised spots. Add salt to the your kids about the various lemon juice and soak the apple in colors, shapes, and textures of the mixture for 10 minutes to the items. When you get keep from turning brown. home, serve up a cup of hot Remove from the liquid and pat chocolate or warm apple cider dry. Insert a wooden stick or penand use your imagination, or cil firmly into the core for a “hanthe ideas listed below, to make dle.” Using tip of paring knife use of the items gathered. outline the eyes, nose, and mouth. • Rubbings. You’ll need: Using tip of vegetable peeler, items gathered on nature walk; Illustration by Rhajae Battles, scoop out two shallow hola piece of white paper; crayons Age 10, Kansas City, KS lows for eyes. Press whole without their paper wrappers. To cloves into the eye sockets. make: Let your child choose an item gathered from outCarve out wedged shaped pieces from each side of nose. side, and then place a piece of white paper over it. Lay Slice out a smile for the mouth. The apple will shrink to the crayon on its side and rub back and forth over the less than 1/2 its original size, so the features should be a item. The impression of the item will quickly appear on bit exaggerated when carving. Hang applehead from its the paper. Kids love doing this! “handle” by a string in a dry place where it is fairly free • Leaf Prints Notecards. You’ll need: leaves; yellow, from drafts (not in the sun or near a heat register) makred, and orange paint; card stock cut into notecard size; ing sure it does not touch anything. Air dry about 3 to 4 newspaper; paper towel. To make: Cover work area with weeks. newspaper. Brush a small amount of fall-colored paint 8 Happy Parenting!

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Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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Simple Craft Idea: Milk Jug Bird Feeders Kids love fun crafts! Parents love easy crafts! Here’s one that will please both! Rinse out an empty plastic gallon milk jug. Cut out a window in the front of the jug. Poke two small holes just below the window, and insert pencils for perches. Fill the bottom of the jug with bird seed, and wait to see who shows up for dinner.

Colored Eggs Pre-K & up • Group • Open Space • Active Get Started: Choose a player to be the fox and one to be the hen. The other players will be colored eggs. How to Play: 1) The fox must stand far enough away from the hen and her eggs that he can’t hear them, and the hen assigns a color to each egg by whispering the color in their ear. The eggs line up facing the hen. 2) The fox comes up between the hen and her eggs and acts like he is knocking on a door. The hen asks, “What do you want, fox?” The fox says, “Colored eggs.” The hen says, “What color do you want?” 3) The fox guesses a color. When he guesses a color that is assigned to an egg, the egg begins to run. If the fox catches the egg a new fox and a new hen are picked. If the fox doesn’t catch the egg before it gets back to the hen, he must guess another color and try to catch the next egg, but first the conversation between the fox and the hen must be repeated.

Cheap peace of mind When the economy is down, crime is usually up. Display window decals and yard signs from an alarm company. That alone can cut your chances of being robbed by 75 percent!

listening skills Work on listening skills and following directions by playing a game of Verbal Hide & Seek. Hide a stuffed animal or small toy in a room. Then give your child three verbal clues to help them find it (make the clues easy for young children and harder for older kids). Congratulate them for being able to follow directions when they find it.

Blue Springs 373-6700 • 291 Hwy. & 40 Hwy.

Private Elementary 795-8706

Independence 478-1887 • 291 Hwy. & Hub Dr.

Independence 478-1988 • Noland Rd. & 40 Hwy.

Liberty 781-3343 • 1500 NE 96th. St. Belton 331-8835 east of 71 Hwy. & 163rd

Lee’s Summit 554-2277 50 Hwy & Todd George

(816) 524-1350


Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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Excellent Teacher Tenure

6 Weeks– Kindergarten

✸ I’ll never forget the first time I had to drive my 4year-old nephew Josh to my apartment. In order to get there, we had to take a very long road that was just next to a cemetery. Driving along I thought, “What if he asks me what all the head stones are?” I wasn’t sure how my brother and his wife would want me to answer him. I held my breath as he stared out the window and said a very long,“Wooooowwwww...” and then,“Look at all those TVs!” ~ Submitted by Donna McKenna

Voted Best Preschool/Childcare in the Northland 2010!

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Storybook Stables


PONIES FOR PARTIES * Birthday Parties *

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Horse Boarding and Lessons.

Borrowing Teach children that it is good manners to ask before taking another’s possessions. (Borrowing without asking could be called stealing, even if you plan to return the item.) The borrowed item must be returned in the same condition. If it is not, the borrower should buy it or recompense the owner for repair or replacement. It helps to keep a list on the bulletin board of things borrowed within the family and by friends and neighbors. That way you’ll know where they are when you need them. The Parenting Encyclopedia. Copyright, Caryl Krueger, 28455 Meadow Mesa Lane, Escondido, CA 92026.

8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Front Cover: Kid’s Art Contest Win a gift certificate to Cool Crest! Create a picture for our next front cover! Pictures should be full-color. If your child’s picture is chosen for the front cover, they will win a gift certificate to Cool Crest! November/December Winter Part 1: Wonderful Winter Bargains Entries must be received by 10/15.

Mail to: Mother & Child Reunion, PO Box 93, Holden, MO 64040. Include child’s name, age, address, and phone number on the back of the picture. Simple, large pictures work best.

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Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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Finding happiness could be key to better health

Simple Homemade Applesauce Ingredients: 8 apples, cored • 2 tablespoons lemon juice • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

There is no doubt that happiness is linked to good health. Health experts worldwide have been keeping an eye on the connection for years. Now comes yet another finding: watching an hourlong humorous video can actually release stress for as much as a whole day. Even anticipating watching a funny movie will help you lower stress levels. But if you’re of the ilk that prefers to steer away from the boob tube, here are a few other tips on how to be happy— and healthy. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. ♦ Adopt a pet. ♦ Keep a full schedule with a number of activities and interests. ♦ When somebody asks you how you are, say “Terrific!” then stand back and watch the reaction. ♦ Don’t ever be afraid to sound corny or hokey. Express yourself. Don’t feel inhibited. ♦ You do not need to search for happiness; you can find it in the simple things that surround you. In short, doing these things could replace the adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Tastes better than store-bought and is surprisingly easy to make. Combine all ingredients in saucepan and cook over medium heat until apples get soft, stirring occasionally. Cool before serving. Serves 8.

Family Tradition: Autumn leaves One family puts the final leaf raking of the year on the family calendar for a Saturday in early November. It’s the custom for each person to ask a friend to help with raking and then stay for lunch. They rake the leaves into piles (with jumping allowed). Then, since fires are permitted, they carefully burn them, enjoying the sweet smell of the leaves. Finally, they sit on the front steps and eat hot dogs and caramel apples as they watch the fires burn out. Taken from Family Traditions; 289 Things to Do Again and Again. Copyright, Caryl Krueger, 28455 Meadow Mesa Lane, Escondido, CA 92026

—adapted from Knight Ridder Newspapers

Toddler & Preschooler Activity:

Edible Pattern

Debra C. Keith, D.O.-Family Practice • 816-640-2762

This exercise helps your child practice sorting and counting. ✗ Colorful cereal like Fruit Loops ✗ String or yarn ✗ Tape measure (optional)

The Weston Family Clinic and Medical Spa offers comprehensive medical care for the entire family plus spa services for your outer well-being.

Pour some colorful cereal on a table or other work surface. Have your child group the cereal by color. Select two or more groups and arrange them in a pattern. You may want to simply alternate two colors or arrange a more complex pattern. Tie the first piece of cereal to the piece of string or yarn, then help your child add the rest of the cereal according to the pattern you’ve arranged. Repeat the pattern until the necklace is as long as you want it, then tie the ends together. If you like, count how many pieces of cereal are on the string. Use a tape measure to measure the length of the necklace.

• Laser Hair Removal • IPL for sun damage & age spots • Vein Treatments • Laser Genesis for uneven texture & fine line wrinkles • Titan for skin tightening • Vibradermabrasion for uneven skin tone & acne scarring • Facials • Chemical Peels • Body & Facial Waxing • Botox® • Dysport • Restylane.

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 18215 State Route 45 N, Weston, MO 64098

Taken from The Arts and Crafts Busy Book: 365 art and craft activities to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy by Trish Kuffner. Published by Meadowbrook Press.

Evening Clinic & Spa Hours Available

(816) 524-1350


Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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understand.”, or, worse yet, “Aw, Mom, bug off!” The idea is to help children to think through their day and to give you, their parent or care provider, additional insight about what’s going on inside that child. After all, more and more research points out how important emotional well being is in the overall success of one’s time on earth. Then, moving beyond those two basic questions is another question that may be even more important than the first ones. After each of the ‘hi’ and ‘lo’ questions, ask, “What did you learn from that?” In so doing, you gently help a child consciously extract meaning from his life experiences. Can you imagine the long-term outcomes of such a daily exercise? • The kids open up about their lives. • They learn basic communication skills. • They get in touch with their feelings. • They experience the beginning of critical thinking skills. • The rest of the family learns to better know and appreciate one another. If you will take just a few minutes each day to follow this plan, you will be forever grateful. You will lay the foundations of ongoing relationships that will bless you and each member of your family for the rest of your and their lives. Now, just do it!

All in a single day! ‘Highs & Lows’: Sparkplugs for communication by Calvin & Carolyn Richert

“OK, kids. It’s time for ‘Hi’s and Lo’s’!” you remind your family as you sit down for supper and some family time. In a world of soccer games, music lessons, homework, Cub Scouts and sleepovers, family time is often shoved aside to accommodate the next deadline. Funny, isn’t it, how we allow less important things rule the more important? Still, there are huge benefits to actually taking the time – at the expense of other important things – to do the Calvin & Carolyn Richert more important. Authors of The Think Space Among those ‘more important’ things is an exercise we call ‘Hi’s and Lo’s’. The idea is that each person in the family – children and adults – is asked two basic questions about their day. (Or, if your family time is in the morning, you can review yesterday.) The questions? • “What was your low point today?” • “What was your high point today? Questions like that can go a long way toward nudging children beyond irritating, empty answers to how their day went, like, “Nothing.” or “You wouldn’t

—Discipline Without Damage is a 6-session, 12-hour seminar series that gives parents and professionals dozens of practical tools to improve communication and reduce conflict with children. Call for seminar start dates. 913-341-9053 KC area; 1-888-448-4465 toll free. More info:

WE ALL ARE “FACES” OF INFLUENZA Everyone 6 months of age and older should be immunized against influenza this and every year. Olympic Gold Medalist and mother of two young children, Kristi Yamaguchi wants to do everything she can to protect her children, but as a wife and daughter, she also knows that influenza immunization is a must for everyone in her family.

WE ALL ARE “FACES” OF INFLUENZA. In fact, annual influenza vaccination is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older.1,2 Influenza is a serious respiratory disease that is easily spread and can lead to severe complications, even death, for you or someone with whom you come in contact.1,3 Vaccination is safe and effective, and the best way to help prevent influenza and its complications.1 To learn more about the American Lung Association’s Faces of Influenza program, visit References: 1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Prevention and control of seasonal influenza with vaccines: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2009. MMWR. 2009;58(RR-8):1-52. 2. CDC. ACIP provisional recommendations for the use of influenza vaccines (2010-2011 influenza season). Accessed March 19, 2010. 3. CDC. Prevention and control of influenza: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2008. MMWR. 2008;57(RR-7):1-64. This advertisement is distributed as part of the American Lung Association’s Faces of Influenza educational initiative. For more information, please visit MKT19925 6/10

(816) 524-1350


Northland & St. Joseph

Printed in USA

Fall 2010

8Mother & Child Reunion


Early Ed Center 7260 N. Antioch

INFLUENZA VACCINATION: the healthy choice for your family

Early Ed Center 6218 N. Chatham

Kansas City 505-2560

Gladstone 436-1869

Early Ed Center 5755 N. Northwood

Kansas City 741-5056

Decisions, decisions – whether it is what’s for dinner, how many after-school activities to sign your kids up for or where to go on your next family vacation, as the household decision makers, mothers have plenty of tough choices to make. But deciding what is best for your family’s health is one decision that should be easy. To help protect your entire family, make sure they get vaccinated against influenza this and every year! A flu shot offers the best protection possible against this potentially life-threatening disease, which results in an estimated 226,000 hospitalizations and thousands of deaths annually. In fact, children typically experience the highest rates of influenza infection each year. From April 2009 through mid-May 2010, 341 children died from influenza-related complications. To help prevent influenza from spreading and to encourage annual vaccination, the American Lung Association of the Plains-Gulf region has brought Faces of Influenza, a national educational campaign, to the Kansas City area. This multiyear public awareness initiative helps Americans recognize annual influenza immunization as an important preventative measure to help protect themselves, their loved ones and their community every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends vaccination for everyone 6 months of age and older. Influenza is easily spread, so getting vaccinated will help protect yourself, your family and those you come in contact with on a daily basis. Keep yourself and your family healthy this year by getting vaccinated as soon as vaccine is available in your area.

Early Ed Center 120 S.W. Garden

Ages 6 weeks to 5 years

Grain Valley 443-2176

For more information about influenza and immunization, visit

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Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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® m&m

Building Character

Fun Snack:

m&m m&m

Rainbow S'mores m&m

Teach your children to ask, “What is the right thing to do?” when they encounter choices in life. Help them to understand that if any part of a choice is wrong, then the whole act is wrong. Role play situations they might encounter to help them learn to make wise decisions beforehand.

by Tenderrlee Hughes of Parkville, Missouri m&m

You’ll need: graham crackers • bag of large marshmallows • a bowl of M&M’s • a campfire (or gas stove) • sticks to use when roasting marshmallows For each S’more, you Toast, Blow, Pop, Roll, and Squish!

Study Tip

1) Toast the marshmallow. m m 2) Blow on it to cool a bit. 3) Pop off the toasty (or burnt!) outer layer. 4) Roll marshmallow in the bowl of M&M’s. 5) Squish it off the stick between two graham cracker halves. m m The result is colorful, yummy, and fun! &

When studying at home, teach your child to tackle their most difficult subject first, and then they can move on to easier assignments.


• • • • • • • • •• • • • • • •

****************** Do you have a great snack or meal recipe that you think other families would enjoy? Please share your favorite kid-friendly recipe with us! Submit your recipes by email to

Halloween Halloween has taken a goulish turn, so try to downplay death in favor of the fun of dressing up in happier costumes. Rather than begging for candy door-to-door, have a party that celebrates autumn and features bobbing for apples, square dancing, making small scarecrows of straw, carving pumpkins, and stringing popcorn. For an interesting costume party, ask everyone to come as a pumpkin. You’ll be amazed at the inventiveness!

your first visit for new patients.

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• Care for Entire Family • Clear Braces • Teeth Straightening • Veneers • Implants

Taken from The Parenting Encyclopedia. Copyright, Caryl Krueger, 28455 Meadow Mesa Lane, Escondido, CA 92026.

Farm Fun begins Friday, Sept. 24!

3 gallon


just $8.99 each!

$2 off admission Photocopies of coupon not accepted. Not good with any other discount. Coupon expires 10/31/10.


Ages 3 and over: Mon–Thurs $5 per person / Fri–Sun $7 per person 2 and under FREE

Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

8Mother & Child Reunion


Helping Hands Montessori School Low student/ teacher ratio with focus on each individual child.

Want the best for your child? Our curriculum helps children develop social skills, self respect, emotional awareness, independence and respect for others. Fascinating child-sized environment using genuine Montessori materials for math, language, botany, geography, practical life, sensorial, art, music and sign language.

Did You Know? Red peppers have twice as much vitamin C and nine times more beta-carotene than green peppers.

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Is That A Fact? • The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for “large melon” which is pepon. Pepon was modified by the French into pompon. The English then changed pompon to pumpion. And finally, the American colonists made the change from pumpion to what we use today–pumpkin. • Pumpkins range in size from less than a pound to over 1,000 pounds. • Pumpkin flowers are edible.

Early Learning Center • Accelerated Preschool age 2 to 6 • Baby Education Center 6 weeks to 2 - Babies Separated According to Age - Age Appropriate Infant Development Activities - Separate Facility Devoted to Infant/Toddler Care • Hours: 6 am to 11 pm • Spacious Outdoor Play Spaces • School Age Before/After Summer Program • Loving, Experienced Teachers

Wellness Tip: Trade White Rice for Brown Trading in your white rice for whole-grain brown rice not only will increase your fiber intake, but it may help you fight cancer, too. Brown rice contains phenols that are not as present in milled white rice, and these brown rice phenols exhibit cancer-fighting characteristics. Both brown rice and rice bran contain the anti-carcinogenic compounds. Source:

Parkville - 816-741-1817

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Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

8Mother & Child Reunion


A Waiting Child

Another chance to

Children in need of an adoptive home M e e t T y l e r. A young man looking for his forever home. Tyler is an active 18 year old young man. He is always eager to learn new things. Tyler loves to tell stories and is often quite humorous. He enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with his grandmother. Tyler is diagnosed with mental retardation, and responds best to a concrete system of rewards. Tyler requires a structured environment and individualized instruction at his academic level to be successful. Tyler has continued to demonstrate growth in skills that allow him to become more independent. Tyler participates in life skills and job skills programs through his school. Tyler is in need of a stable and nurturing home that would be willing to adopt him. Tyler would benefit from a home that is very structured to assist him with staying on task. Tyler would like to live in a home where there are children. Tyler enjoys playing and interacting with his peers. Tyler wants to be safe in his home and to know that the adults are going to care for him unconditionally. For more information about Tyler, please contact: Jessica Sprague, BSW, CSWII, Adoption Specialist, Jackson County Children’s Division, 6801 B Longview Rd., Kansas City, MO 64134, 816-325-1193,

To find out how to enter to win tickets to the

2010 Kansas City Renaissance Festival, visit:

Back To Basics Shoal Creek Living History Museum

HARVEST FESTIVAL Join us for an old-fashioned Country Fair style festival!

September 18, 2010 – Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. $5 per person (age 5 and under free)

☛ Kids will enjoy the ‘Midway’ of games. ☛ Stagecoach Rides ☛ Magican ☛ Buffalo Chip Throwing Contest

October 9, 2010 • 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

10:00 to 4:00 p.m. - Quilts, Paper Dolls, Hidden Hills Farms, Dutch Oven Cooking, Urban Wildlife, Hand Work, Blacksmith, and Wood Cook Stove Cooking, 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. - Lasagna Gardening 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. - Fall Lawn Renovation 11:30 to 1:15 p.m. - Boiling Water Bath Canning 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. - Gower Goodtimers 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. - Back to the Garden 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. - Comanche Acres Iris Gardens

• Traditional music of the 19th Century • Piccadilly Puppets ‘Pumpkin Vines & Nursery Rhymes’ • Storytelling with Brother John Anderson • Antioch Middle School Fiddlers • Demonstrations by Period Interpreters

Shoal Creek Living History Museum at Hodge Park 7000 N.E. Barry Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64156 152 Highway and Shoal Creek Parkway • 816-792-2655 $5 per person (Children age 5 and under free)

Shoal Creek Living History Museum at Hodge Park 7000 N.E. Barry Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64156 152 Highway and Shoal Creek Parkway • 816-792-2655 $5 per person (Children age 5 and under free)

Bring your baked goods, jellies, pickles and hand work for judging!

Sponsored by Shoal Creek Association and The Kansas City Parks, Recreation & Boulevards Financial assistance for this project has been provided by The Neighborhood, Tourism, Development Fund

Sponsored by Shoal Creek Association and The Kansas City Parks, Recreation & Boulevards Financial assistance for this project has been provided by The Neighborhood, Tourism, Development Fund


Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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Events & Activities (All events and dates are subject to change. Call ahead to verify events you wish to attend. Please tell them you saw it in Mother & Child Reunion!)

Visit for fun family Events & Activities.



SEPT. 25–26 OCT. 23–24


New for Families! - 1– 4 p.m. Informal looking and hands-on activities in the galleries. No need to sign up! Just ask for details at the Info Desk. Each month will feature a different kind of fun! Admission is free. September 25-26, Look West: American Art; October 23-24, To Honor and Celebrate: American Indian Art; November 27-28, Discover Patterns: African Art

MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Space Creatures Meet Mother Goose Branch: Liberty Age Groups: All ages, Children September 11, 2010 - 10:00am Plastic Model Make and Take Branch: Antioch Age Groups: Ages 5 and up, Family September 11, 2010 - 12:00pm Very Fairy Party Branch: Kearney Age Groups: Ages 4 and up, Children September 11, 2010 - 1:30pm Testing and Education Reference Center for the College Bound Branch: Excelsior Springs Age Groups: For teens, Young Adult September 11, 2010 - 2:00pm

The Festival puts their 180,000 guests and participants center stage this season with, Once Upon a Time there was You. A Kansas City fall tradition for over three decades, opens for the 34th season. Tickets can be purchased at the Festival gates just north of I -70 and K-7 Highways in Bonner Springs, Kansas on weekends and holidays Sept. 4 through Oct. 17 at $18.95 for adults, $9.95 for kids. There are weekend specials and guests can call 913-721-2110 for group ticket prices for parties and weddings at the Festival. Discount tickets can be purchased at Kansas City Hy Vee’s and Walgreen’s, regional Dillon’s, Baker’s and Gerbe’s and online at

CHILDREN’S PEACE PAVILION The Children’s Peace Pavilion- Located in Independence teaches children about peace through understanding, learning, and fun. This free spot has everything from art stations, mazes and puzzles to hands on activities, underwater castle and a giant kaleidoscope. Kids will have a blast and learn all about peacemaking first hand. Tue.–Fri. 9:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. 1001 W. Walnut, Independence, MO 64059, (816) 521-3033

11 (816) 524-1350

THE CITY MARKET OCT. 2 Farm to Table Festival- 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Fun contests, themed games & activities, arts & crafts projects, storytelling, Growing tips from Master Gardeners & More! 20 E 5th St., Ste. 201 Kansas City, MO 64106, 816-842-1271, free admission.

SHOAL CREEK LIVING HISTORY MUSEUM OCT. 9 Harvest Festival- 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Are you yearning for a simpler time? Join us for an old-fashioned Country Fair style festival at Shoal Creek Living History Museum. Bring your baked goods, sewing, handcrafts for judging or participate in the buffalo chip throwing or sack races! $5 per person, 5 and under free. Magician, pumpkin patch, stagecoach rides, games, blue grass music and much more. Admission: $5 adults, children 5 and under free. 7000 NE Barry Rd., Kansas City, Mo. 64156, 816-7922655

COUNTRY CLUB PLAZA SEPT. 18 Waterfire Kansas City 2010- Dusk to midnight. Designed by award-winning artist Barnaby Evans, WaterFire Kansas City is a unique, multi-sensory experience of music, fire and water. Now in its fourth year, the moving art installation features more than 55 floating bonfires on Brush Creek.

Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

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8Mother & Child Reunion


Parent Support Groups

Voted Best in the Northland!

Send your information to no later than the 10th of the month prior. Include the words “Support Group—Northland” in the subject line.

Specializing in Orthodontics for Adults & Children Saturday and Evening Appointments Available! Invisalign Premier Provider!



This is a casual, social time for women to chat with each other for encouragement and gaining stamina with a focus on our families and homes. Sharing recipes, coupons, and stories, we discuss and laugh at it all. Time and dates are coordinated by HOME (Homeschool Organization for Midwest Educators) but everyone is welcome to join in. Meets at 6: 30 p.m. at Hazel’s Coffee Shop in St. Joseph, MO.

KAVANAUGH Orthodontics

Member American Association of Orthodontists

8407 N. Main· (816) 420-8100 Just East of Metro North Shopping Center


St. Andrew The Apostle

They are a group of stay-at-home moms in the Kansas City Northland who seek to create a fun, friendly and supportive environment with their children. They offer activities on nearly every weekday, including playgroups, field trips, music classes, and more. Please visit or email for more information.

Early Childhood Center 816-454-7377 6415 NE Antioch Rd. Gladstone, MO


•Our mission is to provide quality education for Preschool & Pre-K while instilling strong faith values •Importance is placed on the individual child •Enrolling students from 3 to 5 years of age

Granola-ish? Want more granola friends? Granola Moms is a support group for more natural minded moms. They meet every other Friday morning (childcare provided) and have Mom’s Night Out once a month. Dues only 1 dollar a week. For more information email Melissa at or call 816-665-6084


Park Hill Aquatic Center

CONTACT FOR DATES This online resource for families in Platte City. Full of articles, local information and a social networking community. They also have a local Platte City playgroup and online book club.

8152 N. Congress KC, MO 64152 (816)359-4080


We offer the following classes: · Water Babies · Swim Lessons · Water Aerobics · Diving Classes · NLU Swim Team · Synchronized Swim Team · Pre-Competitive Swim Lessons

MFCAA recruits, trains, and supports foster and adoptive parents. Visit or call 816-350-0215.

MOMS CLUB OF KANSAS CITY/ GLADSTONE Staying at home is important for you and your children. Moms Club provides activities during the day, when stay-at-home and part-time working moms need the most support. They have age-specific playgroups, allages playgroups, field trips, park days, brunches, arts & crafts, monthly meetings, Moms’ Night Out and many other fun activities. If you would like to join a play day or a business meeting, please email for specific times and dates:

Visit for even more Parenting Support Groups!

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Northland & St. Joseph

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Great information

Reasons to drink more water

from some of our advertisers

Water seems to taste the greatest when you’re incredibly thirsty, but here are 10 reasons why you should drink more water, even if you’re not extremely thirsty. The health benefits, as you will see, are outstanding.

 Blue Valley Soccer Club. Overland Park, Ks. They are a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing soccer programming for youth players in and around the Kansas City Metro area. Offering recreational and competitive team programming, summer camps, Future STARS and academy programming. Contact or 913-685-2872. See ad on page 15.

■ It prevents bad breath. It washes away odor-causing particles and bacteria, and keeps saliva flowing. ■ It prevents or reduces symptoms of heartburn. ■ It prevents urinary tract infections by diluting urine and lowers the bacterial count. It may also reduce the risk of bladder cancer. ■ It prevents constipation. It flushes out toxins and decreases your risk of colon cancer. ■ It prevents headaches. Dehydration is the cause of many headaches. ■ It helps you to lose weight. ■ Water aids digestion. ■ It could reduce heart attacks, some studies show. ■ It boosts your immune system and helps fight off colds. ■ It wards off daytime fatigue. ■ It prevents back and joint pain.

 Creative Arts Academy. Gladstone, Mo. Activities include gymnastics, tumbling, trampoline, hip hop, swimming, outdoor sports, crafts, games and tons of fun. Extended hours are available for working parents. Creative Arts Academy is an amazing kid’s campus that sits on over 7 acres in the northland, very convenient to downtown. Professional staff, amazing facility. Cost: $125/week. Contact or 816-4523200 for more details. See ad on page 16.  Creative World Elementary School. Blue Springs, Mo. Private elementary school. Their mission is to create a world of wonder where families and children feel at home. They refine and innovate the curriculum and programs to fit each child uniquely by age. They educate children in creative ways and inspire their curiosity. Creative World allows children of all ages the opportunity to explore, play and learn in an environment filled with wonder with monthly themes. Call and set up and appointment to visit a school close to you today. Contact 816-795-8706 or See ad on page 3.

—adapted from Hope Heart Institute, Seattle

 Growing Places. Parkville, Mo. An accelerated preschool for ages 2–6 years with a spacious outdoor play space. Babies are separated according to age. They offer age appropriate infant development activities, separate facility for infant/toddler care. Contact 816-741-1817. See ad on page 9.

Quality Christian Childcare Gym, Licensed, Meals 2 – 12 years New Generation offers quality childcare in a Christian environment at the lowest possible cost to the families in our community. We have been open since 1974. ———————————————— 101 N. Forest Ave., Liberty, MO 64068 816-781-2130 •

 Helping Hands Montessori School. Gladstone, Mo. Children will develop social skills, self-respect, emotional awareness, independence and respect for others. Fascinating child sized environment using genuine Montessori materials for math, language, botany, geography, practical life, sensorial, art, music and sign language. Their summer program offers weekly themes for fun projects each week. Some of our themes include art, authors, insects, water (Fall fun continued on page 14.)

Lookin’ and Smellin’ Good After carving your jack-o-lantern, sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon on the inside of the lid. Then when you light it, the spices will let off a pleasant aroma.

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Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

Enter to win passes to the Renaissance Festival at

8Mother & Child Reunion


(Fall fun continued from page 13.)

Just Five More Minutes

fun, sports and gardening. Call for summer tuition and enrollment. Contact 816-420-8705 or www.helping See ad on page 9.

by Linda Cobb, The Queen of Clean

he school bus leaves in ten minutes and all across the country kids are screaming, “I can’t find it!” Don’t let this happen to you. Help each child select a designated spot for books, homework, and sports equipment—plus anything else they need to take to school in the morning. Baskets are great, as are bright plastic buckets. Canvas bags hanging on coat racks are good, too. Designate another safe place for report cards (did I just shiver?), notes from teachers, and permission slips that need to be signed. And let your children know, firmly, that the morning of is not the time for signatures. An over-the-door shoe rack in see-through plastic can be great for holding small items that kids never seem to be without—and never seem willing to leave the house without. Label a few pockets for each child and tell them it’s their own little holding bay. Give top pockets to older kids and save the easy-to-reach pouches at the bottom for the little ones.

 The Math Learning Center. Liberty, Mo. Supplemental education. Mathnasium offers a neighborhood-based, learning center where kids go to catch up, keep up and get ahead. Students drop in two to three times a week for Power Math Workouts. Each workout instructors provide close guidance - including one-on-one teaching to make sure students successfully complete every exercise. Contact or 816-415-9393. See ad on page 4.

Television is a huge distraction. Keep the TV off in the morning, and you’ll save time.

Pediatric Care North


 Storybook Stables. Kansas City, Mo. This farm is nestled on rolling hills in Kansas City North, just five minutes west of I-29 and Barry Road. Two hour parties include one hour of pony rides on two ponies and one hour in the Stables’ party room or picnic grounds. Add a campfire, painting a live pony, a hay ride, games, add more ponies and/or lengthen your party time. They can travel to your location - trip fees apply. Call for optional activities pricing. Contact 816-716-4714. See ad on page 4.

Susan L. Storm MD Laurie D. Riddell MD Ermalyn Kubart MD Stephanie A Marx MD Kathyrn Hauptmann MD Melissa J. Beard MD Stephanie R. Bays DO Heather J. Malone MD Kathleen Ballenger PNP Veda M. Donner PNP

If kids want to agonize over what goes with what (not to mention who’s wearing what), that’s fine. Just remind them that 8:00 in the morning is not the time to be doing it. Save yourself a headache and let the kids select what they want to wear to school, but get them in the habit of setting out their clothes the night before. Linda Cobb is the author of several New York Times best-selling books from Pocket Books including Talking Dirty With the Queen of Clean® and A Queen for All Seasons. Visit the Queen’s web site at

“Garage Doors Done Right!”

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Create A First-Aid Kit

24 Hour Emergency Service

Actually, make two. Keep one in the house, and put one in the car. Be sure everyone knows where to find them. Put in these items:  bandages and tape  tweezers and scissors  calamine lotion and hydrogen peroxide  cotton balls and gauze pads  ice pack & thermometer  flashlight and emergency phone numbers

• Serving the Entire KC Metro Area • No Extra Charge for Weekends • Residential & Commercial • Wind Loaded Doors Available • Sales/Service/Installation • 11 Years Experience • Same Day Service • Free Estimates


Don’t stop with the kits. Sign up for first aid and CPR classes. What a wonderful gift to give your children!

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Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

8Mother & Child Reunion


Northland & St. Joseph

Fall 2010

8Mother & Child Reunion


Enroll Today! An Amazing Kid’s Campus

• Outstanding Educational Preschool • Four Dance Studios • Two Gymnastics Facilities • Serving Ages 21/2 Through 18 Years Old • ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!

SE !  Preschool THE OR ECIALS F Y DA OL SP NEW  Gymnastics L TO O ol CAL O SCH rescho k Free P T ee h K W t W n C 1 taff! BA h 6 Mo Gets +++ stic NE  Dance a ted S n Eac llment* +++ Gymn ree e l F o +++ e or ur Ta Enr eek c  Trampoline Dan ts 1 W out O b onth nt* Ge A M h6 me arn Eac Enroll  Hip Hop & Le e t i s b r We  Ballet it Ou s i V es!  Jazz ll Ag A r o F Fun  Tap *New



on trati



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Creative Arts Academy

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