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ABOUT THIS CD: Earnestly


This CD represents my current position at a major crossroad in my walk with GOD. I realize I have gotten old enough to be transparent, open, and honest (earnest) with GOD about every aspect of my life, my challenges, struggles, and shortcomings. I had a conversation with God one day and it challenged me to put away facades, pretense, and phoniness long enough to ask God to show me His GLORY. His response was, “If you really want to see my GLORY, you must enter my presence with an EARNEST heart.” My initial thought was, “God, you made me and already knows my issues… What’s the point?” He reminded me that solid relationships are built on honesty and trust. In order to enter His presence, I must do so with a pure, earnest heart, and clean hands. That revelation caused me to approach the throne of grace with a new reverence and respect for GOD all together.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kerry Douglas, Blacksmoke Music Worldwide Earnest Pugh, EPM Music Group PRODUCERS: Michael Bereal Marque Walker Shawn Bigby Alphaeus Anderson AyRon Lewis CO-PRODUCERS: Earnest Pugh and Keith Williams, EPM Music Group VOCAL DIRECTOR: Keith Williams for PrazKeez Music SESSION COORDINATORS: Keith Williams, Senior Vice President, EPM Music Group Troy Clark, CEO/President, Clark Management Zaunder Saucer, Vice President, EPM Music Group Beverly Crawford appears courtesy of JDI Records on “For My Good” Lisa Knowles appears courtesy of LK Music on “He Already Knows”

Thank You God, My Savior, Master and Keeper. You’ve been faithful and I am down right grateful! Thank you for trusting me with this awesome platform. I vow to show your people “less of me and more of you!” Kerry Douglas (Blacksmoke Music Worldwide and New Deal Entertainment University), you have proven to be a great business partner, leader, provider, and friend. Thanks for honoring your word and believing in me the first day I met you. Michael Bereal, you never cease to amaze me with your level of expertise, skill, and cutting edge production. You always come through, sometimes not when I want it… but right on time. Won’t He do it? LOL Keith Williams, I have no words to describe your level of commitment to the vision, plan, and purpose God has given me. You have been the “spiritual mid-wife” for this project from day one. Thanks for embracing all that God has trusted into my hands. Marque Walker, What can I say? …I owe you a kidney or something. You totally rocked “Free To Worship” and “He Already Knows” like I knew you

would—da Memphis Crew, baby!!! Shawn Bigby and Alphaeus Anderson, you came out of nowhere and I am so glad you did! Your tunes made the CD complete! Stay close because we have a lot of Kingdom work to do one with another. Love you. GUEST ARTISTS: Beverly Crawford, there is NO one like you! S/O to James Roberson and JDI for making this so easy for me. Love ya for real. Lisa Knowles, “you’re mighty sweet on dem dere vocals, lady.” Memphis makes REAL sangas, ya hear me? EPM Music Group Family, ‘where Teamwork makes the Dream work!’ Each of you in your respective places fulfill the scripture where it says, “God will give you people for your life.” Keith Williams (Senior VP), where would I be without you? I appreciate your every contribution to this and all of my projects. Zaunder Saucer, you hold it all together while I “get it” together. Love you major! Troy Clark, no one would ever know you’re on the West Coast and I am on the East Coast because we talk daily as though we are in the same neighborhood. Thanks for having my back for over 12 years. You’re the greatest! Shawn Christopher, my assistant, thank you for rolling with me. Larry Robinson and Courtney Young, thanks for your admin support over the years. BLACKSMOKE MUSIC WORLDWIDE: Kerry Douglas, Dominique Henry, Richard Simpson, Juslyn Young,

Amber & The Douglas Girls Radio Promotions Team, Scott Cameron and the E-1 Crew-- Let’s go! EXTENDED FAMILY: Brett Keller (Radio Promotions), you rock in a major way, doc! Denise Lawson, my PR guru! You are a bad girl. “Ingospelthisweek” has blessed my life abundantly. Love you for that! Thank you to Andrea Williams for always providing top notched PR input! Heather Beverly, you are the world’s greatest Attorney at Law! Where do I start? Your passionate professionalism has been a light to my pathway. Muah! BTW, I have one more agreement for you to do…last one I promise! LOL MY DC MUSIC COUNCIL: Robert Ellis, Will McMillian, and Michael Smith, it all began with your input and demo sessions in my living room. Thank you for all the love, support, and commitment that you gave to this project in its infant stage. I will never forget your labor of love and commitment to my ministry. THE PRAISE ASSEMBLY: Zaunder, Akilah, Theodore, Michael, Jordyn, David, Chanel, Mary, and LaKeisha: Family, you have held me up. Thanks for shaking off the haters and being there for me …whenever, however, wherever. Love you for life! Michael Smith and New Realm of Glory for coming from near and far to assist me in various ways. Love you and excited about your future.

ROAD TEAM: Shawn “JChris” Christopher (Personal Assistant), you’re a tremendous help to me, doc. So glad our paths crossed. Robert “Bubba” Dowling, you came out of nowhere, son! Kenny Curry and New Spirit, you’re so refreshing to say the least! SPECIAL THANKS: I give thanks to the Ebenezer AME Church (Fort Washington, MD) for pushing me “out of the nest” when it was time to go. It truly worked “For My Good”. Major love to my graphics and marketing team: Michael Cork, for your selfless service and support over the years. Thanks for being there when I needed you most. Khalif Townes & Urban Round Up, you rock! Nick Ritchie, whatup, son! WRITERS: Will McMillian, co-writing with you on “Wait...All The Day” has changed my life in many ways. You’re a jewel. Remain pliable, teachable, and humble and the world shall see your great works. Michael Smith, our work relationship spans over 10 years, yet you’ve never changed. Thanks for “Tailor Made Praise” for truly I have one! Shawn Bigby, you came out of nowhere and dropped 3 major tunes on me, making the CD complete. Love you for dat. And what’s with “da foot?” LOL. Marque Walker, thanks for being consistently kind, considerate, and professional. James Fortune, what can I say? You accurately articulate the heart of the Father in your writings. Major to the kingdom, u r. Keep going!

FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO LOVE AT ALL TIMES: My daughter, Kira Shnese…daddy loves you major! My adorable sisters: Ruby, Diane, Liz, Deborah, ‘Stine, Cat, Denise, Danetta, Sandra and Stephanie. My brothers: Thomas and Maurice. To every niece, nephew, cousin and in-law-- LOVE YOU! My brothers from another father and mother: Kenny, Chris, & Craig of the Williams Family; To Mom & Dad: Kenneth and Carolyn Williams of Silver Springs, MD. Big hugs for my nieces Shawntia and Yolanda… shopping soon? FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Keith Williams, Troy Clark, Zaunder Saucer, Martina James, Pauline Burton, Marcus Graddy, Gregory Cutler, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Lonnie Hunter, Lawrence Dotson, Lucinda Moore, Otis Battle, Byron Cage, and Ricky Dillard. My LA Family: Sandra “Momma” Clark & Family, thanks for lending your ear and shoulder when I needed you most. I love and appreciate you so much. The Smith Family of Chapel Hill (Rosemark COGIC), surprised? Gotcha! Linda Bowman, The Rodgers Family, and MCHS... “wekapey!” To Everett “Skip” Strong, Donna Sullivan, Lecretia Sharp, Courtney Franklin, and San Franklin, Yall get ready. Ur next! MY MENTORS: Yolanda Adams (Yolanda Adams Morning Show), you have taught me so much and I am forever grateful to you for your Godly example and the daily impact that you make on the world. Jeff Grant, I really do embrace

every word of wisdom you give me. Kerry Douglas, you’ve opened my eyes to a new me. Thanks for being “real” about life from your perspective. SPECIAL TRIBUTE: Four powerful men have been instrumental in my career: Eddie Pugh, Brian Spears, Elroy Smith and Kerry Douglas. Preachers who inspire me to keep going: Apostle Steven (Dr. Kiera) Banks, Pastor Duane Fields, Pastor Jessie (Helena) Giddens, Pastor Hart Ramsey, Bishop Maureen Davis, Pastor McCarter & Greater Joy International Family, Evangelist Shane Perry, Dr. Zach Tims and Dr. Claudette Copeland. To radio and retail outlets across the globe, I am able to do what I do because of you. I love and appreciate each of you. Special thanks to my encouragers in radio: CoCo Brother, Lonnie Hunter, Yolanda Adams, and Ron Thompson. I love you! Brett Keller and ND Company, you’re the greatest! To all my label mates: Lonnie Hunter, The Brown Boyz, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, and those who are forthcoming with Blacksmoke Music, know that being a part of this “New Deal” w/Kerry Douglas is the “REAL” Deal! Watch God change the face of the industry and your life along with it. Get ready!

Credits All Music Arrangements by Michael Bereal except “Free To Worship” & “He Already Knows” (Marque Walker); “Perfect Peace” (AyRon Lewis) and “You Deserve It” (Shawn Bigby and Alphaeus Anderson) Michael Bereal (Organ, Keys, and Drums) Eric Walls (Lead Guitar) Ethan Farmer (Bass Guitar) on “Tailor Made Praise” Darrell Freeman (Bass Guitar) on “Song of Adoration,” For My Good,” & “Your Deserve It” Calvin Rodgers (Drums) on “You Deserve It” Donald Hayes (Horn Arrangements) on “Song of Adoration,” Tailor Made Praise”, and “You Deserve It” String Arrangements by Robert Ellis on “I Need Your Glory”, “Wait All The Day” and “Thank You” Vocal Director: Keith Williams for PrazKeez Music BGVs on “Song of Adoration”, “Tailor Made Praise” , “I Need Your Glory” and “Wait…All The Day” performed by Shanika Bereal, Cassandra Grigsby-Chism, Camille Grigsby, Britney Bereal, Jason Morales, David Daughtry, Troy Clark

The Choir on “For My Good” & “Thank You” performed by Quella Porter & Company: Stacy Bolton, Laia Jones, John Bernard, Shaunte Nickels, Curtis Parker, Chris Leonard, Allyson Watson, Rashad Howard, Tara Lewis, Joslyn James, Karina Hearn Recorded at Clear Lake Studio, Hollywood, CA Engineer: Preston Boebel Vocal Overdub Facilities: Dogwood Recording and Mastering, Conyers, GA Engineer: Tony Otero Reid Temple AME Church, Glendale, MD Engineers: Teddy “Bear” Davis, Damon Mace Mixing and Mastering Facility: The Poole Room, Nashville, TN Engineer: Randy Poole Graphics: MACORK SOLUTIONSTM (Michael Cork) Photography: Roy Cox Photography, Baltimore, MD Wardrobe: DC Footwear, Washington, DC

Song of Adoration (Shawn Bigby & Alphaeus Anderson) 3:52

Music2ChangeU (BMI)/Alpaheus Anderson (BMI)/ BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

Tailor-Made Praise (Michael Smith) 5:11

MasPro Music (BMI)/BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

I Need Your Glory (James Fortune, Arr. by Earnest Pugh) 5:12

FIYAWorld Publishing (ASCAP)/BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/ Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

Wait All The Day (Earnest Pugh & Williams McMillian) 5:10

WillKCP1 (BMI)/BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

You Deserve It (Shawn Bigby & Alphaeus Anderson) 4:48

Music2ChangeU (BMI)/Alpaheus Anderson (BMI)/BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

For My Good (Earnest Pugh) Featuring Beverly Crawford 5:28 BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

Thank You (Shawn Bigby & Alphaeus Anderson) 5:14

Music2ChangeU (BMI)/Alpaheus Anderson (BMI)/ BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

The Inner Court Experience: “A Thankful Reflection” 1:26 BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Traditional Hymn) 4:14

BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

Free To Worship (Marque Walker & David Gillard) 5:18

BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)/N D Key Productions (BMI)/Daveways Music (BMI)

He Already Knows (Earnest Pugh) Featuring Lisa Knowles 4:40

BlackSmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)/N D Key Productions (BMI)

Perfect Peace (Rudolph Stanfield, Jr.) 4:47

Brother Stan Music (BMI)/ Blacksmoke Music (BMI)/Pughspen Music Publishing (BMI)

CONTACT INFORMATION EPM Music Group “Sound with Substance” Home Office: 301.526.3003 Email: WWW.EARNESTPUGH.COM Facebook (Earnest Pugh) Twitter (Earnest Pugh) Send a text to me personally “rainonus” to 69302 BOOKINGS/MANAGEMENT: Troy Clark, Manager Clark Management Contact Number: 240.350.2158 LABEL: Blacksmoke Music Worldwide New Deal Entertainment University POC: Kerry Douglas @ 713.245.6204 RADIO PROMOTIONS: Douglas Girls Radio Promotions POC: Antoinette Douglas @ 713.245.6204 PRODUCT SERVICING: POC: Brett Keller, or 323.924.5885

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