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DEFINING OUR Success Economic Ingenuity /ek-uh-nom-ik; in-juh-noo-i-tee/ noun resourceful

2 skillful

1 the

ability to think creatively : inventive :

in the process of designing optimal solutions for a prosperous economic environment

Macon Economic Development Commission

Leonard Bevill 2015 MEDC Chairman Macon Occupational Medicine

Pat Topping and his team continue to work with economic development partners across Middle GA, the state and around the world promoting and marketing MaconBibb as the best place for business. Thanks to these partnerships, economic activity continues to grow in our community. This year four companies announced plans to invest a total of over $200 Million, create 368 jobs. Boeing, First Quality Packaging Solutions, Chem Aqua and Courier Express all decided that Macon-Bibb was the best place for their businesses. In the fall of 2015, MEDC and its partners received an Award from the International Economic Development Council and MEDC was recognized as one of the “Top 4 Economic Development Organizations in Georgia� by Southern Business & Development Magazine. With this kind of momentum building, we can expect great things on the horizon! Leonard Bevill 2015 Chairman, MEDC

Development /dih-vel-uh p-muh nt / 1 the state of being created or made more advanced

MEDC is responsible for recruiting new industries to Macon as well as assisting existing companies with expansion projects. MEDC serves as the ‘single point of contact’ between business and industries in Macon-Bibb County, site location consultants project managers, brokers and developers.

Macon Now!


Originally started in 2004, Macon Now! is a dynamic plan that leverages new and existing assets to grow our region’s economy. Macon Now 3.0 was launched in 2015 following the targeted business analysis and marketing review completed in 2014. Three areas Macon Now 3.0 is focused on are Recruitment, Retention and Workforce.

MEDC works in partnership with the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) and supports the strategic plans and initiatives of organizations like NewTown Macon, the Macon Bibb County Convention and Visitors Bureau, College Hill Alliance, The Urban Development Authority, the Middle Georgia Regional Airport and Macon-Bibb County.

Regional Group MEDC is a member of the 11 county Middle Georgia Economic Alliance (MGEA) which promotes the region to site location consultants, project managers, brokers and developers. MEDC is also a member of the I-16 Corridor Alliance and greater georgia, a 4 city group made up of Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah.

MEDC Staff

2015 MEDC Board Gary Bechtel

Guaranty Financial, Inc.

Rob Betzel

Infinity Network Solutions

Leonard Bevill, Chair Macon Occupational Medicine, LLC

Mike Dyer

Patrick Topping


Sr. Vice President

Dorothy Black

Macon Water Authority Board

Jason Delves

Mercer University School of Engineering

Dan Slagle Lee Smith

Dwight Jones

Executive Assistant

Dr. Scott Schultz

Eugene Dunwody, Sr.

Spivey, Pope, Green & Greer, LLC

Marty Koplin

Robert Reichert

Mayor, Macon-Bibb County

Cox Communications

George Greer

Ashley Miller

Starr Purdue

Hutchings Funeral Home

Beasley Flooring Products Dunwody/Beeland Architects, Inc.

Manager of Business and Industry

Lynn Murphey

Cox Communications

Ocmulgee Fields, Inc.

Walt Miller GIGA


Monica Smith

Macon-Bibb County CVB

David Thompson

Piedmont Construction Group

Stewart Vernon ASP Pools

Cliffard Whitby MBCIA

Teamwork /teem-wurk / 1 cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together

MEDC Partners Bibb County Board of Education Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce Macon– Bibb County Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority Macon Water Authority

“With MEDC, as the marketing arm of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, providing their marketing services to the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority, prospects see Cliffard Whitby Macon speaking as one, while our local partners work together to provide appropriate incentives, approvals, and assistance. This level of cooperation reflects the mutual trust and respect that the leadership of MEDC, the Industrial Authority, and our other partners have for one another.”

“When we first discussed a location for our next expansion, I knew that Georgia was a state to consider, but from the time we stepped off that airplane in Macon, we knew our next Shannon Walls plant would be here. The folks that helped get this deal going went the extra mile to make sure that we had no reason to look anywhere else.” said Shannon Walls, Aspen Products, Plant Manager, East Coast Division.


Square Feet

$81.7 Million



“Boeing’s choice to manufacture these vital pieces of equipment at their Macon-Bibb County facility is further indication that Georgia is home to a highly-skilled workforce and a world-class infrastructure.” - Governor Nathan Deal

Prosperity /pro-sper-i-tee / 1 a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition; good fortune “Advanced manufacturing remains one of Georgia’s strongest sectors. By taking advantage of Quick Start, the nation’s No. 1 workforce training program, as well as having direct access to skilled, ready-towork individuals and a thriving business network, it’s clear that Georgia is the right spot for FQPS’ newest operations. I am confident they will find success in Macon.” - Chris Carr Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner




$115 Million

Square Feet

Chem-Aqua announced the expansion and relocation of their Macon-based water treatment company to the Rooker building on Joe Tamplin Industrial Blvd located in Ocmulgee East Industrial Park. The company will lease 44,000 square feet of the Rooker building and plans to invest $3.5 million and retain 38 jobs. Chem-Aqua, formally known as Anderson Chemical, was founded in Macon in 1946.

Courier Express has leased 42,600 square feet in Allied Industrial Park to provide courier delivery services, freight, LTL, warehousing, logistics, medical & pharmaceutical delivery. They will maintain their workforce of 15 employees. Courier Express was founded in 1985 in Atlanta, GA, with a focus on providing timely, dependable courier service. Operating in 40+ cities across the US, Courier Express is one of the largest courier companies in the nation.

Visionary /vizh-uh-ner-ee / 1 having or showing clear ideas about what should happen or be done in the future

Projects Opened by Industry

Patrick J. Topping, CEcD


Projects Opened





Warehouse & Distribution


Food Processing






In 2015, Macon-Bibb’s outstanding team came together in a big way! With available industrial sites and buildings, award winning water and a committed school system, Macon-Bibb County has all the components necessary to attract prestigious companies. Boeing and First Quality Packaging Solutions, among others, saw this value and made the commitment to invest in our community. With an aggressive, targeted recruitment plan for new business and industry and a strong retention program, it’s no wonder MEDC is recognized as a Top 4 Economic Development Team in Georgia.


Project Visits

$200.2 Million Invested

368 Jobs

620.6K Square Feet


Business and Industry

Keynote speaker Norman Firchau, President and CEO of Porsche Consulting, addressed the attendees of the annual Business and Industry Awards Luncheon. His presentation focused on operational excellence; "the willingness and ability of an organization and its employees to consistently deliver superior performance."

2015 Award Winners

Ken’s Stereo Dr. Norman Firchau President/CEO Porsche Consulting

Small Business of the Year

All Care

Business of the Year


Industry of the Year

Community /kuh-myoo-ni-tee/ 1 a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common interests and goals

Logistics and Distribution Luncheon MEDC and The Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon featuring a panel discussion on the topic of logistics. The purpose of this luncheon was to provide an opportunity for individuals with companies interested in logistics to network with others in their field and to hear from industry leaders. Panelists included logistics experts from Norfolk Southern, YKK USA, Ryder Integrated Logistics and the Georgia Ports Authority. The panel was moderated by Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Annie Baxter.

Manufacturers Appreciation Luncheon Randy Jackson, Senior VP with Kia Motors in LaGrange, GA spoke to almost 200 attendees at the 2015 Manufacturers Appreciation Luncheon. The GDEcD and the Technical College System of GA recognize manufacturers statewide during their Manufacturers Appreciation Luncheon the second week in April. MEDC and the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce have declared April as Manufacturers Appreciation Month. We are thankful for all of the manufacturers who contribute to our local and state economy!


Company Interactions


New Projects


Million Invested

338 New Jobs

Existing Business & Industry

It seems as though the theme for 2015 in Macon-Bibb County was expansion with everyone from small machine shops to large Ashley Miller distribution centers growing and adding new jobs. Ashley worked to bring together expanding companies with local and state entities that offer tax incentives, training and other assistance to help facilitate growth. Just like new business recruitment, retention and expansion of our exiting companies is an essential part of the economic viability of our community. We expect this momentum to continue in 2016.

Existing Industry Spotlight! In 2015, Mrs. Griffin’s, the oldest BBQ sauce in the South, celebrated 80 years of being made in Macon. MEDC helped facilitate a proclamation from Mayor Robert A. B. Reichert recognizing March 25 as Mrs. Griffin’s Day. “We’d just like to thank all the people from the Middle Georgia area for 80 years of great support,” said Roland Neel, owner of Mrs. Griffin’s Barbecue Sauce.

1.3 million Georgians over the age of 18 don’t have high school diplomas and are not adequately prepared for the workplace. The Great Promise Partnership (GPP) connects teens with employers so that they spend part of the day at school and part of the day at the job-site learning real-world job skills. Our Existing Industry Program works to connect GPP to Macon-Bibb County’s industries.

Resourceful /ri-sawrs-fuh / 1 able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations

Developers Day Each year, dozens of project managers from GDEcD and our utility partners are invited for a two-day, information packed, fun-filled tour of Macon-Bibb County. This event introduces them to the many reasons we think this is the best place for business. The 2015 Developers Day theme was a CLUB Tour, focusing on Colleges, Lofts, Urban Development and Basketball.

Industrial Park Meetings Industrial Park Association Meetings provide networking and information sharing opportunities that help neighboring companies come together to discuss common issues of concern and develop a plan of action.

MEDC was named one of the Top 4 Economic Development Agencies in Georgia as published in Southern Business & Development Magazine. Members of the Southern Economic Development Roundtable (SEDR) selected winners in thirty categories for each Southern state. The SEDR is an invitation only group of economic developers, educators, site selection consultants and CEOs who meet annually to discuss issues relative to economic development in the American South.

The 2015 Georgia Trend magazine ad which was a collaboration of Macon-Bibb County, the Bibb County School System, the Macon Water Authority, Macon-Bibb County Convention & Visitors Bureau, the MaconBibb County Industrial Authority, New Town Macon, the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, and MEDC received a Bronze Excellence in Economic Development Award. The ad, which was designed by Bright Ideas Group of Macon, GA featured a coffee shop filled with people representing a variety of economic development aspects of our community. Check it out: .

Inventive /in-ven-tiv/ 1 having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally

MEDC in 2016 The signs of success are everywhere. Our business and community leaders are working together on a shared vision, encouraging new businesses to locate here, existing businesses to expand and our downtown to thrive. Economic Development is a team effort. The MEDC in partnership with the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority, the Macon Water Authority, Macon-Bibb County and the Bibb County Board of Education have brought over 10,000 jobs to our community during the past ten years. But it’s more than just these partners that have enabled this success. There are many organizations that have worked tirelessly to improve the sense of place and our quality of life that makes Macon-Bibb attractive to recruiting and retaining both current and future workers. 2015 was a great year for Economic Development and the best is yet to come. In 2016 MEDC will focus on Retention, Recruitment and Workforce Development. Mike Dyer

Retention Strengthen our existing businesses while supporting existing programs that address the needs of small and minority enterprises. Assist the development and growth of local supplier/vendor networks.

Recruitment Recruit a quality mix of large, mid and small companies in targeted industry clusters to grow jobs and capital investment in the region. Support an environment where entrepreneurs and creative talent can grow and prosper.

Workforce Development Align the ongoing workforce development programs in Macon-Bibb with current and emerging industry clusters. Work with our K-12 education partners to develop new certificate & degree programs that support existing business & industry and our target clusters’ current & future workforce needs.

Pat Topping, CEcD ptopping@maconworks.com5 305 Coliseum Dr. Macon, GA 31210 (478) 621-2030 *Definitions used for this publication can be found on*

Macon Economic Development Commission 2015 Annual Report  
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