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August 17, 2011

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Photo by Meaghan Smith | Photo Editor Dr. Jeff Allbritten stopped by on August 15 to speak with members of student media. From left to right: Mark Hazen, MSC-TV Assignment Editor; Robert Reese, photographer; Katherine Tippins, Student Media Coordinator; Alexis Meeks, Copy Editor; Kaleb Clark, Sports Editor; Jeff Allbritten, President of Macon State College; Jessica Spencer, News Editor; Sarah Frye-Mitchell, Editor-inChief. See the interview on page 2.

What’s Happening Around Campus Wednesday, Aug. 17 BACK TO SCHOOL COOKOUT 10:45 a.m. –– 12:45 p.m. 5 p.m. –– 7 p.m.

Baseball ball opportunities, a it new basketball coach, and a whole new breed of cheerleader! Page 10-12

Thursday, Aug. 18 BONGO BALL MANIA Wellness Center Gym ICE CREAM SOCIAL H/SS Lobby

9:30 a.m. –– 11:30 a.m.

10:30 a.m. –– 12:30 p.m. 5:30 a.m. –– 7:30 p.m.

5:30 p.m. –– 7 p.m.

Monday, Aug. 22 ALL DAY Blue Storm Bingo (Multi-Day Event)

Tuesday, Aug. 23 ALL DAY Blue Storm Bingo (Multi-Day Event)

POOL PARTY Wellness Center Gym 2 p.m. –– 4 p.m.

AMAZING CAB RACE 12 p.m. –– 2 p.m.


11 a.m. –– 5 p.m.


Friday, Aug. 19 ALL DAY Blue Storm Bingo (Multi-Day Event)

August 17, 2011 NEWS 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Allbritten describes Macon State as a ‘‘real gem’’ BY SARAH FRYEMITCHELL EDITOR - IN - CHIEF The new Macon State College President Dr. Jeffery S. Allbritten came to the Student Media Center on August 15 to speak with student media staff. Allbritten cheerfully took questions about his plans for the College and what his initial thoughts were coming into the president’’s role, being that he carried a new and objective eye. Student Media: What are your plans for Macon State? Allbritten: ““What I’’m doing is trying to access every area of Macon State. I’’ve met with almost every different division within the institution . . . I’’ve been meeting to nd out what our nancial issues are, what our enrollment issues are, and just getting a complete understanding of the entire scenario of Macon State. What I’’m happy to report is mostly what I’’m nding is good . . .My initial plans are: let’’s accentuate what we’’re doing very well, and lets get that out there and tell our story.”” Student Media: What made you want to come to Macon State? Allbritten: ““I saw what I consider to be a real gem, I think it’’s a real gem in this community, an institution that’’s really ready to step forward and really sort of achieve it’’s potential.”” Student Media: What has been your favorite part of the campus so far? Allbritten: ““The people, that’’s real simple. The tremendous welcoming from all areas of the faculty and staff.”” Student Media: What programs are you interested in bringing to Macon State? Allbritten: ““There’’s a lot of opportunity for growth in different areas that we haven’’t even thought of. Providing clinical, more clinical experiences . . .if there are jobs, and they’’re high skill, high wage jobs, we need to make sure we’’re providing students opportunities to go into those elds . . . I have a desire to see us expanding in our business areas, and our information technology areas, I think we can

Photos by Meaghan Smith | Photo Editor Allbritten’’s visit began with questions from The Macon Statement’’s Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Frye-Mitchell (above). They were later joined by other members of student media: Alexis Meeks, Robert Reese, Kaleb Clark and Jessica Spencer (top).

really be a leader.”” Student Media: Are you interested in revamping the Student Media Program? Allbritten: ““I’’d love to have a vibrant Student Media program, I think that’’s excellent.””

To watch the video of Allbritten’’s entire interview, go to MSC-TV: studentweb. to see the President answer questions concerning library hours, campus dining, athletics and other topics.

3 NEWS August 17, 2011 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Second Residence Life Move-in Day welcomes more than 300 residents BY KALEB CLARK | SPORTS EDITOR

College Station welcomed more than 300 residents to their new home for the fall semester on August 13. Resident assistants sporting their red shirts lead the residents to their apartments and checked the residents into their new rooms while representatives from recreation and wellness, blue storm cheer club, student life, and others helped as the heavy lifters making the move smoother for the new residents.

Water became a hot commodity as the sun beat down on the crowd until about mid-day when the sun took a break while rain poured down in an attempt to quench the heat, only to have the sun return after the rain. When the day came to a close, residents attended the Resident Student Association sponsored pool party and turned into their rooms to unpack and prepare for the upcoming semester. Kaleb is also an RA with Residence Life.

Photos by Bill Weaver This resident moved into College Station with the most colorful bins.

Matt Poley and Michael Durfy represented Recreation & Wellness as they volunteered to assist with move-in (right).

Resident Assistants also helped new residents with room assignments (below).

New residents met each other for the ďƒžrst time (above).

The Cheerleading Club helped with the move (left).

BY KENNY LOGAN | OPINIONS EDITOR How many of you watch pornography, go to ““controversial”” websites, or even go to dating websites? Thanks to the House of Representatives at least the government will know. On July 28, 2011, the House passed a bill requiring Internet Service Providers to keep the logs of their customers for a year in case police need them for an investigation. Going by the name ““Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011,”” the bill forces ISPs to store a customer ’’s name, address, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily, IP addresses for up to 18 months. An amendment to make the information logs-only was defeated by a 7-to-16 vote. Of the 25 House co-sponsors, 15 are Republican and 10 are Democrats. The House wasn’’t alone in making this happen. Ever since 2005 the Justice Department was secretly proposing data retention rules. According to June 2005: Justice Department officials quietly propose data retention rules. December 2005: European Parliament votes for data retention of up to two years. April 2006: Data retention proposals surface in Colorado and the U.S. Congress.


August 17,2011


Say Goodbye to Internet Anonymity April 2006: Attorney General Gonzales says data retention ““must be addressed.”” April 2006: Rep. DeGette proposes data retention amendment. May 2006: Rep. Sensenbrenner drafts data retention legislation-but backs away from it two days later. May 2006: Gonzales and FBI Director Mueller meet with Internet and telecommunications companies. February 2009: Two data retention bills target ISPs, hotels, coffee shops February 2009: Copyright holders would benefit from data retention January 2011: Justice Department calls for mandatory data retention February 2011: White House undecided on data retention May 2011: Wireless providers exempted from Rep. Smith’’s bill July 2011: National Sheriffs’’ Association endorses data retention Maybe it’’s just me, but the last time I went looking for porn I didn’’t come across the child variety. The title is meant to scare politicians and people into blind support for it, much like legislation such as the PATRIOT Act. Instead of protecting children this bill sneaks in the idea of tracking everyone’’s internet use

whether they’’re guilty or not. This is one of many things that were taking place while the fake controversy of the debt ceiling filled the cable news airwaves. I have some suggestions for the Justice Department for what they could do since they seem so bored: •• Go after the people who sold the idea of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for fraudulent reasons. •• Do investigations into other parts of the government. •• Look at such cases as Oscar Grant’’s, Tim DeChristopher ’’s, and Leonard Peltier ’’s. •• Go after the people. Groups in the financial industry responsible for causing the crash of the economy. •• Bring those who torture or give the order to do so to justice. However, the Justice Department is too busy trying to ““protect children”” by having internet providers keep records of what people do online, making it seem like everyone is an internet predator.

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5 OPINIONS August 17, 2011 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you know?

Photo by Meaghan Smith | Photo Editor

The cafeteria has new food options for your enjoyment. From a variety of new sushi rolls to different kinds of hot stir-fry items, there are many choices now available. The bookstore is now offering buy backs for old textbooks daily. They are also introducing the option to rent textbooks instead of buying for the semester.

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August 17, 2011


The doors of the new Teacher Education Building are now open

BY JESSICA SPENCER | NEWS EDITOR The days of walking around the nearly 20 yards of caution tape separating the Macon State Campus library from the Student Life Building are over; the fall 2011 school year on the Macon State main campus welcomes The Teacher Education Building located between the Student Life building and the Humanities and Arts complex. This new addition houses the School of Education. Now early childhood, special education, middle grades and secondary education majors will have 84,000 square feet of building space and will no longer be re-directed to the Student Life Center’’s

second floor for classroom learning. In addition to offering education course space, the new building will also house the Georgia Educator Support Alliance (GESA), which is a non-profit initiative that provides coaching, mentoring, professional development and customized support for education graduates who are in their first two years of teaching, as well as providing the same services to K-12 districts statewide.

Photos by Robert Reese | The Macon Statement

According to Nancy Stroud, vice president of fiscal affairs at Macon State, the new building cost ““approximately $24.5 million dollars and the construction was funded by bonds issued by the Georgia Financial and Investment Commission.”” For Macon State, the construction of the new building meant Fiscal Affairs applying to the Board of Regents for funding and working with the Board of Regents to select the design professionals as well as the construction teams while overseeing the building all the way through to completion. ““While the building does not include solar panels, it was designed and

built using Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles,”” Stroud said. The Teacher Education building is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Greening the design of the building allows less energy to be used while simultaneously being cost effective. The same environmental building principles used to construct the new education building are the ones also used in building the latest commercial endeavourers such as the new architectural models for Best Buy and the Chipotle Grill.

Interested in Being a Features Editor? Interested in writing and editing? Have we got a job for you! The Macon Statement is looking for a Features Editor! You’’ll gain valuable experience and have lots of fun along the way! Contact us at editor or come by the Student Media Center for more information.

August 17, 2011 FEATURES 8 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Studying abroad in London: A student’’s summer adventures across the Atlantic BY KRISTIN HANLIN | STAFF WRITER

During the summer, many students choose to take a break from school. Some go on vacation and hit the beach instead of their books. Others continue their schooling by taking a cluster of summer classes in order to lessen the number of steps between their current standings and graduation. The students who participate in the Study Abroad Program do a combination of both. The Study Abroad Program is sponsored by The European Council. The council’’s website explains that it is ““one of five regional councils operating under the auspices of the System Council for International Education of the University System of Georgia.”” The European Council aims to ““bring together students and faculty from across Georgia to share in four or five week intensive learning and travel ventures”” by offering opportunities for students from any school in the council to travel internationally while taking classes that count for credit in the student’’s respective college. From June 23, 2011 through July 28, 2011, students from Georgia traveled to London, England, in order to participate in one location offered through the Study Abroad Program. Heather Ness, a junior studying psychology at Macon State, was one of three students from the College to embark on this adventure. During her trip, Ness faced a handful of fears, of the ‘‘normal’’ variety. Fortunately Ness stated that thoughts of ““plane crashes, getting lost, or being kidnapped”” did not prevent her from making the journey across the Atlantic to study in London. The decision to participate in the Study Abroad Program was simple enough; Ness was interested in the opportunity to ““actually spend a little over a month living in a foreign nation while earning credit for college.”” Her reasons for choosing London, rather than a non-English speaking country, were easily narrowed down into a simple desire to live in another nation without having to learn an entirely new language in order to function properly.

Before the trip, Ness chose two courses to take during the excursion, photography and British literature. She learned much more than what pictures and books could teach her while abroad. During an average day in London, Ness

find the stairway to the river’’s shore. Once there, she planned to have a photograph taken of her standing with her feet in the river’’s water. After posing, Ness learned something very new to her about rivers: ““I didn’’t even know rivers had waves!”” As the picture was taken, a wave of water drenched her completely and forced her to scramble from where she stood to save her belongings and the rest of her dignity. Besides an uncomfortable walk back up from the Thames, Ness had only positive things to say about her trip to London. Despite returning to America with a month full of stories about exciting adventures in a foreign land, the primary reason behind the Study Abroad Program is to educate. Ness insisted that it was not hard to keep up with her classes despite the sudden change in location. Getting used to being in London did not hinder her academic abilities. ““In my British Lit class, we had a big paper to do, but that was due before we even left for London, so it wasn’’t too bad,”” she said. The cost was also not as much as an issue as many would assume. The tuition was mostly covered by HOPE, but Ness also received a Macon State Foundation scholarship. ““Thank you, Macon State!”” Ness said upon mentioning this addition to her fiscal resources. Combined, these funds covered roughly a third of her trip, and student loans took Photo by Kristin Hanlin | The Macon Statement care of the rest. After spending a half hour discussing her would literally rise with the Sun and wake trip to London and the various things she at 6 a.m.. After ““some Facebooking and did while overseas, Ness did not hesitate reading,”” Ness would attend her classes and to interrupt when I asked her if she would then have evenings free to do with as she ever wish to return to England for school or pleased. personal desires. Mondays and Wednesdays were class The question, ““Do you think you’’ll days. Tuesdays and Thursdays promised go back——”” was interrupted with an field trips. Fridays and Saturdays were enthusiastic (and slightly frightening), optional day excursions to locations such as ““Yes!”” Stonehenge, and other famous sites found If you are interested in the Study Abroad in London. Program and want more information, go to Ness enjoyed experiences that are unique or to London. During a trip to the Thames email Dr. Lucas (gerald.lucas@maconstate. River, Ness and a friend walked ““through edu) or Dr. Biek (david.biek@maconstate. dark allies, and past a few local crazies”” to edu) with questions.

9 FEATURES August 17, 2011 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Macon State Foundation awards more than 80 scholarships •• •• •• ••

Faatima Ally Emily Marie Allmond Krista Michele Mosley Jesulayomi ““Emmanuel”” Awoyeye •• Kathy Slade Durden •• Joshua P. Buckner •• Nashiba LaToria Cosby •• Kathy Slade Durden •• Joshua Mark Ivey •• Laura Marie Wallace •• Marquita Sh’’rece Hunt •• Adam C. Weaver •• Mackinnon ““Mack”” Alan Perkins •• Joshua Lane White •• Daniel Ryan Daniels •• Jaimie Lynn Pearson •• Mitchel R. Wachtel •• Nashiba LaToria Cosby •• William ““Tyler”” Horne •• Heather Nicole Kemp •• Heather Dawn Douglass •• Kimberly Paige Walker •• Nedra Hobson •• Benjamin Chadwick ““Chad”” Edwards •• Patricia P. Rainwater •• Vincent ““Vince”” C. Vinson •• Vallie ““Byron”” Collins •• Christopher Pate Bowen •• Heather Shea Stuckey •• Pamela Jean Barton •• Yasin Mohammed Hassan •• Benjamin ““Ben”” Eric Zahn •• Allison Leigh Boutwell •• Eliza Marivel Moralez •• Angie Rebecca Dubree •• Mark Stephen Campbell Jr. •• Trevor Alan Hendrix •• Brian Matthew Lee •• Christopher ““Ryan”” Sleeth •• Alec Parker Brown •• Madison Elizabeth Hollifield •• Sarah Louise Hollifield

•• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Crystal A. Johnston Jared Ronald Phelps Kelli Andrea Sherwood Donald Joseph Weaver Gabriele Elke Lloyd Kimberly Ann Hall Patrick Scott Lippert Rebecca ““Becky”” Lynn Swartz •• Eric Clifton Davis •• Elizabeth Marie Chance •• Rebecca Jane Chance •• Kristin Alaine Hanlin •• Rebecca A. Holcomb •• Matthew O’’Gorman •• Heather Dawn Ness •• Elizabeth ““Beth”” Lois Wilson •• Omar Alexander Aba •• Laura R. Thompson •• Christopher George Munn •• Jonathan William Munn •• Kaitlyn ““Katie”” Faith Erhardt •• Egan M. Guillet •• William ““Parker”” Stults •• Rustin ““Sullivan”” De Yampert •• Jody Lynn Maichele •• Eliza Marivel Moralez •• Kaylee Glyn Glidewell •• Victoria Alexandra Horton •• Vaishali Patel Whisler •• Curtis Neal Carswell, Jr. •• Megan N. Glodowski •• Sarah Nichole Fawbush •• Aaron Michael Tomberlin •• Erika Lynn Fawbush •• Kate Louise Hamm •• Richard F. McLendon •• Aly Samantha Watson •• Joshua ““Josh”” A. Deaton •• Andrew David Gutkowski •• Liliana ““Lily”” M. Billingsley


August 17, 2011


Men take on cheering BY KALEB CLARK | SPORTS EDITOR

Three men brought their athletic talents to Blue Storm’’s Gold Squad competitive cheerleading team and uncovered the hidden benefits of cheering. Baseball vet Elijah Acklin (known as Eli by the squad), rugby player Matt Poley and Stuart Spears will be working with the predominantly female squad in the fall. A common stereotype for cheerleaders is that they are usually women, so what sparked these three men to stay on the squad, besides the company? Poley said, referring to the president of the cheer club, ““I wouldn’’t have joined if Ashley hadn’’t pushed me to join. I was hesitant at first. After I started, it was a lot of fun.”” Once they joined the squad, the men discovered that competitive cheerleading was not all about waving pom-poms. There were physical benefits to gain from participating. Competitive cheerleading, stunt, requires repetitively lifting people, throwing people, and catching people while maneuvering their bodies constantly. Not to mention that stunt has a mixture of gymnastics, sometimes requiring back flips, spinning in the air and other acrobatics. Poley said, ““Cheer is using my entire body.”” According to Acklin and Poley, cheerleading conditions their muscles and makes them stronger. They even went as far to say that cheerleading was better strength training than they received from playing other sports. This is coming from Poley who plays rugby, arguably one of the roughest sports at Macon State. While the men gain benefits by being on the squad, they also are an important asset to the squad.

Photo by Kaleb Clark | Sports Editor Matt Poley and Elijah Acklin man it up at cheerleading ttings

““Guys help us take it to the next level,”” said president of the club Ashley Holliday. The women on the squad bragged that the men were able to throw them higher, learn tumbling fast and ““They are fun to cheer with and have good attitudes,”” said Gold Squad member Hallie Reagan. Imagine lifting at least a hundred pounds over your head repetitively for hours, in combination with dancing, doing back flips, tumbling and catching someone falling into your arms again and again. Challenging those who laugh at the thought of a male cheerleading, Poley said, ““If anybody wants to say cheerleading is a girly sport, come out here and try it.””

Photo by Kaleb Clark | Sports Editor

(from left to right) Ashley Turner, Hallie Reagan, Jessica Karvelis, Dawn Robertson, Melissa Middlebrooks, Matt Poley, Katrina Causey, Elijah Acklin, Jeffreia Moreland, Kaitlynn Poborsky, Ashley Holliday, Katie Jones, and Chelsea Shelton

August 17, 2011 SPORTS 11 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Basketball finds new coach BY KALEB CLARK | SPORTS EDITOR

After the end of the short-lived stay of volunteer coach Joseph Bowen, Jayce Goosby became Blue Storm basketball’’s new head coach. Joseph Bowen’’s coaching ended in the summer of 2011 after only coaching the latter half of Blue Storm’’s previous spring season. Director of Recreation and Wellness James Hagler said, ““We’’re trying to go where a student is the head of each club.”” After considering who had the experience and skills necessary to coach the team, the decision was made to give 33-year-old education major Jayce Goosby the position. When asked why Goosby was chosen, Hagler said, ““Jayce has more playing experience.”” He also commented that being a coach will benet Goosby’’s pursuit of his education degree. Goosby said, ““It’’s a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work as a leader.”” As a player, Goosby was ““able to offer advice and experience to help last year.”” Goosby’’s transition from player to coach could be one of the determining factors behind the basketball team’’s wins to losses ratio in the fall. Positively, with Goosby

coaching the team, this frees up president of the club E. J. Rose to concentrate more on playing on the court rather than having to split himself with worrying about

coaching and playing at the same time. Rose said, ““I manage the money and make sure the jerseys are paid for. We both have to

Photo by Kaleb Clark | Sports Editor Jayce Goosby takes up the seat as basketball’’s new head coach.

know what’’s going on, but out on the court he will be coaching the players.”” Having Goosby as a coach could have some negative effects as well. Goosby was one of the top three scorers for the team last year, followed by Rose and Koba Kobaidze. Rose said, ““Hopefully some of the new guys will be able to ll those shoes. If I gotta score every point I will.”” On the other hand, since Goosby was a lead scorer, as a coach, he will have the opportunity to teach others how to score more effectively. Along with the addition of a new coach, Kevin Johnson, a new adviser from Student Support Services, will be assisting in guiding the club alongside Hagler, Rose and Goosby. Last season the basketball team won one game out of six. Members of the basketball team complained that when Bowen became their head coach he came in without knowing how they played and just started coaching. Goosby is a veteran member of the team and has played alongside the returning players. According to Rose, instead of playing on the court, now Goosby will have the new role of, ““pressing us, keeping our heads on strait. After a while that will transition into wins.””

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12 SPORTS August 17, 2011 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Baseball Club’’s strategic divide BY KALEB CLARK | SPORTS EDITOR After a lack of relievers and bench players caused Blue Storm baseball’’s 2011 season to fall short, the club plans to divide the club into two teams and increase their depth. According to head coach J.P. Mitchell, providing they have enough players, the baseball club will be divided into two teams in the fall, the A team and the B team. In some ways you can consider the A team the baseball club’’s major league and the B team their minors. The A team’’s starting players will consist of seasoned players and those who have proven their talent on the eld. To give playing time to the non-everyday players, usually the bench players on the A team, the B team will be created. The B team has a target of playing seven separately scheduled games during the regular spring season. When asked how the division would affect the club as a whole, Mitchell said, ““It’’s gonna make everyone else play harder to compete with other players.”” The addition of the B team gives players the opportunity to improve at old positions or to try out new ones without risking the outcome of an important game. Back-up second basemen Elijah Acklin saido f Mitchell, ““He is going to see if I can pitch on the B team, and if I do good then I’’ll pitch on the A team.”” One of the driving forces behind the creation of the B team is to give bench players more playing time, but a key requirement for the splitting of the club to be successful is an increase in club players. If the club is successfully divided into two teams then the depth of the club as a whole will increase Since B team players can play on the A team when called upon, Mitchell said, ““It’’s gonna be nice to have someone to go to if a player is not having an A day.”” During summer 2011 Mitchell traveled across Georgia answering the calls of coaches and their players who were interested in playing baseball for Blue Storm. Through the use of a recruitment website called www. Mitchell found select high school seniors and invited them to Macon State to try out for the team. The recruitment process was a rst for the baseball club, but strong commitment by leaders of the baseball club lead to the signing

Photo courtesy of Macon State Baseball Club Coach J.P. Mitchell guides freshmen O.J. Hogan to sign his letter of intent to play Blue Storm baseball.

of letters of intent from freshmen: Evan Williamson (OF), Jeremy Martin (1st base), Brady Blalock (2nd/P), O.J. Hogan (P/SS), Justin Blizzard (C), Brandon Odum (OF), Ant Volton (P/1st).

Even with the new freshmen prospects, whether the strategic division of the club will be able to take place awaits the outcome of the walk on tryouts that are to take place on August 20.


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