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he realm of the spirit spoke loud and clear as we witnessed

here in Pittsburgh two floods in the inner

city (with the loss of life), one earthquake, and the threat of a hurricane (which gratefully skimmed us)! When you begin to experience such events in our times, it is necessary to question the Lord. But when you witness these accounts in a two week timeframe, these events literally cause you to fall to your knees. As Prophets, we are all aware of the end times signs and warnings noted in Matthew 24. We read these prophesied events and then attempt to convey their truths to a people who may or may not have an ear to hear. When these occurrences that were written Centuries ago, manifest within your own life time, in such a small increment of time you begin to search a prophetic realm that can produce clarity with immediate application while people are awakened to God’s voice! As I found myself pressing in all the more, what I began to hear was nothing startlingly or new, “Get your house in order, and do it with haste.” These signs from our God were used as “attention getters.” [Isaiah 52:1] They were just enough to cease the normalcy and apathy in millions of lives, while God in His mercy purposely minimized the magnitude of devastation. What could have caused worldwide pandemonium, instead, was used as a window to prophesy the heaven’s warnings. The warnings were clear: The Church today is in many accounts like the Church at Laodicea – lukewarm and will be spewed out of His mouth. So as Prophets we need to forcefully address:  The need to walk in greater power against the Kingdom of Darkness  Ridding ourselves of the idle worship (of all kinds – people, entities, and systems)  Confess our sins and our faults  The need to wake up! The United States has gone far off of its mark of being a God fearing Country and her day of judgment in [multiple ways] is upon her.  We have to prepare to relinquish our trust in our Government and place our trust in the Lord  We cannot live by the world’s systems but begin to seek Kingdom methods to sustain us  See ourselves as Josephs – called to sustain the Body in such adverse times All of the measures we are to take in preparation of Christ’s return should be in places in our lives  Righteousness  Purpose being fulfilled  Saving souls  Lives free from un-confessed sin With all that is manifested, we cannot change the fact that time is winding up! We can no longer seek to be controlled or connected by this world. We have to prophetically prepare a people to ascend---never to return until the New Millennial.

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Messenger Annette in recent days and months feels the need to call together not only gender groups or ministerial groups but cities and regions for the sake of experiencing God together. With the warnings given to our country just a few weeks ago via earthquakes, storms, and floods, the Lord during her prayer time has placed upon her heart to gather the Body of Christ with great hast. The apostolic gathers or calls for solemn assemblies will conjoin the leaders with laity, and denominations with independents all for the sake of worship and unity. Look for opportunities to share in such endeavors and or to host these in your city. You can contact us at to relay your desires of participation or to gain information on the next endeavor!

Messenger Annette was honored by Sisters In Prayer [SIP] Intercessory Group headed by her Prophetic Daughter Lynae Horne to consecrate their ministry and launch them to the next level of service. This special occasion included the gathering of their anointed team of young women along with Potter’s House Ministries Intercessory and Prophetic Teams. The Lord moved through this awesome time via foot washing, prophetic words, and the anointing of each woman. It was a concentrated time that permitted the Holy Spirit an opportunity to breathe on each participant. SIP was certainly moved to the next dimension of Kingdom oversight. “I have shifted you from a Jeremiah prayer to an Ezekiel prayer forum” said the Lord. The shift is now on! For more information on SIP please contact them on Facebook! Also consider joining them on their prayer line: Every Sat & Sun 6am Eastern Standard Time (760) 569-7676 code # 269313

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS & EVENTS: September 10 STBC 12th Annual Women’s Summit Washington, Pa

Preparing the Bride-A Spirit-Filled Encounter for God’s Women! Oh this event, no, this encounter, will be one that is remembered for years to come! Christian Female Leaders throughout the City and its surrounding regions have united to bring together their women’s ministries for prayer, praise, soaking, healing, and so much more! The date for this event is October 7, 2011 at 8pm until 12:00am! Hosted at the Potter’s House Ministries Campus we will house prayer rooms, chapel times, hourly messages, and of course a time of prayer! You must attend this event! For more information please contact our website. Hotel rooms and transportation can be obtained there!

This event is free and opened to the public!

September 13 Potter's House Ministries Presents: "The Family Mountain" Studies During the month of September the PHM Christian Education Division will host three new course studies entitled: “The Family Mountain – Studies Designed with a Family Focus!” These courses will be held on Tuesdays, beginning September 13 thru the 27, from 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm. Msgr. Annette and Bishop Carswell will host a series for Married Couples!

September 21

Women's Week at Trinity AME Zion Church "The Beauty Shop" worship series. Opening night September 21. Services begin at 7pm nightly.

Happy Birthday Messenger and her Twin Anita Sheffey SEPTEMBER 24—THE BIG...

October 14 City of Refuge Worship Center Dedication Address: 209 South Walnut St Ravenna, OH 44266 Date of Event: Friday Time of Event: 7pm


was recently sitting down speaking with one of my 22 yr. old Kingdom Daughters who,

though a young woman, is extremely bright and spiritual. Despite the fact that our topic was “deep” and concerning a ministry matter, she was able to provide great insights and assistance. I realized at that moment regardless of what we think people are NOT catching through our teaching, preaching, and training, there are those that are not only grasping it, but are able to apply it to their life and the lives of others. This particular daughter has been with us (ministry) for over 17 years and has had her own personal ups and downs. Yet through it all, she has matured to possess a wisdom that is on point and very prophetic. Kingdom Mothers do not give up on your spiritual offspring. These sons and daughters are replica of our teaching and represent the word of God in Genesis 1:26 that we are to reproduce and multiple. Yes, it is the Lord Jesus Christ they most reflect, but they glean from our impartations. They often articulate and expound almost the exact same way we do in ministry. Moreover, they are the signs of what we have accomplished in the Kingdom! We must continue to cultivate the lives of those who have chosen to walk with us through son-ship; while remembering they go through great difficulties and spiritual waywardness at times, we can be confident that what’s in them will come and out, and it will be just as powerful as when you gave it to them. 1 Timothy 1:5

Being Mrs. Otis L. Carswell is an honor…no doubt! But it at times feels like

a “sentence” as I must often endure the same attacks and warfare of my husband! When this happens we must understand that covenant and closeness lends us to endure the same difficult seasons that our husbands must endure. God allows this sharing of warfare (for women who truly care about their man), so that our men are never alone in the battle. Though we may not bare all they must carry, it is impossible not to be concerned and even weighted by what they experience. When this heaviness comes as a result of ministry, it however, causes us to respond differently! That’s right! Depending upon your husband’s love and care for those he oversees, he is able to endure hardships keeping in mind that he must still oversee and lead this people. We on the other hand must be careful not to become tainted by such times or become spiteful, bitter, resentful or worse stop supporting both him and the ministry. We must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves in our counsel and care for our husbands when watching them “go through” due to ministry. We must understand and appreciate when they continue to return to the place and or people who may very well be placing undo hardships upon him. This is a sign of a true man of God and we should honor and respect that. Now, I am not addressing anything that is beyond the normal spectrum of endurance. What I am referring to are situations that weigh on him and requires that he bare it up until there is a resolve. It is then we must find a realm in the spirit that allows us to empty out so that no other spirit takes root. Then depending upon our role and or our ability to hear from God we must allow the call of intercession to supersede our concern and at times even our own hurt or feelings of disappointment. What I have learned over the years is that I must take the stance that He is a man of God who is called by God. His responsibilities to people are of God and not of man especially me. Therefore, when difficult times arise, it is necessary for me as a spouse, to gird him up and remain in his corner until there is a release! We must take the posture that we are in this together and I have a role to play as well! Though we are not called to “fix everything” we are able to pray and seek the realm of the prophetic should God desire to send a rhema word that will aid in the problem/matter. I pray for all wives who take on these burdens and then become so overwhelmed that they are not only resentful of ministry but who then begin to reject their husband for staying and enduring. When we desire to help them we cannot become so absorbed with the problem that we become an additional weight. It is our role to rise up to the spiritual realms of peace and hope until we are able to descend with the same in our hearts for our husbands. As we lend ourselves to God’s call to our husband’s as help meets, we must endure difficult times with them while brining them strength, peace, and unconditional love. This way, though both of you are going through, one is pressing to the throne to gain peace, love and wisdom in order to her husband and ensure he continues to endure!

What does it mean to be a Woman of God: (A Poetic Look)           

I am a female representation of Superior God I am the softer side of His creation I am the keeper of treasures in my bosom I am the cistern used to bring forth life My mind is given over for strategy and resolve I am the expression of His emotional side My womb is for His Spirit to reside in I am the outcome of His prophecies I am the power of His might I am the “yes” to His “Will you?” My mouth is the fountain that showers His words

Kingdom Sons Alliance This kingdom ministry for God’s leaders is an International Fellowship and Alliance that provides apostolic and pastoral covering for men and women of God, while training, imparting and preparing them for end-time ministry. Contact us today at: Prophetess Shonda Kelly, Administrator

Kingdom Studies for Kingdom People Bishop Otis & Msgr Annette Carswell (Founders of BOMAC) Will initiate a profound Bible study on Tuesday evenings at 9pm. Participants will be able to glean Kingdom truths that will transform lives! The Carswell’s will also host guests who will provide apostolic, pastoral, and prophetic observations that promise to make the classes just that more insightful! The classes will be hosted through two methods: 1) *teleconference (free) ~OR~ 2) webinar (donation) To obtain your optional PDF course handouts or to purchase your webinar access code, visit the Potter's House Ministries online store @ Studies commence every Tuesday @ 9pm EST. *Teleconference number is 1.712.432.3066 access code: 547653

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COE 102: RHEMA This 3wk. course introduces the prophetic student to even greater insights of the word-Rhema! Rhema unites the prophetic gifts of wisdom, word of knowledge, and discernment with your studies as mysteries are revealed! You will be amazed at the insights we discover and the word will never be the same to you! (Logos recommended) *Price : $30.00

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MAC Sept. 2011 Newsletter  
MAC Sept. 2011 Newsletter  

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