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Actionable Guideline in SEO In the year of 2016 was relatively calm for SEOs. The SEO work includes rank brain algorithm, semantic search, AMP and mobile-first are the top buzz words of the past twelve months. Penguin and panda are smarter and it becomes the part of algorithms. Some fundamental rules help you to catch the wind and brush up your SEO skills.

The first rule is simple, it has extremely made sure that search engines are able to find your site content and that they can do quickly and easily. The second rule is to make use of an XML site map and RSS feeds. The XML site map would help to discover the index content of your site. This is similar to the tourist who searches the unfamiliar cities.RSS feeds are the useful ways to notify the fresh content that you add your site. The Google says that in the Optimal crawling the XML maps will give the information about all the pages in your site and RSS feeds will provide all the updates on your site. The third rule is befriended with schema markup. The scheme markup will use to tag your entities in your page content, it helps the search engine to interpret your content. The fourth rule is about leverage rich answers. The rich answers are snippets that already contain a brief answer for

Contact no: 9142021809

a searched query. It appears above than organic search results to enjoy and exposure. Another important thing is master panda survival, panda is the filter for ranking algorithm that aims to sift page out with thin, authentic and low quality content. Then the other thing is canonization, it is the way of telling search engine that which page should be treated as a standardized version. The main purpose of this is to avoid internal content duplication of the site. The penguin algorithm aims at detecting the artificial back links and penalizing sites. The Penguin has become a part of the core algorithm. The Penguin would hit an entire website, it’s more granular and it demotes particular pages that have bad links. To improve the user experience first we have to increase the site speed, hence striving to improve the site speed user can experience a good way to up your search engine ranking.

Actionable Guideline in SEO