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Teacher’s Notes Type of interaction: pair work, individual Focus: geography, reading, writing, exam , speaking Level: pre-intermediate – upper-intermediate Time: 45 minutes Preparation: Make a copy of student’s worksheets for each student, and the poster – Voices of the UK Procedure 1. Introduce the topic. Write a few words on the board connected with UK geography, e.g. Brighton, York, Canterbury, Dundee. Ask the students to guess what they are (answer: the names of cities in the UK). If students have problems, add a few more names to the list, e.g., Glasgow, Belfast, London. 2. Tell the students you are going to talk about the geography of the UK. If you have already worked with the poster, ask students what they remember. Do Task 1 as a form of revision (you may start by asking the students to write as much as they can remember, ask how many words they managed to write without looking at the poster and then put up a poster on the board and let the students write down the rest of the words). If this is the first time you have worked with the poster, put it up on the board and ask individual students to come up, read the information and point out different places on the map. Tell the students to pay attention, because they will have to do a task based on this information. When you have finished, cover the poster and ask the students to complete Task 1. Ask the students to work individually at first and then let them compare their answers in pairs. ANSWERS: England



Northern Ireland

the Thames Manchester the Isle of Wight Oxford London Cambridge

Loch Ness the Hebrides Glasgow Ben Nevis Edinburgh

Snowdon Cardiff

Londonderry Belfast

3. Tell the students they are going to read postcards from people who are in three of the places from Task 1. Ask them to do Task 2. ANSWERS: A. Snowdon, B. London, C. Loch Ness 4. Ask the students to read the postcard in Task 3 ignoring the gaps. Ask: where is Caroline spending her holiday (ANSWER: Scotland). Then, ask the students to choose the correct word for each gap. ANSWERS: 1. B 2. A 3. A 4. C OPTIONAL: If you have enough time or are working with a strong group, ask the students to justify their choices and explain why the other options are wrong. 5. Introduce the next task to the students by saying they are now going to read descriptions of different holidays. Ask them to read the descriptions and say which holiday they would like to go on and why. Then tell the students to read the texts again and answer the questions. ANSWERS: 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. B 6. Gather ideas for the writing task. Ask the students which of the places from Task 1 they would like to see and why. Ask them to imagine that they are going on holiday to the UK – who can help them choose places to see, who can recommend a good place. Organise a short discussion. You can ask the students to work on the ideas in pairs. Then ask them to write the email (if you have time during the lesson, if not – set the task as a homework assignment).

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