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Student’s Worksheet 1 Exam Roundup – Unit 9 Warm-up Work with a partner. Discuss the questions below.

1. How many best friends do you have? How long have you known him / her / them? 2. How did you friendship start? Did you know from the beginning that you were going to be best friends? 3. Are you and your best friend(s) very similar or completely different, in your opinion? Name three personality adjectives that best describe you and then three for each of your best friends. Task 1

POZIOM PODSTAWOWY Read the text below and choose the correct answer (A, B or C).

People often say “opposites attract” and I have to admit 1. ………… me and my friend are a perfect example of this. I’m rather shy and sometimes a bit serious, 2. ………… I work hard and I am very loyal. Jane, on the 3. ………… hand, is really cheerful and sociable and she loves having fun. But despite these differences we get on really well. Last week we 4. ………… to an exhibition together. Jane is not very fond of art, but she knew I really wanted to see it. And next Saturday I 5. ………… to go to a party with her, although I don’t really like such events. We have both learned a lot from each other! 1. A. that

B. where

C. which

2. A. although

B. but

C. since

3. A. another

B. different

C. other

4. A. have gone

B. were going

C. went

5. A. am planning

B. will plan

C. planned

Task 2

Work in groups of three. Look at the people below and read their descriptions. Then decide which of the people would be likely to become best friends.

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creative, obstinate, chatty

introvert, cheerful, kind

Likes: punk music, art

Likes: science, rock music



imaginative, forgetful, moody

reserved, optimistic, independent

Likes: fashion, books

Likes: sport, science



outgoing, original, jealous

serious, conscientious, shy

Likes: art, computers

Likes: computers, books


Student’s Worksheet 2 Exam Roundup – Unit 9 Task 3

POZIOM ROZSZERZONY Listen to two tapescripts and choose the correct answer (A, B or C) for the questions below.

Text 1

Text 2

1. Sam starts the conversation to:

1. The girl was studying Physics because she:

A. ask Nick about the geography test B. invite Nick to his house C. talk to Nick about Susan

A. wanted to get a good grade B. really likes it C. had a test the next day

2. Nick and Susan are:

2. Cindy’s visit was:

A. boyfriend and girlfriend B. best friends C. cousins

A. expected B. pleasant C. irritating

3. Sam seems to be:

3. The girl’s main trouble is that her best friend:

A. disappointed B. enthusiastic C. pessimistic Task 4

POZIOM PODSTAWOWY response (A, B or C).

A. argues with her all the time B. is selfish C. has problems with her boyfriend Read the mini-dialogues below and choose the best question or

1. X: Would you like to go to the cinema with me? Y: ____________________________________ A. Sorry, I can’t. Maybe next time. B. I really don’t like this cinema. C. Yes, that is a really interesting question. 2. X: I’m going to Antarctica this summer. Y: ____________________________________ A. It’s impossible to do that. B. You mustn’t do that. C. You’re joking! Isn’t it too cold?

Y: Actually, I wanted to visit my grandma. A. Have you seen your grandma recently? B. Have you got any plans for the evening? C. When did you last visit your grandparents? 5. X: _____________________________ Y: I thought she could do it at my place. A. Where is she going to study? B. Who is playing your role? C. Did she study at home?

3. X: Have you given up jogging?

6. X: _____________________________

Y: ____________________________________ A. No, jogging isn’t my favourite sport. B. Yes, I couldn’t do it any longer cause my knee hurt. C. Yes, Mary has given me these shoes. Task 5

4. X: _____________________________

Y: I admit – it was very difficult. A. I told you the test was hard. B. Was the test easy? C. How did you do on the test?

Think back to both tapescripts and discuss the following questions with a partner.

1. Do you think that a boy and a girl can be best friends? Why / Why not? 2. Have you ever had any arguments or other problems with your best friend(s)? How did you solve them? 3. What advice would you give to the girl who was talking in the second text? © Macmillan Polska 2014


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