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Contents Starter unit Grammar





Alphabet, numbers, days, months, time, colours

Do you remember?



Pronunciation: alphabet, numbers, days, months; talking about relevant dates; telling the time

page 6

Countries, nationalities To be – affirmative, negative, questions, short page 8 answers and contracted forms, this, that, these, those

Pronunciation – nationalities, phone numbers, e-mail addresses; introducing oneself, giving personal information

Matching the photos with the people described in the texts

Hello, how are you?

Unit 01 CZŁOWIEK Grammar People are different

Have / has got in affirmative, negative page 10 sentences questions, short answers, contracted forms; possessive adjectives Can / can’t for ability Skills and in affirmative, negative talents page 12 sentences and questions, short answers and contracted forms



Dictionary skills – checking the meanings of new words; selected abilities; adjectives to describe appearance

Polish, British and American film celebrities

Blogging in Britain and elsewhere

Skills builder page 14

Possessive adjectives; be, page 17 have / has, can; forming questions with the words from the recording




Naming defined objects; Polish-English / EnglishPolish translations of the words from Unit 1



Comparing the importance of electronic A short profile gadgets / instruments; discussing and of a teenager relating the information from the texts to personal experience

The descriptions of teenagers’ rooms - reading for detail

Electronic gadgets, instruments related to music; equipment / furniture in rooms

Pronunciation – dialogues with can; discussing the importance of different talents; asking questions about people’s appearance; discussing the results of a class survey on abilities and possessions Zadanie egzaminacyjne: Comparing the answers in the A questionnaire about dobieranie questionnaire; abilities and abilities and possessions; possessions; anticipating information zadanie egzaminacyjne: about the people in the photos; relating dobieranie; an advertisement one’s experience and opinions to the information from the recording and texts; answering the questions related to the recording on the festival of talents Writing down words Intonation in yes / no questions; asking from the recording and answering yes / no questions with be, have / has, can

Sentences about people’s abilities; writing short descriptions of people’s appearance Zadanie egzaminacyjne: ankieta


Completing sentences with information about abilities

Unit 02 DOM Grammar There is / are in affirmative sentences, and questions, page 18 short answers, contracted forms; prepositions of place; determiners some and any Definite and indefinite My home page 20 articles

Famous houses






Names of rooms and places in a house

Famous English and American people and places; Elvis Presley’s Graceland Trivia numbers and other information about Los Angeles

Completing sentences with prepositions

A conversation about Elvis Presley’s house, Graceland

Answering questions about Graceland; Sentences about one’s ideal home discussing the information from the recording; comparing information about students’ ideal home

The Bronx in NYC; AfroAmerican art from the Bronx; Ibiza – a holiday resort

The texts about the Bronx – matching the photos with the places described in; zadanie egzaminacyjne: prawda / fałsz; finding the correct information in the text; completing a postcard

Types of houses in and out of town; positive and negative adjectives to describe towns and houses

Skills builder page 22

Prepositions of place; page 25 there is / are; determiners some and any, definite and indefinite articles


The text about LA – ticking T/F sentences

Pronunciation – /s/, /z/ and /Iz/ in plural nouns; preparing a presentation of an imaginary town

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: Talking about favourite places; describing and presenting one’s układanie informacji opinion on the places in the photos; w kolejności presenting one’s opinion about Bronx culture

Describing a holiday resort and activities people can do there; zadanie egzaminacyjne: pocztówka

Intonation – yes / no questions; asking and answering questions using selected words

Arguments in favour of selected holiday places



Names of rooms; adjectives to describe places; translating words from and into Polish; spelling words

Unit 03 SZKOŁA Grammar Schools with Wh- questions; present a difference simple – affirmative,

page 26 negative sentences, questions, short answers and contracted forms Adverbs and other School life page 28 expressions of frequency

Skills builder page 30

Adverbs and expressions page 33 of frequency; present simple


Vocabulary Names of subjects and other words related to schools; dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words Expressions related to school life; expressions with have

Expressions used to give an opinion; dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words; translating words / expressions into Polish; linking words Subjects and other words related to school; translating words into Polish




The text about Summerhill School – ticking T/F sentences

Pronunciation: word stress; talking about school subjects; asking and answering wh- questions related to school; forming and answering questions about school Expressing likes and dislikes about Listening for detail; interviews with teenagers one’s school; preparing a description of an ideal school; talking about activities from a theatre school in selected types of schools; asking and answering questions with adverbs of frequency Zadanie egzaminacyjne: Expressing one’s opinion on modern technology; zadanie egzaminacyjne: test wielokrotnego rozmowa sterowana – uzyskiwanie, wyboru udzielanie informacji; discussing cyber-bullying and truancy in relation to one’s own experience

A theatre school for teenagers

Virtual education; cyber-bullying; truancy

The text about cyber-bullying – completing it using the appropriate expressions; zadanie egzaminacyjne: układanie w kolejności; a notice – completing it with the appropriate words

Intonation – yes / no and whquestions; answering yes / no and wh- questions about school; asking questions with selected expressions

A description of an ideal school; zadanie egzaminacyjne: ogłoszenie

Definitions of selected words

Contents Unit 04 1. SPORT 2. ZDROWIE Grammar Verbs of preference page 34 followed by gerund


Keeping fit

Names of sports and equipment

The life of a Present simple – 3rd couch potato person singular; object

Parts of the body; dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words

page 36 pronouns


Flamenco, Sudoku puzzles and parkour

Skills builder page 38

Present simple; object page 41 pronouns





A conversation about Answering general questions about sport – answering general sports; asking and answering questions comprehension questions, about preferred sports correcting wrong answers to questions Pronunciation – /s/, /z/, /Iz/ in 3rd A text about a ‘couch potato’ person singular of verbs in the present – guessing the meaning of simple; reading a model conversation new words from the context from the tapescript; asking and answering questions about lifestyle Interviews about ways of mental and A conversation about Scanning the texts about physical relaxation and keeping fit; sports – completing it flamenco, Sudoku puzzles zadanie egzaminacyjne: rozmowa using selected words and parkour; zadanie sterowana – negocjowanie; comparing egzaminacyjne: dobieranie and discussing answers from the questionnaires Intonation – yes / no and whquestions; answering questions on sports habits; persuading each other to take up a new sporting activity


Matching the people described in the texts with the photos

Names of sports, sports equipment and parts of the body; expressions used to persuade

A messenger conversation

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: ankieta

A description of a couch potato

Unit 05 PAŃSTWO I SPOŁECZEŃSTWO Grammar You shouldn’t Modal verbs: must / mustn’t, have to / don’t do it

page 42 have to, can / can’t for obligation, prohibition, permission, advice Teenagers in Modal verbs – should for advice; imperative trouble page 44

Skills builder page 46

Adjectives from nouns page 49 (-al, -ive); modal verbs; imperative; translating sentences with modal verbs into English







Dictionary skills– checking ASBO – Antisocial the meaning of new Behaviour Order words; crimes and antisocial acts

A text about ASBO – reading A conversation – ticking Pronunciation – can and must; answering questions and anticipating for gist the right answers, information correcting wrong information

Dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words; crimes and antisocial acts A boot camp for Selected crimes; teenagers adjectives describing feelings

The letters – scanning for specific expressions; choosing the best advice for each problem in the letters Zadanie egzaminacyjne: A blog about a boot camp dobieranie; completing – completing information the text using key words about daily routine; zadanie egzaminacyjne: prawda / fałsz, brak informacji


Answering questions about crimes and Advice for people in trouble antisocial acts; making rules for an ideal country Anticipating information about a boot camp for teenagers; zadanie egzaminacyjne: opis ilustracji + odpowiedź na pytania

Notes for questions

Intonation in yes / no and whquestions, answering questions about crimes and antisocial acts; making rules for a place and guessing its name; giving advice

Crimes and antisocial acts; wordbuilding – nouns from verbs (-ment, -our, -ism, -ing);

Unit 06 ŻYWIENIE Grammar Countable and uncountable nouns page 50 – some, any, much, many, a lot of, lots of

Food for thought

Negations with no before page 52 nouns

Perfect diet



Names of dishes from different countries; names of food items; dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words Names of food items; ways of preparing food

Food from around Completing the text with the world selected expressions

Skills builder page 54



The sentences about diet – correcting information a recipe – completing it using the appropriate words Food from around The texts about food the world in different countries – completing the texts; zadanie egzaminacyjne: dobieranie Food from around the world – a recipe for biryani

Food items, ways Countable and of preparing food page 57 uncountable nouns – some, any, much, many, a lot of, lots of; no before nouns


Language review: Units




Answering questions included in the texts; talking about food preferences

A radio programme Pronunciation – /i:/ and /I/; answering – ticking the right answer questions about diet; planning a three-course meal for guests

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: Completing questions about eating habits and answering them; test wielokrotnego answering questions related wyboru to the text on food; discussing and comparing ideas for a museum of one’s favourite food item Listening to the Intonation in yes / no and whdefinitions of food items questions; answering questions about eating habits

page 58

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: wiadomość / instrukcja

Planning a menu for a restaurant for teenagers



Family members Possesive ’s; whose in questions; comparative page 62 and superlative forms of adjectives

Artistic families

Types of films, books, music; words describing appearance and personality Adjectives to describe personality

The world of entertainment page 64

Skills builder page 66




A text on the Stuhr family Polish and American film and – reading for gist sports celebrities; artistic families – the Stuhrs



Listening and completing the text using the appropriate numbers of the photos

Razzie Awards

A radio programme – listening for detail

Pronunciation – /a:/ and /ʌ/; matching people in the photographs and explaining one’s choice; guessing each other’s family members; testing each other’s knowledge using comparative and superlative forms of adjectives Discussing the best and the worst exponents in each subject category (film, book, etc); talking about imaginary family members Describing one’s family and friends; answering questions on the type of personality; zadanie egzaminacyjne: rozmowa sterowana – uzyskiwanie, udzielanie informacji

Short descriptions of the people in the photos

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: test wielokrotnego wyboru; finding the information supporting the answers in the text; a model letter – completing it with the missing sentences

Listening to Joe and completing his answers to questions on his personality; a telephone conversation – crossing out the incorrect word

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: list prywatny

True sentences Intonation in yes / no and whquestions; answering questions related about other students from to cinema, theatre, photography, etc. the class

Possesive ’s; comparative Names of family members; page 69 and superlative forms of words related to music, theatre, film, etc; words adjectives describing appearance and personality


Unit 08 ZAKUPY I USŁUGI Grammar




Shopping expressions Present continuous in affirmative, negative page 70 sentences and questions, short answers and contracted forms Names of clothes Your T-shirt Would like, could page 72 in polite questions

Popular shopping Matching people with their places – Camden favourite shopping places Town, London, eBay

Skills builder


Shopping is great!

Dialogues – identifying the sites where they take place

page 74

Present continuous; page 77 would like, could in requests


A description of a photo – completing it with the appropriate words; completing notices with the missing words

Names of clothes, names of shops



Spotting mistakes in descriptions of pictures

Discussing the shopping places in the photos; describing pictures


Intonation in questions; answering questions about the people in the photos; discussing questions about T-shirts; designing a funny T-shirt Zadanie egzaminacyjne: Discussing factors that are important układanie w kolejności; when doing the shopping; zadanie egzaminacyjne: finding the answers in opis ilustracji + odpowiedź na pytania the tapescript

Dialogues in a restaurant / a shop

Intonation – yes / no and wh- questions

Interviewing each other about clothes and colours

An advert for your own shop




The history of T-shirts – ticking T/F sentences

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: ogłoszenie

Unit 09 PRACA Grammar Teenagers at work page 78 Present simple and present continuous; page 80 possessive pronouns

Career or fun?




Names of jobs; dictionary An interview with An interview – completing it the writer using the appropriate words; skills – checking the job adverts – completing meaning of new words them using the appropriate words Names of furniture ‘Hot desking’ Completing the conversation using the missing words

Completing the speakers’ Discussing the best and the worst jobs; role playing a job interview; application forms; pronunciation: word stress pronunciation – word stress

Completing an application form

Identifying objects on the basis of a conversation; answering comprehension questions about the interview

Describing people’s routine and temporary activities

Choosing the best title for the texts; zadanie egzaminacyjne: dobieranie

Skills builder page 82

Present simple vs present Expressions related to work; names of furniture page 85 continuous; possessive pronouns

Intonation in yes / no and wh- questions; guessing professions


Relating headlines to Polish teenagers; answering questions in the present continuous; talking about other people’s possessions

Zadanie Choosing topics and talking about oneself; speculating about the contents egzaminacyjne: list oficjalny of articles on the basis of headlines; zadanie egzaminacyjne: opis ilustracji + odpowiedź na pytania; discussing characteristics of different jobs, role-playing a job interview Job adverts and personal profiles

Unit 10 1. KULTURA 2. NAUKA I TECHNIKA Grammar



The Experience Names of musical Music Project instruments and musicians – wordbuilding; in the USA dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words



An interview with a person who visited the Experience Music Project in the USA – identifying information

Listening to different pieces of music – identifying musical instruments and describing emotions / associations it stimulates; pronunciation – /t/, /d/ and /Id/ endings in the past forms of regular verbs Famous inventors Comparing guesses with the People talking about Dictionary skills The greatest Past simple – negative information in the dialogue inventions – listening for sentences and questions, – checking the meaning of and their inventors gist and detail discoveries / new words; inventions page 88 short answers inventions


Past simple – affirmative page 86 of regular and irregular verbs; typical time expressions

Skills builder page 90

Revision page 93

Past simple

Dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words; expressions used to make conversations more interesting; words and expressions used in formal letters of complaint

Reading about inventions; finding specific information in the tapescript

Musical instruments; inventions; past forms of irregular verbs

Completing the text using the words provided

A radio programme – completing sentences with the words from the recording; zadanie egzaminacyjne: test wielokrotnego wyboru; saying dates – comparing answers with the recording Intonation in yes / no and wh- questions



Talking about music; giving examples of specific past situations from one’s own experience

Talking about famous inventors and discoverers; forming questions and interviewing each other; comparing things one cannot live without; presenting an advertisement Finding creative connections between things and people; zadanie egzaminacyjne: rozmowa sterowana – relacjonowanie; discussing things that can go wrong with different objects / services

Asking questions with past forms of irregular verbs

An advertisement

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: list oficjalny

Contents Unit 11 ŚWIAT PRZYRODY Grammar



The Eden Project Words / expressions used to describe the environment; environment protection; dictionary skills: checking the meaning of new words Ecology and Future simple – affirmative Words to describe Life in the e-waste weather; word-building and negative sentences, future – forming adjectives from page 96 short answers and nouns; dictionary skills contracted forms – checking the meaning of new words Past simple – affirmative and negative sentences, page 94 regular and irregular past forms of verbs

The world around us

Expressions used for encouragement

Skills builder page 98

Revision page 101

Extinct and endangered animal species



The text about Eden Project – matching the paragraphs with slogans

Answering the questions Talking about the environment in about the Eden Project the place where one lives; forming and answering questions related to environment protection; pronunciation: word stress; discussing slogans related to environmental issues Expressing opinion about predictions An interview with an for the future; discussing bad influence ecologist – identifying information; completing of the inventions for the environment sentences using the words from the interview

Weather reports – completing them on the basis of the icons provided

Intonation in yes / no and wh- questions

Discussing questions related to animals; zadanie egzaminacyjne: rozmowa sterowana – uzyskiwanie, udzielanie informacji; discussing ideas related to the environmental issues presented in the photos; encouraging people to act in the specific situations Making promises using the future simple



Zadanie egzaminacyjne: dobieranie; completing a model invitation

Past simple; future simple Words / expressions related to environment and weather



Writing about the most optimistic and pessimistic vision of the future using the ideas provided; completing a green manifesto using own ideas Zadanie egzaminacyjne: zaproszenie

Sentences about own future; a horoscope with predictions for the future

Unit 12 PODRÓŻOWANIE Grammar




Present perfect – affirmative and negative, page 102 sentences, questions, short answers, contracted forms

Geographical features; accommodation, transport, types of holidays; dictionary skills – checking the meaning of new words

Tourist attractions in Poland and English-speaking countries

Pronunciation of difficult Descriptions of star signs – completing them using the words words provided; an interview with a traveller – finding specific information

Holiday destinations

Be going to – affirmative and negative, sentences page 104 and questions, short answers, contracted forms

Expressions to describe location and travelling

Extreme sports

Skills builder page 106

Adventure holiday activities; expressions used to give directions

Present perfect; page 109 be going to

Geographical features; expressions related to travelling

Travelling is fun


Language review: Units

Discussing activities people do in the places illustrated in the photos; pronunciation: words mispronunced by Polish learners; asking and answering questions about travelling habits; asking and answering questions related to travelling An interview with visitors Talking about the places marked on the An e-mail – finding information about the places to Poland – completing map of Poland; talking about places a table with information in Poland and abroad one has visited; in the photos recommending holiday types; forming from the recording and answering questions related to holidays; asking and answering questions about plans for specific times A conversation about An interview about Turning statements related to travelling holidays – completing it adventure holidays for into questions and discussing them; using the words provided teenagers in Poland – zadanie egzaminacyjne: rozmowa answering comprehension sterowana – negocjowanie; giving each questions, zadanie other directions to different places on egzaminacyjne: prawda / the map fałsz; reading a message and reconstructing the exam task Intonation in yes / no Talking about holiday activities questions in different countries


page 110

Communication activities

page 114

Culture pages

page 118


page 124

Grammar summary

page 132


page 144

Pronunciation guide

page 150

Irregular verbs

page 151

Writing True sentences about the topics provided

Plans for specific times

Zadanie egzaminacyjne: wiadomość

Planning holidays for specific people


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