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Topic 1 Plant parts: roots and stems


State the functions of a plant’s roots State the functions of a plant’s stem

Topic 2 Plant parts: branches and leaves


Explain how leaves help plants make food Describe how branches support leaves

Topic 3 Looking at flowers


Compare different flowers Explain that the flowers of some plants become fruits that contain seeds Collect and draw specimens

Topic 4 Germination and growth


Describe the stages of germination Observe and record the germination and growth of a bean Describe the conditions needed for germination

Topic 5 How animals respond to heat and cold


Describe some different ways in which animals respond to heat and cold Describe how animals may use the heat of the sun to warm their bodies or use their bodies or their environment to avoid overheating Show the cooling effect of water as it evaporates and the insulating properties of fur

Topic 6 How animals are born and grow


Classify animals as oviparous (egg-layers) or viviparous (live-bearers) Discuss the connection between the number of eggs or litter size and the degree of care from the parents

Topic 7 How my body grows


Describe the different stages of human growth and development Identify how the children in your class have changed and grown

Topic 8 Different kinds of food


Explain why we need food Group foods according to type Explain some of the effects that different food types have on the body

Topic 9 A balanced diet


Explain that a good diet has a mixture of different foods Plan a healthy meal Identify foods that should be avoided in excess

Topic 10 Keeping food clean and safe


Explain that germs cause disease Identify routes through which food becomes contaminated Know that proper hygiene, cooking and preserving keeps food safe




Topic 11 What is matter?


 Explain that the things around us are made from matter Explain that matter has mass and takes up space Use a balance to compare masses Show that the mass of material remains unchanged when it is together or in parts

Topic 12 Investigating materials


Describe the different properties of materials Identify different materials and the purposes for which they are used Relate the properties of materials to their uses

Topic 13 States of matter


Classify matter as solid, liquid or gas Compare the properties of the different states of matter

Topic 14 Changing state


Observe and give examples of freezing, condensing, evaporating, melting, boiling Discuss how the mass and volume of water change when it changes state

Topic 15 Light and colour


 lassify light sources as natural or artificial C Investigate the properties of light from different sources Demonstrate that light travels in straight lines Make a spectrum (rainbow) from white light Make invisible ink

Topic 16 The sun, the Earth and the moon


Describe the motion of the Earth around the sun Explain why we have day and night Identify and compare the sun, the Earth and the moon

Topic 17 The changing moon


Describe the motion of the moon around the Earth Explain why the shape of the moon appears to change (the phases of the moon) Describe the relationship between the phases of the moon and the months of the year

Topic 18 The planets


Name the eight planets of the Solar System Describe the main features of each planet