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What is Steps into Literacy designed to do? • Steps into Literacy is a finely levelled guided reading program for the first two years of school that develops: - Students phonic and phonemic awareness - Vocabulary - Listening skills competencies - Comprehension skills - Reading skills by naturally integrating reading with technology

How are the Learning experiences structured in the series? Learning experiences are structured into 3 stages Stage 1

Before Reading (setting the scene)

Children are active participants where they are encouraged to share their personal thoughts, ideas and prior knowledge on the topic in the book before reading he text

Stage 2

During Reading (guided reading process)

The students move from being a listener and watcher to taking on more responsibility of a reader. They engage in the reading process and are introduced to the focus phonics, vocabulary and reading skills

Stage 3

After Reading (responding to the text)

After reading the book the students discuss the text, independently practice the focus phonics, vocabulary, reading and listening skills

Overview of the Emergent Level (Kindergarten) Reading Levels

Reading Level 1 Reading Level 2 Reading Level 3 Reading Level 4 Reading Level 5 Reading Level 6 Reading Level 7 Reading Level 8

Student Books (40 titles)

Listening Audios Audio for every title

Digital Books 2 titles from each reading level

Teacher Notes

Overview of the Early Level (Grade 1) Reading Levels

Reading Level 9 Reading Level 10 Reading Level 11 Reading Level 12 Reading Level 13 Reading Level 14 Reading Level 15 Reading Level 16

Student Books (40 titles)

Listening Audios Audio for every title

Digital Books 2 titles from each reading level

Teacher Notes

Titles in the Emergent Level

Social Studies and Science concepts integrated throughout the series Science Chart

Social Studies Chart

Scope and Sequence Chart Content words, phonics skill, vocabulary and language conventions systematically taught across the series

Components in the series Student Books - Finely Levelled texts - Engaging illustrations - Supporting “guided reading� teacher notes on back covers - Phonics, vocabulary and language conventions systematically introduces and reinforced throughout the texts - 2 skills worksheets to support each text

Listening Audios • Each CDs contains: - An audio recording for each book to develop the aural listening skills of students

- Supporting listening activity worksheets

Interactive Digital Books • There are 2 Interactive Digital Books per reading level (16 per year level) Features: - Audio reading of the text - Recording function - Imbedded videos and safe websites - Comprehension question boxes - PDF worksheets - Imbedded phonics and vocabulary activities

Interactive Digital Books Phonics and vocabulary reinforcement, and additional phonics and vocabulary.

Video footage to extend learning in each factual book. When they see the video icon, students can click to view the footage.

Literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension questions.

Downloadable worksheets for each book, the print versions of which can also be found in the Teacher Guides. One worksheet focuses on phonics and vocabulary, the other on comprehension.

Self-record and playback feature (recordings can be saved for future reference). Students can record and monitor their reading.

Read-to/read-along audio, which allows students to follow the text with auditory support.

Teacher Guides The Teacher Guide includes: - Detailed guided reading notes for each text - A phonics and comprehension worksheet to support each text - Phonics assessment test to measure students phonics knowledge

Guided reading notes for every text

Assessment records and task sheets One phonics worksheet and one comprehension worksheet

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Steps Into Literacy  
Steps Into Literacy  

A brochure detailing the Steps Into Literacy, a finely levelled guided reading program aimed at children in their first two years of school.