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food, textiles and home technology

Design for Living

Design for Living Workbook

Bestselling Home Economics textbook for lower–middle secondary

This practical workbook accompanies the Design for Living textbook, with a wide range of material.

Vibrant, full-colour design facilitates active learning: • sections clearly colour-coded for easy reference • key terms and definitions highlighted • link-up feature encourages cross-referencing between topics • higher level material distinguished throughout.

Varied question styles including crosswords and word searches stimulate learning in a fun way. Exam-style questions develop the skills needed by students.

design technology

Graphics in Design & Communication 1

Graphics in Design & Communication 2

This stimulating book covers plane and descriptive geometry.

Progressing from Book 1, this title covers: - communication of design and computer graphics - applied graphics.

Full colour diagrams throughout Numerous activities on each topic, based on a stage-by-stage approach. All worked examples are fully dimensioned to facilitate best use of classroom time.

Full colour diagrams throughout Numerous activities on each topic, based on a stage-by-stage approach. All worked examples are fully dimensioned to facilitate best use of classroom time.

art & design

Art & Design Workbook An affordable, complete and versatile art and design workbook. It: • provides structured practice in the skills and techniques of Art • introduces and explains art and design terminology, building their literacy skills • allows the teacher to monitor progress • builds student confidence in their art and design skills.

wood technology and construction

Project Wood

Construction Studies Today

Dynamic, up-to-date textbook.

This stimulating book emphasises design features and includes pictorial and sectional views of technical details.

Full-colour design with high quality, easy-to-reproduce diagrams. Divided into three sections: - Theory of Wood - Practical Woodwork - Design Includes: • chapter on computer-aided design modelling techniques and Orthographic Projection • nine sample woodwork projects at three levels • step-by-step guide to individual joint construction included • carbon footprint and student safety issues highlighted throughout the book • tasks and web links expand students’ skills and knowledge.

The numerous hand-drawn images in full colour are similar to what students are expected to produce. Construction technologies are explained to give students an up to date grasp of design issues, new materials and construction techniques. Topics dealt with include: - Heritage and Conservation - Sustainability - Conservation and Energy - Site Safety - Timber Frame Construction - Sunspaces. The concise and easy to follow text is accompanied by revision questions.

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Design for Living Workbook



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New titles for Design & Technology 2014  
New titles for Design & Technology 2014