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Macmillan eCharts


• Ideal for use on IWB and classroom computers • Includes whole school site licence

Fantastic value for money – 87 English eCharts for $129.99 The Macmillan eCharts: English Mega CD covers grammar, text types for writing, poetry and punctuation.

Exposition-Persuasion ersu ade pe ople to

o D o yo u ne ed to p y?

Opening positive statement to attract atte ntio n— can inclu de a slog an

Series of arguments

to sup por t the sub ject —n ot sup por ted by evid enc e

Reinforcement or reorientation opt iona l

act in

a p arti cula r wa ? mot e so met hing o Do you nee d to pro iron men tal prin t env o o ad vert isin g o con vers atio ns o jun k m ail o pa mph lets





You can personalise activities by using Adobe Reader tools such as sticky note, highlight and underline.

Ways to use it


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High quality digital charts to use across the primary school.



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Free upgrade to Earth view room to first 100 to book and pay! Macmillan eCharts:

. ISBN 978 1 4202

n Education Australia

English © Macmilla

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noun adje ctive

can show bias emo tion al wor ds com man d

Visual elements e

Can includ a variet y of visual eleme nts, such as photo s, drawi ngs, charts

Macmillan eCharts M a c m il la n e C ha rt s: S ❷

teaching and learning These wall charts support system. and objects in our solar

chart —gives a Background to e brief description of each image on thation. Wall Chart, plus any relevant inform


❶ ❸

Key ideas—provides a few brief statements that sum up the key ideas covered by the images.

pairs or groups also be allocated to The questions could velop extended responses. of students to research and de include: These responses could

❻ ❺


ISBN 978 1 4202 0999

ISBN 978 1 4202 9124


g Macmillan Library Series: Sky Watchin

Zoo Animals

Wonders of the Sea

Space Frontiers

Education Australia 2011 Copyright © Macmillan Sky Watching Macmillan Wall Charts: 0 ISBN 978 1 4202 9123

Joseph Teaching notes by Virginia Publisher: Sharon Dalgleish Wilson Managing Editor: Bonnie and Sarah Payne Editors: Laura Jordan Pretorius Editorial assistant: Haylie Sunni Cooper Production controller: Jordan Photo researcher: Kaitlin Printed in China

and been taken to trace While every care has the publisher tenders acknowledge copyright, infringement where apologies for any accidental be untraceable. They would copyright has proved with a suitable arrangement pleased to come to each case. the rightful owner in

Zoo Animals Licence Agreement Read Me

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The CDs include background information and teaching notes.

n eChart

Investig atin Earth g


Classroom hints

Natur Disas tearl s

These wall Investigatin charts have been designed g Earth topics. to provide a valuable These charts visual stimulus • observe an will help students for d gather inf to: what is different ormation a bout the Ea • compare an rth, looking • understand d contrast, sort and cla for what is similar and • understand that the Earth is const ssify aspect s of the Ear • understand that the Earth’s physic antly chang th ing that peopl e depend o al environment influenc n the Earth Use the cha and its res es their daily lives • add a chartrts as a display tool. ources. to a classro You could: and interesting om display borders of students • place a cha ’ work, incl and identifyrt, and a catchy label, o uding catch the class le y headings n the classr arning them oom door e. Use the cha to welcome students the backgro rts to provide an over class discus und information to stu view of eac h of the eig sion and fu rther think dents and then use theht topics. Yo ing. Students co questions u could read uld then de to stimulate They might velop exten ded respon • create diag, for example: ses to som • write informrams or models of the e of the qu estions. ation repor soil or wate ts about th e use of ro r cycles cks, sand, w ater and so il in everyd ay life


Key ideas—pro vides a few statements th covered by th at sum up the brief key ideas e images.


• Comprehen ding • Applying • Analysing • Reflecting • Evaluating

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Symbo Australsliof a

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1 4202



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7151 5 ISBN 978

1 4202

ISBN 978

8145 3


Read Me



1 4202 0477


1 4202 6953

ISBN 978

series: Symbo

ls of Austra



1 4202 8104




© Macmillan



ISBN 978


1 4202 8107

Teaching notes by Tanya Publisher: Sharon DalgleishGibb Managing Editor: Bonnie Editor: Sarah Wilson Proofreader: Payne Haylie Pretorius Photo Researcher: Design: Cliff Elizabeth Sim Watt Printed in China


1 4202 8108

ISBN 978

ISBN 978

Copyright © Macmillan Macmillan Wall Charts: Education Australia ISBN 978 1 4202 9095 Symbols of Australia 2011 0

ISBN 978

1 4202 8106


1 4202 8105 ISBN 978

ISBN 978

ISBN 978

1 4202 8103



First published MACMILLAN in 2011 by EDUCATION 15–19 Claremont AUSTRALIA Visit our Street, South PTY LTD website Yarra 3141 at www.macmillan.c Associated throughout companies and representatives the world

While every acknowledge care has been taken to copyright, apologies the publisher trace and for any accidental tenders copyright infringement has proved pleased untraceable. where to They would the rightful come to a suitable be arrangement owner in each case. with

1 4202

9657 0


Licence A


1 4202 9121

Questions —lists questions for you to ask students. The are designed questions and facilitate to support the following thinking skills: • Observing • Comprehen ding • Applying • Analysing • Reflecting • Evaluating

ISBN 978


AGES 8–10


Key ideas—pro statements vides a few b rief covered by tthat sum up the key ideas he images.

ISBN 978


of Austr alia Weather and Clim ate

1 4202

1 4202

rth Disasters


9199 5)

Weather an Climate d

978 1 4202

• mock appli • advertising cations for the World • role-plays i campaigns for natura Heritage li sting of a lo • event plannnvolving historical evenl and built l andmarks cal site • debates (po ing for a commemorat ts or peopl • newspaper larised and parliament ive occasio e n events and articles, editorials, and ary) letters to • oral histor people the editor • scientific exy recordings of people about cultu ral or histo planations in the loca for the dev rical elopment ol community f particular natural lan dmarks.


41 full colour digital charts

While every acknowledge care has been taken to copyright, apologies the publisher trace and for any accidental tenders copyright infringement has proved pleased untraceable. where to come They would to a suitable the rightful be arrangement owner in each case. with

Backgrou nd to brief description chart —gives a of each Wall Chart, p lus any relevaimage on the nt informatio

Also availa

Library, ISBN

ISBN 978

Teaching notes by Greg Reid Publisher: Sharon Dalgleish Managing Editor: Bonnie Editor: Sarah Wilson Production Payne Proofreader: Haylie Pretorius Design: Cliff controller: Sunni Cooper Watt Illustrations Photo researcher: (cycles): Lauren McDougall Printed in Ben Galpin China

8149 1

8148 4

8144 6

1 4202

ISBN 978

This series understand of wall charts has ing the significancebeen designed of symbols to support students Students of Australia. will in recognising • evidence o learn that: and f historical in their and cultura local l heritage is • evidence o communities, all around as well as monument f a country’s values ca them in th in national eir daily liv landmarks cemeteries s, places of worship n be found in things s es and and icons , archaeolog (churches, uch as com ical sites, temples and shrines), munity hall museums, Students s, war memorials, will heritage • cultural ico learn about: sites, parks, statues and monument • important Ans and draw conclusion s. why they ustralian celebrations s about the and comme ir significance • historical eare significant morative d • natural and vents and people ays; when t hey occur • the anthem built landmarks and th and symbolise s, emblems, flags and c eir value to and represent. oats of arm Australians s of Austra Use the ch lia and the arts to pro things they the background vide an ove rview of ea class discussion information ch of the e and further to students and Students co ight topics. then use thinking You could the questions They might uld develop extended about the read topics. create, for to stimulate • documenta example: responses to some of • journals whries about local landm the questi ons. • historical n ich give insight into hi arks arratives storical eve nts

as Macmill an Digital

Symbo ls Austral of ia

Classroom hints



1 4202

ISBN 978

n eC


Copyright © Macmillan Macmillan Wall Charts: Education Australia ISBN 978 1 4202 9122 Investigating Earth 2011 3

ISBN 978


First published MACMILLAN in 2011 by EDUCATION 15–19 Claremont AUSTRALIA Street, South Visit our PTY LTD website Yarra, Vic at Associated 3141 throughout companies and representatives the world

ISBN 978


1 4202

1 4202

ISBN 978


ating Ea


6166 0

1 4202 ISBN 978

8146 0

Macmillan You ng Library ser ies: Investigatin g Earth (also

1 4202

8147 7



Questions questions for —lists students. The you to ask are designed questions and facilitate to support thinking skills the following • Observing :

Also availa


Atlas Au

• write expla nation text sand or s to accom soil pany the so • create pers are formed il or water of healthy s uasive written or visua cycles, or te lling how ro l texts abou • investigate oil or water cks, t the enviro how resour nmental im ces are use portance d and mana ged in their local area.

Backgrou nd to brief description chart —gives of each a Wall Chart, p lus any relevaimage on the nt informatio

s: Geogra

Investig atin Earth g


ISBN 978

ISBN 978 1 4202 8243



by First published in 2011 AUSTRALIA PTY LTD MACMILLAN EDUCATION Yarra, Vic 3141 South 15–19 Claremont Street, Visit our website at and representatives Associated companies throughout the world

Wonders of the Sea

ISBN 978 1 4202 8241

ISBN 978 1 4202 8240

❽ ❽

ISBN 978 1 4202 8242



ISBN 978 1 4202 8244


0 ISBN 978 1 4202 8245

56 full colour digital charts

and facilitate the following thinking skills: • Observing • Comprehending • Applying • Analysing • Reflecting • Evaluating.

Sky Watching Space Frontiers 8

Questions—lists questions for you to ask students. The questions are designed to support

Also available:

❻ ❹ ❻

Spoken • role-play and dramatisations • speeches • debates • lectures • slideshows • discussions • explanations.

Written • factual reports • scientific reports • explanations • newspaper articles • newspaper editorials, r. advertising, letters to the edito

about space

verview of each of the topics. Use the charts to provide an o information to students and You could read the background late class discussion and further then use the questions to stimu thinking about the topics.

Classroom hints

Students will learn that: for sustaining life, and is made • the Earth’s atmosphere is vital rs up of a number of different laye s all of the heat and light in our • the Sun is a star that provide solar system natural satellite • the Moon is the Earth’s only y depending on their mass • stars have life cycles that var f stars that are visible from Earth • constellations are patterns o ifferent times of the year from different hemispheres at d solar system that vary in size • there are eight planets in our and composition roids are classified according • comets, asteroids and meteo they are composed of. to their size and the materials

❷ ❶

aliahingn Mammals Austr Sky Watc Climate Change



9 ISBN 978 1 4202 7900

Climate Change

Sky Watching


ISBN 978 1 4202 7879

Australialsn Mamma

c ie n c e



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