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Language, culture and learning in one package Linda Hibbs, Tracey Ferguson, Sally Ure

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This leading Indonesian course teaches language while exploring the culture of Indonesia in the context of popular everyday topics.

St uden t Tex tbooks The content of these core texts has been substantially revised to support the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) and in response to curriculum developments in other states. The new layout and design incorporates many new photos and illustrations in an easy-to-use format.

Student Workbooks These practical workbooks have been thoroughly revised to correspond with the third edition of the student textbooks and provide a range of new reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks. Flexible and optional Information and Communications Technology (ICT) activities have been integrated to ensure students have supporting stimulus material.

An innovative Indonesian language course for junior – middle secondary

Teacher Res ource Books & CDs These resource books contain comprehensive teacher support, including suggested VELS units for each chapter with notes and assessment rubrics.

The books also provide:

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activity worksheets revision and test sheets games extension work audio transcripts.

The accompanying CDs contain:

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the full contents of the Teacher Resource Book internet links technology samples resources for Interactive Whiteboards and other ICTs additional arts and culture material a photo gallery.

Audio CDs The audio CDs contain all the listening exercises from the student workbooks as well as the reading passages and conversations from the student textbooks.

• Student Books • Student Workbooks • Teacher Resource Books & CDs • Audio CDs



1 Selamat datang di Indonesia

7 Bersekolah

1 Olahraga dan hiburan

7 Desa dan kota

2 Di ruang kelas

8 Mau ke mana?

2 Lingkungan kita

8 Dari dulu sampai sekarang

3 Keluarga

Daftar kata

3 Berlibur

Daftar kata

4 Pakaian dan bagian badan

Bahasa Indonesia – Bahasa Inggris

4 Perayaan dan upacara

Bahasa Indonesia – Bahasa Inggris

5 Buah-buahan dan makanan

Bahasa Inggris – Bahasa Indonesia

5 Pertukaran siswa

Bahasa Inggris – Bahasa Indonesia

6 Binatang dan lingkungannya

6 Semoga cepat sembuh

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Kenalilah Indonesia Year 9–10 Workbook Third edition



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