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3rd edition

Updated to reflect technological and social changes

A health and personal development workbook Deanna Stone The new edition of this leading workbook has been updated to reflect recent technological and social changes. Information on issues such as cyber safety and the impact of alcohol on adolescents have been extended. It ties together a number of VELS strands related to Health and Physical and Education and Interpersonal Learning in a beautifully structured course for adolescents. The practical workbook format allows students to maintain a progressive record of personal reflections and responses. It is an ideal resource for junior secondary.

Special Features • • • •

fifty self-contained units that can be completed in one or two lessons new units on ‘Managing conflict’, ‘Keeping safe’, ‘Young people and alcohol’, ‘Being happy’ and ‘Bouncing back’ expanded treatment of key topics such as ‘Body image’ and ‘Communication’ a new and contemporary design that enhances the experience of the book for the learner.

Teacher Resource Book The teacher resource book has been revised to support this edition It contains detailed teaching notes for each unit, suggestions for extending activities and useful reproducible worksheets.

Contents 3rd edition

Part 1 Changes in my life 1 Working together 2 Getting know each other 3 Getting to know your school 4 Time management 5 Time management—taking action 6 Homework 7 Friends 8 Friendship problems 9 Effective communication 10 Being assertive 11 Managing conflict 12 Tackling bullies 13 Celebrating differences Part 2 Changes in me 14 Growing up 15 Understanding your body 16 Puberty

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

Managing puberty Making babies Birth Body image Feelings Being happy Bouncing back Independence Responsibilities Values All about me

Part 3 Making healthy choices 28 Choices 29 Influences 30 Advertising and promotion 31 The peer group 32 Healthy food choices 33 Snack attack

34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Fast foods Breakfast The school canteen Being active Drug issues Medicinal drugs All about alcohol Young people and alcohol Alcohol and risky situations Smoking: the facts Smoking: for and against Smoking: the choice Passive smoking Keeping safe Being healthy Creating a help directory A self-evaluation

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Changes and Choices 3rd edition

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Changes and Choices Teacher Resource Book 3rd edition

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Meeting New Challenges

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Maximising Your Health

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