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Macmillan English

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Available on any device, on any platform, at any time Macmillan’s English resources are all available in eBook format.

The complete English package. The texbooks address all content descriptions in all strands of the Curriculum.


Print & eBook textbooks

eBook textbooks

Digital only teacher support

National English Skills Sadler, Tayllar, Winter

Rich and innovative full-colour workbooks comprising skills-based units addressing all strands in the Curriculum.


Print & eBook workbooks

eBook workbooks

Teacher support books

Complete English Basics Second Edition


eBooks for iPads

Each student text or workbook comes with 15 months access to an interactive eBook version of the text and loads of digital support. eBook versions are also available.

Sadler & Sadler

Workbooks covering all the essential skills underpinning the Curriculum.

The workbooks can be written in, to provide a true workbook experience. Macmillan English eBook textbooks provide benefits such as links to files, websites and all support resources; internet-based activities; worksheets and much more.

Components Print & eBook workbooks

eBook workbooks

Teacher support books

Macmillan’s digital home

Macmillan English for the Australian Curriculum

The complete English package This captivating textbook series covers all content descriptions, in all three strands of the Curriculum. Each chapter is cleverly structured to simultaneously identify and integrate Language, Literature and Literacy.

Key features: • • • •

explicit and in-depth teaching of every content description practical exercises and challenges rich and appealing literary, non-literary and multimodal texts, including Indigenous and Asian texts explicit teaching of grammar in meaningful contexts.

Practical classroom strategies Using a simple yet effective approach, each chapter contains 2-3 self-contained double-page spreads.

Assessment integrated Assessment tasks at the end of each chapter cover the modes of reading, writing, listening, viewing and creating.

Outstanding digital teacher support The powerful support includes • • • • •

an interactive eBook copy of the student book teaching plans and curriculum links fully developed web tasks a markbook suggested answers and more.

Year 7

Year 8

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11

Starting out People and places Good sport Telling tales Animals and us Dragons English in Asia Fair dinkum Scare me silly Constructing identities Superheroes Language and verse

Getting started Kinections Fitting in Holidays Food for thought Gender Unique ideas Fresh eyes Other worlds Funny bones Sail the seas Way back when

Year 9

Year 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Flexible English Shaping meaning Between the lines Different times Communities The English world Structure Ways with words Fun with English Evaluation

Connecting Structures Language at work Making choices Ethical positions Words and images Literary craft Analysing media Classic and modern Shaping messages

National English Skills

Complete English Basics

Rex Sadler, Tom Hayllar, Viv Winter

Rex Sadler, Sandra Sadler

A complete course

A class and homework course

This rich and innovative full-colour workbook series addresses all strands of the Australian Curriculum.

Written to cover the essential language and literacy skills underpinning the Curriculum, this highly-successful workbook series is renowned for engaging all students.

These lively books provide skills-based units covering a wide range of popular topics, that: •

• •

• • •

Enjoying texts 1

Each action-packed unit is organised into four distinct sections: • • • •

Comprehension Spelling and vocabulary Language Punctuation or hints for writing


• •


stions for eac



Your Dragon



ideal for both class work and homework. an outstanding variety of exercises embedded in high-interest topics concise explanations of grammar and punctuation rules sequential development of language skills a back-of-the-book dictionary.


Talk to the anim als … Viking teenager Hicc up befriends Toot hless the drag on.

In what w

Where do


How to Train

How do

What ev you wou

h one.


Key features:

answer the que

Film review


• •



Read the follo wing texts and

build comprehension strategies, spelling and vocabulary development, and an understanding of grammar and language focus on the concepts of culture, identity and context provide high-interest literary, non-literary and media texts for appreciation, understanding and analysis explore the structures and language features of texts offer opportunities for students to create written, spoken and multimodal texts address the cross-curriculum priorities outlined in the curriculum.

Second edition

What is th

Give an exa

Who, accord

hat if your dad 8 What flyin was the strong, gs type, the lead not-so-silent er of the Viki Magnificent about his dail ng tribe, goin 3D animatio y business of g n brings this movie to life. slaying dragons you were a spin family The screenplay ... and dly-legged wea is smart, funn has somethi kling teenage You’d probab ng to say. But y and r? ly perhaps the audience of Baruchel), a spin feel like Hiccup (voiced 10 to target 9 Identify the by Jay dly-legged wea impressed with 14 year-olds will be even re doesn’t fit his kling teenage more the spectacular family’s long r who with Hiccup line of dragon flying sequenc the land of Berk based. ridi slayers in ng bareback es, . It’s a constan through the the mass fly-p t source of sha his father, Stoi air—or ast by a doz me for ck (voiced by en different dragons. Gerard Butler), burly Viking (wit types of a big, h a big Scottish The production burr). But when Hic 10 Using the elements all cup comes face immersive exp contribute to back of the most fear to snout with erience of an the ed one adventure in humour play discovers a mor of the dragons, he inadvert a inadverten s a key role and which ently e positive and the main cha quickly become dealing with powerful way racters familiar and real the Viking’s b of burr: . There is a hint ‘dragon using a sword of romance as or a sledgehamm problem’ than feisty Astrid Hiccup and change the live c er and goes on fearsome: (voiced by Ferr the s of his entire to ground and era) find com the dragons. tribe—and that the charmingly mon That’s the esse d of feline: inspired drag fear ntial moral of som that problem e, felin on, Toothless, the es can be solved y, isimp A stor clause a group a complete thought. A clause contains a subjecteand a makes ression.of words expressing without violenc a bad message an indelible indelible: e. Not . The The screenp relationship with film also covers the fathverb. lay is based er–son an equally pos on Cressida popular boo itive message Cowell’s The following sentence is made up of a k, whi ch could to Clauses often are joined together form sentences. . bec dragon’s ome as hot brea as a main clause and twoth. dependent clauses:


What is a clause?

Main clause

Dependent clause

Andrew L Urb


Owls are able to catch small animals because of their strong night vision, which enables them to see in the dark.

Teacher books

Dependent clause

Teacher books

The teacher books provide answers to all exercises in the student workbooks.

(The first dependent clause begins with the conjunction ‘because’ and the second with the relative pronoun ‘which’.)

Main clauses

The teacher books contain all answers, and support each workbook.

A main clause (also called a principal clause or independent clause) contains a verb and a subject. It usually makes sense on its own and may also form a complete sentence in itself. A burst of lightning lit up the sea. It very often combines with other main and dependent clauses to form sentences. Main clause


Main clause

Falcons are not huge birds,


they can fly very fast.

Please note: in the above sentence the two main clauses are joined by the co-ordinating conjunction ‘but’.

Dependent (subordinate) clauses

All books available in eBook format on the iBookstore

A dependent clause (also known as a subordinate clause) is a group of words that has both a subject and a verb, but it cannot stand alone as a sentence. It is not able to function by itself. It usually begins with a conjunction or a relative pronoun as seen in the dependent clauses in heavy black. Dark clouds scudded across the horizon as the storm approached. The old man, who was smiling happily, hugged his grandchild.

Identifying clauses Identify the clauses as set out in each example. The first one has been done to help you. 1

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow. from To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Dependent clause: Main clause:


For contents visit or contact Macmillan

For contents visit or contact Macmillan

Year 10





Price (inc. GST)

Complete English Basics Complete English Basics 1 2nd edition: Print + eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 1 2nd edition: eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 1 2nd edition: Teacher Resource Book



Complete English Basics 2 2nd edition: Print + eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 2 2nd edition: eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 2 2nd edition: Teacher Resource Book



Complete English Basics 3 2nd edition: Print + eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 3 2nd edition: eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 3 2nd edition: Teacher Resource Book



Complete English Basics 4 2nd edition: Print + eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 4 2nd edition: eBook workbook



Complete English Basics 4 2nd edition: Teacher Resource Book



Macmillan English 7: Print + eBook



Macmillan English 7: DeBook



Macmillan English 7: Teacher Support – digital only



Macmillan English 8: Print + eBook



Macmillan English 8: eBook



Macmillan English 8: Teacher Support – digital only



Macmillan English 9: Print + eBook



Macmillan English 9: eBook



Macmillan English 9: Teacher Support – digital only



Macmillan English 10: Print + eBook



Macmillan English 10: eBook



Macmillan English 10: Teacher Support – digital only



National English Skills 7: Print + eBook workbook



National English Skills 7: eBook workbook



National English Skills 7: Teacher Resource Book



National English Skills 8: Print + eBook workbook



National English Skills 8: eBook workbook



National English Skills 8: Teacher Resource Book



National English Skills 9: Print + eBook workbook



National English Skills 9: eBook workbook



National English Skills 9: Teacher Resource Book



National English Skills 10: Print + eBook workbook



National English Skills 10: eBook workbook



National English Skills 10: Teacher Resource Book



Macmillan English

National English Skills




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