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Award 1 Student ’s Book overview


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Getting ready for the future! AWARD Skills for success Skills for life

AWARD Student’s materials


Student’s Book 1

Workbook 1

Award Exam Trainer (English, Castilian & Catalan editions)

Student’s Book 2

Workbook 2

Award Exam Trainer (English, Castilian & Catalan editions)

Student’s website

AWARD Teacher’s materials

Teacher’s Resource Multi-Rom 1

Teacher’s Book 1

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Teacher’s Resource Book 1

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Teacher’s Book 2

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Teacher’s Resource Book 2

University Entrance Exam Generator


Topic words Clear unit objectives

Topic words are presented with photos to activate students’ knowledge of the unit theme.

Colloquial expressions are presented in Street talk. These are then heard in context in Put words into practice and students answer questions using these phrases.


Special attentiontotoVocabulary Vocabulary acquisition Special attention acquisition

AWARD AWARD1Student’s Student’s book Book

Developing skills: READING Learning to learn Each double page of the reading section has a Tip containing strategies to improve reading skills and comprehension.

Focus on useful vocabulary in text

What about you? Allows students to discuss questions connected to the theme of the reading text.

The reading texts are interesting and informative, with false friends and topic vocabulary recycled in them.

Interesting textsto stimulate students’ attention Special attention Vocabulary acquisition


Meaningful grammar approach Clear grammar tables give examples of form and use at the beginning of each section.

Learning to learn Grammar Tips containing strategies to improve grammar learning and comprehension.


Careful! sections remind students about form or use of the item being studied.

More challenging grammar points are presented and practised in Grammar bonus.

Text-based tasks allow students to work out grammar points in context.

Carefully sequenced grammar exercises

AWARD 1 Student’s Book

Vocabulary building The second vocabulary page presents and practises word building, phrasal verbs, etc.

Careful! sections remind students about common errors of the words being studied.

Developing skills: LISTENING

A variety of listening tasks help students improve their aural skills.

Across cultures looks at unitlinked aspects of English-speaking countries.

Pronuntiation is a feature of every unit. It presents and practises the most common difficulties for Spanish speakers.

Building up everyday vocabulary


Developing skills: WRITING The Writing page provides a model text to guide students when they are doing their own assignments. The model texts recycle grammar or vocabulary points from the unit.

Each unit looks at connecting words which are seen in context in the model text and then practised in exercises.

Step-by-step guide for students while completing the writing assignment. It includes brainstorming ideas, planning, writing and checking.


Making it personal makes it meaningful Special attention to Vocabulary acquisition

AWARD AWARD1Student’s Student’s book Book

Developing skills: SPEAKING The exercises on the Speaking page are carefully structured and provide students with the structures they need to perform a similar task. The activities are practical and useful in everyday situations and exams.

Learning to learn The speaking section has a Tip containing strategies to improve speaking skills.

Systematic review of vocabulary

There is a step-by-step guide for students to help them complete their speaking task. It includes brainstorming ideas, planning, practising in pairs and production.

Bringing to lifeacquisition Special attention tolanguage Vocabulary


Self-study section of grammar revision and Self-evaluation.

Grammar reference with grammar charts, explanations and examples

Comprehensive writing guide with writing models, connectors, useful grammar and useful vocabulary


Providing studentto materials for self-sufficiency Special attention Vocabulary acquisition

AWARD AWARD1Student’s Student’s book Book

Developing Learner Autonomy

Wordlist, Irregular verbs list and Phrasal verbs list with phonetic transcription

Progress checks with cumulative grammar exercises and Exam practice

Special attention to Vocabulary acquisition


Scaffolded practice of language contents

Confusing words looks at words that students often mix up.

The Dialogue builder gives students a conversation model for everyday situations.

Extra Grammar reference with explanations translated into Castilian or Catalan accompanied by extra practice activities


Practice perfect acquisition Special attention to makes Vocabulary

AWARD Student’s book AWARD 1 Workbook

Scaffolded practice of skills CLIL Reading: All of the texts look at cross-curricular themes and are recorded on the Workbook Audio CD.

Complete coverage of listening texts. This page also has dictation and pronunciation tasks helping to improve students’ aural and oral abilities.

The writing page helps students prepare for writing and correcting their own texts.

The speaking page provides vocabulary and phrases to talk about a different topic to the one in the Student’s Book. The Common mistakes section shows students how to review their own work and what types of mistake to look out for.

consolidating acquisition skills Special Developing attention and to Vocabulary


AWARD Extra resources for students

Award Survival Guide Each unit deals with an item of English-speaking culture that relates to the themes of the Student’s Book.

Free with the Workbook

Spoken production: Exam-type tasks to help prepare students for oral exam questions

Spoken interaction: The interaction task is a dialogue from an everyday situation.

By researching the answers to the Webquests students develop skills in ICT.


Special Lifelong attention learning through to Vocabulary English-speaking acquisition culture

AWARD Extra resources for students

Free with the Workbook

Award Exam Trainer Meaningful practice of different skills likely to be tested in current and future university entrance exams.

Focus on Reading comprehension, Writing questions, Listening exams and practice of dealing with oral tests.

The Exam Trainer supports students by teaching them how to use the format of the exam to answer questions.

Self-study training material to help pass any type of test Special attention to Vocabulary acquisition


AWARD 1 Teacher’s Book

Clear mapping of the contents

Complete description of learning objectives and Lifelong learning competences covered in each unit.

Summary of support material.

Large facsimile pages of the Student’s Book are interleaved with teaching notes for each lesson.

Answer Key


Handy ready-made lesson plans Special attention to Vocabulary acquisition

AWARD 1 Teacher’s Book

Unit adjustures for flexibility Extra activity Write the situations and the first and second conditional sentences containing errors (below) on the board. Ask students, individually or in pairs, to correct the errors and explain them. Check the answers with the class.

Varied offer of extra optional activities

1 I didn’t study and I failed the test. If I study hard, I didn’t fail the next test. 2 The weather is terrible! If the weather is good next weekend, I would go to the mountains. 3 I always get home on time. If I get home late, my parents would be angry. 4 I don’t believe in ghosts. If I see a ghost, I would be very frightened. Answers 1 I f I study hard, I won’t fail the next test. 2 If the weather were/was good next weekend, I would go to the mountains. 3 If I got home late, my parents would be angry. 4 If I saw a ghost, I would be very frightened.

Homework Workbook page 28

Background information on socio-cultural topics introduced in the Student’s Book.

write three more third conditional sentences about sports or school events, eg If Spain hadn’t beaten Holland in World Cup.

Special attention to Vocabulary acquisition Extra Resources for busy teachers


AWARD Teacher’s Resource Book & Multi-ROM

Full range of test materials • Diagnostic tests • Unit tests at two levels • Term tests • End-of-Year tests • Listening tests • Speaking tests

• Basic grammar • Grammar drills


wealth of extra teaching resources SpecialAattention to Vocabulary acquisition

AWARD Teacher’s Resource Book & Multi-ROM

Additional support to meet different needs • Reading practice • Writing practice • Listening practice • Speaking practice

• Vocabulary standard • Vocabulary extra • Grammar Standard • Grammar Extra

The Resource Book is available in editable format on the Multi-ROM Special attention to Vocabulary acquisition


Student’s Website Award users have access to an almost inexhaustible supply of activities online: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking and Pronunciation.

The Speaking section provides interactive practice of everyday functional language.

The students take part in Speaking and Pronunciation activities by recording their own voice.

The student’s results will always be recorded. Tracking system to monitor a whole group or individual students.


Hundreds oftointeractive exercises Special attention Vocabulary acquisition

AWARD Digital Materials

Digital Teacher’s materials Digital Student’s Book & Workbook

A digital version of Award Student’s Book and Workbook is available for use with Interactive Whiteboards.

It can be accessed online or offline.

Online University Entrance Exam Generator A unique test generator that offers you the option of adapting University Entrance Exam tests to suit the needs of your autonomous region or your classes in seconds.

Macmillan online solutions! The way to be ready for changes

Special attention Vocabulary Tools toto enhance learningacquisition


Macmillan Training Services Our exciting new division is making a name for itself among teachers nationwide, many of whom have already signed up for our wide range of teacher training courses. Born out of a desire to help teachers face the challenges of the modern classroom, decades of experience in teacher training have given us the know-how to provide longer courses that really get to the heart of the changes that affect all of us who are involved in education. Macmillan


face-to-face in




online and


training, language,

both while

also offering consultancy and mentoring

Macmillan on YouTube™ • Visit our YouTube™ channel and watch Macmillan authors in action around the world. • Choose from an everexpanding library of high-quality video content.

services for schools wishing to embark on bilingual programmes. Ultimately, we want to empower educators, to make them feel supported at every step, and to create positive learning environments. If you would like to know more, please contact your local representative or visit our website,

Macmillan ELT has been in the vanguard of publishing in education for many years; as an innovative provider of educational services Macmillan Training Services is the final piece in the jigsaw.

Methodology Resource Site Downloadable sample pages and activities from the titles in the series

• Updates for selected titles featuring the latest developments in the field and new weblinks. • Video footage of our authors giving talks and workshops, along with their PowerPoint presentations and handouts to download:


Macmillan Services for teachers

Readers Resource Site The Macmillan Readers Website provides:

• Readers resources – Worksheets, Tests, Points for understanding… • Author information • Creative and academic writing tips • Articles and interviews

Free online dictionary and thesaurus Macmillan Education have a growing range of dictionaries which respond to the exact needs of learners all over the world. High-quality linguistic data in the form of corpora, along with advanced software, have helped the writers identify how English is used by native speakers and by learners around the world

Webinars The Macmillan Webinars are a series of live talks, broadcast over the internet to teachers worldwide. Free to access, and viewable from any computer with an internet connection, teachers have the opportunity to watch the talks and put questions directly to Macmillan authors. To learn more, and to view or download the archived webinars visit:


Getting ready for the future! AWARD

Skills for success Skills for life

The Award Guarantee LANGUAGE CONTENTS • Building up everyday vocabulary with special attention to vocabulary acquisition • Meaningful grammar approach with carefully sequenced grammar exercises SCAFFOLDED PRACTICE OF SKILLS • Interesting texts stimulate students’attention • Bringing language to life. Making it personal makes it meaningful DEVELOPING LEARNER AUTONOMY • Lifelong learning through English-speaking culture • Self-study training material to help pass any type of test A WEALTH OF EXTRA TEACHING RESOURCES • Full range of test material • Additional support to meet different needs • Available on editable files DIGITAL CLASSES: Tools to enhance learning • Hundreds of interactive exercises • Online and offline Digital Student’s Book and Workbook • Online University Entrance Exam Generator

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