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Carol Read & Donna Shaw

The perfect mix of challenge and support for schools with more hours of English.

• Footprints is a best-selling story-based course for schools that want to offer their pupils more challenge whether or not they have previously had contact with English in Pre-primary. • NEW External Exams Practice Pack that helps pupils prepare for and pass external oral exams such as the Trinity, Cambridge Young Learners, and KET and PET exams. • UPDATED Tests and Photocopiable Resources CD-ROM with standard and higher level tests. • Pupils learn about other subjects and the world around them in cross-curricular sections in every unit. • A focus on other cultures including typical English children’s songs in 1st cycle, more challenging cultural themes such as history in 3rd cycle, and plenty of opportunities for comparing English-speaking culture with their own. • A  mple practice of all the skills with reading and writing from day one and increased cognitive challenge in 3rd cycle that will help prepare pupils for Secondary. • Clear grammar tables from 2nd cycle introduce pupils to key language points. • A range of digital resources including new improved Digital Courses and CD-ROMs with interactive games and activities.

With new digital and exam preparation resources! Footprints External Exams Practice Packs


Key features

New higher-level tests on the Tests & Photocopiable Resources CD-ROM

Enhanced Digital Course

Primary Footprints External Exams Practice Pack A unique resource to help ensure your pupils’ success in external oral exams.

Pupil’s materials

Includes: • Video footage of real children doing external exams in local schools. • Materials to help you do mock exams with your pupils. • Teacher’s notes explaining how to get the most out of this resource.

Pupil’s Book Activity Book (optional in 1st cycle) Portfolio Booklets Stories and Songs CDs CD-ROMs with interactive activities Stickers Digital Courses

Tests and Photocopiable Resources CD-ROM This updated Tests and Photocopiable Resources CD-ROM includes new Higher-level tests along with the Standard-level tests for classes that need more challenge.

Teacher’s materials Teacher’s Book (English, Castilian and Catalan editions) Finger puppets (levels 1-2)

Enhanced Digital Course – the perfect tool for engaging heads up classes! Includes: • Page-turner story-telling facility • Interactive gramar tables • Cultural videos • Integrated Picture Dictionary • Integrated activities from the Pupil’s CD-ROM

worksheets (levels 1-4) - Mixed-ability worksheets (levels 3-6) - Grammar practice

Flashcards (levels 1-4)


Story cards (levels 1-4)

- Answer keys

Audio CDs

- Letters to parents

Teacher’s Website

- Word cards (levels 1-4)

improved Digital

- Standard level Diagnostic


tests, Unit tests, Term

tests and End-of-year

External Exams

Practice Pack UPDATED Tests and

tests. - Higher level Unit tests,

Photocopiable Resources

Term tests and End-of-

CD-ROM Pack:

year tests.

• Photocopiable resources:

• Tests and exams audio CD

- Reading and writing

Ideal with

formation, in re o m r o F 9, 24, 25, see pages 5 35, 36


Carol Read & Donna Shaw

Content from other areas of Culture Corners

the curriculum

in 1st cycle with

in every unit.

traditional British children’s songs and games plus a values tip in every unit.

Footprints Pupil’s Book 1

Footprints Pupil’s Book 1

Stories that adapt to the tastes and maturity of Primary School children.

Charming finger puppets – great for capturing pupils’ attention and presenting and practicing new language.

Footprints Pupil’s Book 1


Key features


Clear grammar presentations

CD-ROM for all levels:

introduce pupils to key

Interactive games relating to the key

language points.

language in each unit of the Pupil’s Book. The CD-ROM can be used independently in the classroom or at home. Footprints Pupil’s Book 3

Writing plans to help pupils produce coherent and organized written texts.

Footprints Pupil’s Book 5

Stories are followed by a ‘real life’ text with further story

Projects and presentations

exploitation and opportunities

help pupils develop

for personalization.

essential skills. Footprints Pupil’s Book 5

Ideal with

formation, in re o m r o F 9, 24, 25, see pages 5 35, 36




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