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go into, serve in After graduating he joined the army.

revise, discuss, confirm, cancel, change, come to, enter into, put in place We will always make an

➔ form/use an army muster, mobilize, assemble, amass, gather, deploy The first battle was with the

arrangement for someone to call you back if necessary.

miners, then the army was deployed against the railworkers.

➔ leave an army leave, be discharged from, desert from He said he had deserted from the army and wished to surrender himself.

adj+N standing, guerrilla, reserve, enemy, rebel, • volunteer, regular The enemy army amounted to eight or nine thousand men.

N+v when an army attacks invade, occupy, • besiege, storm, seize, capture, attack, advance In 1868, the British army invaded Ethiopia.

➔ when an army stops fighting retreat, flee, withdraw, surrender The French and Spanish were convinced that the Allied army was retreating towards Portugal.

2 people working or doing sth together adj+N vast, whole, veritable, ever-growing Such • views are voiced daily by the vast army of EU lobbyists who depend on the EU for their incomes.

N+of-i volunteer, helper, fan, bureaucrat, worker, • servant, supporter, follower Now she is a part of an enthusiastic army of volunteers, each caring for around thirty children.


V cause an emotion or attitude V+n suspicion, curiosity, interest, indignation, • controversy, anger, jealousy, opposition, resentment We argued that it was only going to arouse suspicion.



1 make plans for something to happen V+n visit, appointment, meeting, interview, • viewing, funeral, trip, get-together INFORMAL To arrange a home visit please telephone this number.

V+for-i removal, repair, collection, disposal, • delivery, inspection, payment, transfer The local electricity supplier should arrange for removal of the power supply.

2 put things in a neat or useful order adv+V in a particular way neatly, carefully, • beautifully, cleverly, tastefully, randomly, symmetrically, vertically, horizontally Every sort of vegetable was beautifully arranged on a huge plate.

➔ in a particular order alphabetically, chronologically, thematically, hierarchically They are arranged chronologically and in alphabetical order of the first letter of the surname.

Arrange is often passive in these combinations.

3 provide something, by doing what is necessary V+n accommodation, mortgage, transport, loan, • finance, insurance

adj+N alternative, special, flexible, existing, • necessary, financial, appropriate, informal, present, temporary It may be possible to make alternative arrangements.

n+N travel, pension, seating, funding, childcare, • security, sleeping, catering, parking, working, funeral Please check that the event is happening before making travel arrangements. Usage Arrangement is always plural is these combinations with adjectives and nouns.


N a large group of related people or things adj+N vast, dazzling, impressive, wide, dizzying, • diverse, amazing, huge, broad, bewildering, glittering A dazzling array of antique pieces can be found in ’The Silver Shop’. v+N boast, offer, feature, create, contain, • produce, cover, present, provide, have The city boasts a fantastic array of restaurants.


N an occasion when the police arrest someone v+N arrest someone make, effect, carry out, place • sb under, put sb under More than a hundred arrests were made and hundreds of computers seized.

When someone has been arrested you can also say that they are ’under arrest’.: You’re under arrest. ➔ try/manage not to be arrested resist, evade, avoid, escape At no time did he resist arrest. ➔ when someone might be arrested risk, face, fear Risking arrest and imprisonment, he smuggles her back to England.

adj+N arbitrary, wrongful, mass, unlawful, lawful, • false Several people complained of arbitrary arrests and shootings.

n+of-i+N wave, series Over the last year there has • been a wave of arrests.


N when someone or something arrives v+N wait for the arrival of something anticipate, • expect, await Russ found himself eagerly anticipating her arrival at the studio. ➔ say/show something is arriving herald, signal, mark, announce A knock on the door heralds the arrival of a magnificent woman in a flowery dress. ➔ be there when something arrives greet, celebrate, welcome, witness 30 years ago I witnessed the arrival of the final British Railways train over this line. ➔ make something’s arrival later/earlier delay, hasten This delayed our arrival at the next lesson.

adj+N imminent, late, impending, safe, • unexpected, early, timely, sudden, eventual,


N a way of organizing things

• v+N make, finalize, review, formalize, agree,

punctual Mr Arbuthnot apologised profusely for his late arrival.

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Macmillan Collocations Dictionary  

slovník anglických kolokací - nejčastěších slovních kombinací a spojení

Macmillan Collocations Dictionary  

slovník anglických kolokací - nejčastěších slovních kombinací a spojení