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➔ according to individual needs case-by-case,

first-come-first-served, drop-in, ad-hoc, case-bycase, as-needed, individual Note that we have

limited space and that rooms will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

fought, ferocious A pitched battle took place between government troops and rebels.

➔ important decisive, climactic, famous, final On

September 3, the final and decisive battle of the Civil War was fought.

N+of-i merit, ability, aptitude, experience Awards • are made purely on the basis of academic ability.

2 a situation in which people try hard to win

2 ideas or actions from which something develops

v+N fight, win, lose, wage, face Mary won her • battle against bureaucracy and red tape. adj+N continuing for a long time long-running, • ongoing, protracted, long She died on 2 January,

v+N form, provide, constitute, be, serve as, act as, • lay, establish A newspaper article can act as a basis for discussion in class.

N+for-i discussion, negotiation, comparison, • decision, action, planning, calculation, assessment, study, analysis This course forms an excellent basis for continued study.


N the water in a bath; when you wash yourself in it adj+N hot, warm, relaxing, cold, tepid, nice I’m • going to have a nice long relaxing bath. v+N pour water/wash in a abth have, take, run, • get into I went up to the bathroom and ran a hot bath.

➔ enjoy enjoy, relax in, luxuriate in, wallow in


N an object in a radio, clock etc providing electricity v+N add power to a battery recharge, charge The • batteries are charged from solar panels on the roof of the boat.

➔ take power from a battery drain, discharge I have talked for up to 2 hours on the phone, but it does drain the battery.

➔ take out a battery disconnect, remove, change, replace Is it easy to change the battery without dissembling the unit?

➔ work using batteries use, require, run on, be powered by The magnifier requires 2 1.5 volt size batteries (not included).

You can also say that something is battery powered. N+v run down, die, fail, run out With this wind-up • torch you don’t have to worry about batteries running out in the dark.

adj+N rechargeable, spare, flat Cordless drills run • on rechargeable batteries that take 1–3 hours to recharge.

N+n charger, pack, life, compartment, power The • notebook weighs 2.1kg and has a battery life of 3.5 hours.


N 1 a fight between armies or people v+N take part in a battle fight, wage, join The • Combined Fleet joined battle with a large Japanese fleet.

➔ win or lose win, lose Charles II lost the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

N+v rage, ensue, commence, begin Cars and • buildings burned and shops were looted as the battle raged.

• adj+N very violent pitched, fierce, bloody, hard-

something or stop something

after a long battle with cancer. ➔ difficult uphill, hard-fought, bitter, tough The bitter battle between the air industry and environmentalists shows no sign of easing.

You can also say that someone is fighting a losing battle: We will be fighting a losing battle, in the sense that we will continue to lose habitats and species. ➔ types of battle legal, court, courtroom, takeover, boardroom, relegation The company is now owned by a Spanish-backed consortium after a dramatic takeover battle.


V try very hard in a difficult situation adv+V hard, bravely, gamely, valiantly, heroically, • fiercely But, although they battled gamely, they eventually lost 2–0 to finish as runners up.

V+n addiction, cancer, relegation, alcoholism The • charity says more needs to be done to help vulnerable people battling drug addictions.

V+against-i cancer, addiction, injury, illness, • disease Barry has been battling against cancer for some time.



1 an area of the coast where the land curves inwards

adj+N sheltered, sandy, secluded, sweeping, • shallow, beautiful, picturesque, rocky The hotel is set in a secluded bay, fringed with palm trees.

2 a partly enclosed or marked out area used for a particular purpose

n+N parking, loading, engine, bomb, payload, • cargo The truck was reversing into a loading bay.


N an area of sand beside a sea or lake adj+N lovely palm-fringed, beautiful, golden, • idyllic, glorious, lovely, stunning, superb, sundrenched/-kissed I prefer a holiday somewhere very hot, where I can bask on a sun-drenched beach. ➔ made of a particular material sandy, pebble/pebbly, stony, shingle/shingly, white-/black-sand, gravel We are only a few miles from Brighton with its pebble beaches.

➔ not crowded unspoilt/unspoiled, pristine, secluded, uncrowded, deserted We walked back to the campsite along a deserted beach.

➔ used by a particular group surfing/surf, nudist, naturist If it takes your fancy then there’s even a nudist beach!

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Macmillan Collocations Dictionary  

slovník anglických kolokací - nejčastěších slovních kombinací a spojení

Macmillan Collocations Dictionary  

slovník anglických kolokací - nejčastěších slovních kombinací a spojení