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N work that you should already have done, or things that you should have dealt with

• weeks and I have a large backlog of coursework to

v+N have a backlog have I have been ill for three

V+n needs needs, demands, desires, rights We are • trying to balance the needs of the individual against

the needs of the population. I struggle to balance the demands of my family with those of my job.


➔ cause a backlog cause, create The 48-hour

ADJ with all aspects considered fairly, or with all parts existing in the correct amounts

➔ deal with a backlog clear, tackle, reduce, eliminate, deal with I got some stuff done and

ADJ+n way of looking at or describing things • approach, view, judgement, perspective, reporting,

do. stoppage caused a backlog.

cleared the mail backlog in the evening but I’m still well behind.

adj+N huge, massive, large, significant, • considerable Past under-investment means there is a massive backlog of repairs.

back up

PHR VB show that an explanation or belief is probably true

• findings are backed up with hard evidence.

V+n claim, assertion, view, findings These



1 the chance to stay out of prison until a trial v+N give someone bail grant sb, give sb, release • sb on, free sb on Jones pleaded not guilty and was granted bail until January 4.

➔ refuse someone bail refuse sb Masih has been refused bail since his arrest in April. ➔ ask to get bail apply for The prisoner applied for bail.

adj+N unconditional, conditional She was granted • unconditional bail and is due to appear at Bristol Crown Court next week.

2 money that is paid to a court so that someone can stay out of prison until their trial

v+N pay, set, post Bail was set at $ 1 million for • each defendant, police said.


N a situation in which there is a correct relationship between aspects or features find a balance strike, achieve, find We need • tov+Nstrike a balance between all of these factors.

➔ change a balance upset, shift, alter A diet too

high in carbohydrates can upset the delicate balance of the body’s blood sugar levels. ➔ get a balance back redress, restore, regain We need to restore a balance between men’s and women’s rights. ➔ keep a balance maintain, keep, preserve The company is committed to good employment practices, such as maintaining a balance between home and work life.

adj+N right/correct right, perfect, healthy, • proper, good, correct, appropriate I wanted to

coverage We listen to all opinions and try to reach a balanced judgement.

➔ food diet, meal, nutrition A balanced diet is essential for health.

➔ mixture mix, blend The magazine intends to

present a balanced mix of scientific research and practical discussion.

adv+ADJ well well, evenly, perfectly, nicely, • carefully, beautifully, properly This perfectly balanced blend of superfoods will supply you with a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

➔ in a particular way nutritionally, politically ➔ only just balanced finely, delicately The long

term consequences of these changes on the delicately balanced ecology of our wild life are difficult to predict.


N a round object used in games and sports v+N strike a ball kick, hit, smash, strike, knock • Vickers smashed the ball straight at the goalkeeper. ➔ throw/catch a ball throw, bowl, catch The game starts when the teacher throws the ball into the centre of the court.

➔ special ways of kicking or hitting a ball flick, chip, lob, dribble, pass, head, volley He dribbled the ball down the pitch.

➔ miss a ball fumble, drop, miss The goalkeeper fumbled the ball, and Hamilton scored.

N+v bounce, rebound, ricochet, hit, deflect The • ball hit the edge of the goal, then bounced into the net.


N a coloured rubber bag filled with air and used as a decoration v+N fill/empty a balloon inflate, deflate, fill, • blow up We will inflate the balloon of your choice with helium, and decorate it with ribbons.

➔ send a balloon into the air release Thousands of helium-filled balloons were released into the sky.

➔ break a balloon pop, burst She burst the balloon with a pin.

N+v when a balloon breaks burst, pop Balloons • burst on reaching high levels. ➔ when a balloon flies in the sky float, fly, drift We looked up and saw a balloon drifting overhead.

regain a healthy work/life balance.

➔ needing or created with careful attention delicate, careful, fine Classes involve a careful


balance of structured time and ’free’ time..

adj+N types of ballot postal, secret, national, • presidential, compulsory The whole school takes


V create a good balance between different aspects or features

N the process of voting secretly

part in a secret ballot to elect one boy and one girl.

• v+N organize a ballot hold, conduct, organize,

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Macmillan Collocations Dictionary  

slovník anglických kolokací - nejčastěších slovních kombinací a spojení

Macmillan Collocations Dictionary  

slovník anglických kolokací - nejčastěších slovních kombinací a spojení