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Gateway is a multi-level course for students working towards their schoolleaving examinations. By developing language and study skills and promoting learner confidence and independence, Gateway prepares students for their exams and life beyond the classroom.

• Authentic texts introducing language in context and engaging students’ interest • Exams focus and task familiarisation throughout the course, using exam success tips, study skills tips and extended exam preparation after every two units

Teacher’s Book & Test CD-ROM

Audio CDs

• Regular ‘can do’ self-check progress lists for students to actively monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement • CLICK (Cross-curricular, Literature and International Cultural Knowledge) pages focus on cross-curricular and cross-cultural themes which develop students’ language through real contexts

B1 Student’s Book

Workbook and Gateway dictionary

Key features of the course include:

Gateway online

Gateway Online

Gateway Interactive Classroom

• Gateway Online student and teacher websites, which include extra language and exam practice, video activities, interactive wordlist, culture worksheets and a free downloadable Macmillan Reader

David Spencer

• Gateway Interactive Classroom which includes a digital version of the student book for the interactive whiteboard, with integrated audio and extra interactive activities

B1 Student’s Book David Spencer

Macmillan Practice Online


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For a moment, Bond lay still. Then the thin man came and pulled him up against the wall. He had a gun in his hand. He used it to hit Bond hard across the legs. Bond cried out with pain and fell on to his knees. A door banged shut. Vesper and the third gunman had disappeared. Bond turned his head to the right and saw Le Chiffre. ‘Come here, my dear friend,’ said Le Chiffre. He spoke calmly in English. ‘Let's not waste any more time.’

• Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises • Notes about the life of Ian Fleming • Notes about the story • Points for Understanding comprehension questions • Free resources including worksheets, tests and author data sheets at


Bond walked towards Le Chiffre. There was nothing more that he could do.

• Audio CD available for this title

MACMILLAN READERS This series provides a wide variety of enjoyable reading material for all learners of English. Macmillan Readers are retold versions of popular classic and contemporary titles as well as specially written stories, published at six levels.

4 Pre-intermediate 5 Intermediate 6 Upper


1 Starter 2 Beginner 3 Elementary

Casino Royale Ian Fleming


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Use your Macmillan Essential Dictionary with this book.

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Contents 1




Life and study at university

Student Helpline Internet Forum

Present tenses

Do and make




Gap year experiences Efficient revision

Past tenses Present perfect

Informal emails

Gerunds and infinitives 1

Work and jobs

Job descriptions

Past perfect

Conditions and stages of a job

The best job in the world

Past and present habits

Phrasal verbs: Work

English and immigration English in the workplace: Jargon

International Cultural Knowledge: Gap years

Gerunds and infinitives 2

Cross-curricular – Economics: Learning English for work Cross-curricular – Language: Learning workplace jargon

Gateway to Exams 1–2 p30




Space and space travel

Space quiz

Future forms

Travel, trip, journey, voyage

Space junk


The War of the Worlds

Future activities in the past

Science-fiction stories

Personality adjectives

What makes a genius?

Noun suffixes

Extraordinary facts about Einstein


The ‘hobbit’

Cross-curricular – Media studies / Literature: The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Future continuous Future perfect simple and continuous

Making comparisons

Cross-curricular – Science: Albert Einstein


Cross-curricular – Philosophy: What is intelligence?


Personality descriptions: Patrick Rothfuss

Gateway to Exams 3–4 p56



Buying and selling

Opening a bank account

Money and banking

Q & A by Vikas Swarup

Phrasal verbs: Money and shopping

Instructions: How to use a cashpoint

Modal verbs of obligation, prohibition and advice Speculation and deduction: past, present and future

Cross-curricular – Literature: Q & A by Vikas Swarup International Cultural Knowledge: Money Quiz

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B2 Listening



Exam success/Study skills

Vocabulary quiz

Questions about experience

Pair interviews and reports

Reading: Multiple matching

Expressing preferences

Speaking: Accuracy and fluency

Giving advice

Vocabulary: Using a dictionary

Introduction to gap years Tips for exam revision/ preparation Expressing individual preferences

Poster advertising gap year

Writing: Transactional tasks

Taking notes in informal interview Reply to a request in an email

People describing their jobs

Writing interview questions

Workplace jargon

Writing an essay plan

Helicopter parents

An opinion essay 1

Describing jobs

Vocabulary: Studying phrasal verbs

Talking about work plans

Writing: Paragraphs

Stimulus-based discussions

Listening: Matching speakers and statements

Discussing future problems

Reading: Missing sentences

Pronunciation: stress for emphasis

Speaking: Stimulus-based discussions

Expressions in stimulusbased discussions

Pronunciation: Word stress


The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells

Making a plan

Song: Space Oddity by David Bowie

A story: Science fiction

Topic-based discussions 2

Future Me radio extract

Multiple intelligences

Project: Geniuses

Animal intelligence

A summary

Presentation on the value of exams

A description of a hero

Pronunciation: Silent letters

School rules/advice

A quiz programme Comparing and contrasting photos

Grammar: Learning from mistakes Writing: Stories Listening: Prediction

Expressing and justifying opinions

Space research and government spending

The history of money

Checking future predictions

Preparing and giving a presentation

Vocabulary: Keeping records Use of English: Word formation cloze Speaking: Presentations Writing: Checking

Deductions and speculations A formal letter of complaint

Speculation and deduction Talking about photos: Comparing and contrasting

Reading: Skimming and scanning Listening: Completing notes Speaking: Talking about photos Writing: Writing a plan

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The body

Healthy habits



Teenagers and nutrition

Idioms: Health

The effects of technology on health

Unless, as long as, provided/providing (that), in case I wish/If only

Cross-curricular – Science/Nutrition/ PE: Nutrition for teenagers Cross-curricular – Science/Popular culture: A healthy recipe from a teen chef

Gateway to Exams 5–6 p82





Music and film Media habits Compound nouns and adjectives

How teenagers consume media Arts reviews

Natural disasters

News reports

Prepositional phrases with verbs

The Icelandic eruption Planetary threats Giving aid in a disaster

Reported speech – statements and questions Other reporting structures

The passive: verbs with two objects; with say, know etc. Passive infinitives and gerunds

International cultural knowledge: Glastonbury festival Popular culture: Woodstock

Cross-curricular – Science: Possible planetary threats Popular culture: Disaster movies

Gateway to Exams 7–8 p108



10 p122

Everyday technology

Useful inventions

Verbs and Phrasal verbs: technology and computers

Hybrids by David Thorpe Article: The use of mobile phones Report: The use of new technology at school

Defining and nondefining relative clauses Nominal clauses with that, what, all

Newspaper sections



Newspaper headlines

Newspaper stories

Participle clauses

News: Collocations

Comparing newspaper stories

Indirect questions Question tags

Cross-curricular – Computer science: The world of hackers Literature: Hybrids by David Thorpe

International cultural knowledge: Tabloids and quality papers Cross-curricular – Media studies: Comparing newspaper stories

Pronunciation: Intonation

Gateway to Exams 9–10 p134

Wordlists 136  Exam success 150

Study skills 146  Progress checks 155

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Exam success/Study skills

Recipe for egg fried rice

Planning a meal

Cooking habits

Reading: Prediction

My favourite sport

Making notes

Ways to beat stress

Use of English: Sentence transformations

A for-and-against essay

Negotiating and collaborating

Speaking: Keep talking

Reading: Deducing meaning

Pronunciation: Word stress in compound nouns

Project: Researching an information brochure

Media habits questionnaire

Film habits

A review

Reporting a discussion and an interview

Presenting an argument: emphasis and examples

Reports on natural disasters

Discussions 1 (presenting arguments)

An opinion essay 2 (using linkers correctly)

Talking about natural disasters

Film reviews

Inventing a plot for a film

Animals predicting natural disasters

Talking about statistics (numbers, proportions, trends)

Writing: For and against and opinion essays

Listening: Gist and specific information Speaking: Discussions and negotiation Writing: Reviews and articles

Reading: Multiple choice Listening: True/False/Not given Speaking: Paraphrasing Writing: Editing

Fractions and percentages



Talking about technology

Reading: Reference in a text

Radio programme: Hackers

Taking notes

Discussions 2

Use of English: Cloze tests

Project: Designing a computer safety poster

Clarifying and checking understanding

Speaking: Sentence stress

Technical problems and solutions Taking mobile phones into class

A report

Writing: Reports

News stories

Linkers: a review

Presentations 2

Reading: True/false/not given

The press in Britain

A magazine article

Opposing points of view

Vocabulary: Collocation

A robbery

Listening: Multiple choice

A presentation: For and against

Writing: Stages

Speaking bank 156  Additional activities 166

Writing bank 158  Irregular verbs 167 5

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