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Howard Campbell & Dr Alan Wood This new, full-colour text from Macmillan offers comprehensive coverage of the new CSEC速 Information Technology syllabus. It has been developed by highly experienced teachers, supported by a team of advisors who are teachers and CXC examiners. The book includes an interactive CD-ROM offering further practice on the most challenging topics within each section. The interactive activities are specifically designed to engage students, keep them on-task and improve learning. 288pp I 276 x 219mm I 9780230721043

Macmillan Information Technology for CSEC速 Examinations: Provides full coverage of the new syllabus Includes TEN different assessment methods Learning objectives are stated for each chapter

Tables summarise essential information and definitions are highlighted in blue

Provides extensive coverage of programming and problem-solving topics Provides full support for the Pascal programming language Provides advice and step-by-step guidance for the SBA component including a 165 page supplement on the CD-ROM.

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Diagrams and photographs with captions illustrate important points

SYLLABUS COMPARISON CHART Information Technology for CSEC® Examinations provides FULL COVERAGE of the new syllabus.

p.144 p.142 p.146 p.146 p.150 p.150 p.151 p.151 p.157 p.135 p.147

p.63 p.68 p.70 p.170 p.173 p.176 p.177 p.184 p.185

p.13 p.162 p.37 p.163 p.163 p.164 p.164

p.192 p.192 p.193 p.205 p.202 p.202 p.207 p.195 p.199 p.209 p.201 p.197 p.214 p.215 p.217 p.217 p.217 p.220 p.220 p.218 p.219 p.220 p.220 p.223 p.224 p.226 p.227 p.227

8 Database Management

Word Processing, Presentation and Web Page Design

p.110 p.111 p.116 p.118 p.122 p.123 p.130 p.135 p.112

7 Spreadsheets


Information Processing


Fundamentals of Hardware and Software


Applications and Implications of ICT


p.2 p.15 p.23 p.21 p.31 p.26 p.38 p.51 p.76 p.14 p.93 p.94 p.99 p.100 p.95


Program Implementation

Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 4 Objective 5 Objective 6 Objective 7 Objective 8 Objective 9 Objective 10 Objective 11 Objective 12 Objective 13 Objective 14 Objective 15 Objective 16 Objective 17 Objective 18 Objective 19 Objective 20 Objective 21 Objective 22 Objective 23 Objective 24 Objective 25 Objective 26 Objective 27 Objective 28


Problem Solving and Program Design



p.230 p.231 p.233 p.232 p.235 p.235 p.236 p.236 p.238 p.239 p.241 p.243 p.243 p.243 p.245 p.246

p.251 p.253 p.253 p.252 p.254 p.255 p.257 p.263 p.259 p.260 p.261

The Authors Howard Campbell (BSc, Diploma in Teaching) is a software developer and educator who has been teaching since 1993. He currently facilitates IT workshops across the Caribbean. He has been involved in curriculum development and test development and has examined Information Technology for over ten years. He operates a consultancy business and is now pursuing graduate studies in E-Learning at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

D Alan Wood graduated with a Joint Honours Degree in Dr P Physics and Computer Studies from Hull University before g gaining his PhD in Artificial Intelligence. After 14 years w working in the IT industry he gained a Post Graduate C Certificate in Education in 2001. He taught Information T Technology for three years at Queen’s College and Bartica S Secondary School in Guyana and was part of the examination marking team during this time. Dr Wood is currently teaching IT to adult offenders in the north of England.

Information Technology for CSEC Examinations (flyer)  

This new, full-colour text from Macmillan offers comprehensive coverage of the new CSEC® Information Technology syllabus. It has been develo...

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