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e Cigarette Liquid The term "e-liquid" is bound to take you by surprise at first and you might wonder if such a thing actually exists! But as you enter the world of e-cigarettes, you will guess that e-liquid is nothing but the e cigarette liquid or flavoured nicotine liquid that is vapourized by your e-cigarette. E-liquid contains natural as well as artificial flavours, nicotine, unless you have opted for a liquid that is free of nicotine, and a carrier liquid which vaporizes on being heated. There are several varieties of e cigarette liquid in terms of flavours, vapor production and throat hit. An e-liquid containing only nicotine and flavours would be too thick and too dangerous for human consumption. For this reason, two carrier liquids, namely, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used to dilute the product to attain the desired strength. These carrier liquids also vaporize at lower temperatures and are neutral in taste so they do not affect the flavour of the e-cigarette too much. Usually e- cigarettes contain one carrier liquid or a mix of the two. While propylene glycol is thinner and reproduces flavours better, vegetable glycerin is thicker, creating thicker vapour. But the latter may be too thick for some types of e-cigarettes, and it also has a slightly sweet flavour. Most people switch to smoking e-cigarettes as they believe that e-cigarettes could have lesser health risks than real cigarettes. Although some reports seem to suggest that e-cigarettes could actually be safer, it's not a proven fact. One of the reasons is the huge variety of flavours used in e-liquids. One has to vouch for the fact that these artificial flavours have been tested to be safe when inhaled. For instance, some e-liquids are believed to contain Diacetyl which is considered safe for human consumption. However, fact is that when inhaled in large quantities, it can lead to lung ailments. However, nowadays, most e-cigarette makers make sure that their products do not contain Diacetyl.

It is important to check the quality of the e-Liquid before smoking it. An e-liquid should be blended under hygienic lab conditions under the strictest quality control guidelines. Some companies print batch numbers on bottles of e-liquid and cartridge packs, while some have the option of viewing the quality control report according to batch number, on their website. Some companies such as Virgin Vapor display the ingredients of their e-liquids on their packs so that customers can find out the exact ingredients used. When buying e-liquids, you may have come across most products that are made in China. This is the case with almost every company whose main product is e-cigarettes. Although all Chinese e-liquid is not bad, most users of e-cigarettes seem to believe that it is inferior in quality than the products made in the United States or Europe. On the other hand, companies whose primary product is eliquid manufacture their own, because if they are simply reselling the Chinese made e-liquid, then they probably will not last long. So, it is important to find out the source of your e-liquid before you 'light up'. click here for more information about e cigarette liquid or visit our website :

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