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ASSET MANAGEMENT Maclear eGRC Suite™ Manage Relationships and Infrastructure across the Enterprise Hierarchy to govern Risk and Compliance Activities Overview Maclear’s Asset Management solution consolidates operational and hierarchical information across the enterprise to track risks and compliance with internal controls. The solution forms a backbone for the organization providing detailed overview of all the enterprise assets and how they interact. As a centralized system of record it is invaluable to organizations which lack a central database. For organizations that have record databases set up, the module can help integrate and achieve greater efficiencies. There are five areas where Maclear's Asset Management solution can be really effective in large and medium size organizations alike: Capture: Capture and document pertinent information relating to business assets, hierarchy and processes Consolidate: Organize, prioritize key business assets and assign ownership and dependencies Maintenance: Maintain and ensure up-to-date security upgrades and patches Continuous Reporting: Centralized reporting via customizable dashboards Establishing Core: Information can be leveraged by other modules to increase integration and reduce redundancy and duplication

Module at a Glance  Identify and account for all applications, devices, facilities, products and services, mapping their relationship to key business processes to ensure effective compliance and business continuity  Ensure proper controls are in place to allow only proper use of assets  Gain understanding of organizations business hierarchy  Identify, monitor and remediate threats to assets  Quickly identify assets affected by new threats

Key Benefits Hierarchical Model • Provides a business hierarchy model for risk reporting Integration • Integrates organizational and infrastructure technologies defining business criticality and ownership Relational Framework • Creates the relationships of devices, applications and products/services to processes and the business hierarchy Central Database • Capture and document critical enterprise information in a centralized database that can be leveraged by other applications thereby reducing duplication and increasing data integrity • Ensure standardized taxonomy across the organization Real-time Reporting • Generate real-time reports and dashboards illustrating ownership, compliance and risk levels • Use business intelligence and analytics to enable business impact analysis(BIA) Applications Company • Captures the financials and associated divisions • Enables a rollup of overall risk and compliance status for the organization Division • Captures the financials and associated business units • Enables a rollup of overall risk and compliance status for the division Business Unit • Captures the overall risk and compliance status for the business unit • Captures and tracks the related risks and control activities across business processes, applications, devices and products/services Business Process • Provides an overall risk rating of a business process based on applications, devices and facilities Products and Services • Maintains the services and KPIs of all the business processes, applications and devices • Maintains the service level agreements for all business processes, applications and devices Applications • Stores all application related information including criticality ratings tied to a business process and location at a facility • Also leveraged by the Threat and Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery solutions

About Maclear Maclear specializes in enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC) solutions. Our core capabilities cover roadmap design, solutions scoping, design & implementation, training & awareness and solutions support. Our integrated holistic approach to eGRC helps drive efficiency, effectiveness and agility for our clients by minimizing risk and compliance threats, enabling process improvement, fostering collaboration and facilitating automation. Our client base spans industries including banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education and energy. As a fastgrowing company, we have earned a reputation of delivering exceptional value to our clients through delivery of eGRC solutions and services at affordable prices.

Devices • Maintains a repository of updates, location of the infrastructure asset and the business process it supports • Leveraged by the Threat Management solution for vulnerability and patch information as well as the Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery solution for Business Impact Analysis Internal Contacts • Provides details of employee contact information Facilities • Ties and tracks business process information and infrastructure assets to enterprise locations • Integrates to Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery solution to enable Business Impact Analysis of each facility High Impact and Low Cost Model • • • •

SaaS based solution – Remote Access and No Hardware Costs WYSIWYG functionality- Drag and Drop features ensure that no prior coding knowledge is required for customization Easy learning curve- Intuitive user interface ensuring quick take up and minimal training requirement Enterprise level rapid implementation- Data importing in minutes via Import Utility and APIs

Reporting Dashboards and Access Management • • •

Customizable access management by User(s), Roles, Records and Section Dynamic and Real time reporting dashboards with advanced business intelligence, analytics and drill-down capability customized to each user's needs Effective for senior management for decision making

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Maclear eGRC Suite Asset Management  
Maclear eGRC Suite Asset Management  

Maclear eGRC suite asset management helps to manage relationships and infrastructure across the enterprise hierarchy to govern risk and comp...