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Please note that this proposal is preliminary in its approach and we would like to understand your business goals better before we can provide a more detailed project plan.

Executive Summary This site Orion eSolutions is a growing IT services provider that values quality and customer satisfaction above all. Since our start in 2007, the company surpassed expectations by taking a major leap from small website development projects to a plethora of web services, including server administration and PHP and .NET development. While your site is oldbut not optimized properly, still we have conducted a detailed business evaluation to understand your current position with respect to competition as well as industry benchmark data on essential SEO relevant metrics. This allowed us to understand the extent of work required to reach Page #1 position for what we felt were important keywords. is ranked #960,617in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. About 8% of visits to the site are referred by search engines. The site's visitors view an average of 1.5 unique pages per day. Visitors to the site spend approximately 60 seconds on each pageview and a total of two minutes on the site during each visit. has a bounce rate of approximately 71% (i.e., 71% of visits consist of only one pageview). We recommend a focused SEO program backed by creative social campaigns to expand the site user base. This will reduce reliance on `brand spends’ and increase the overall marketing ROI.

Top Priorities for Your Website •

Share links to landing pages with forms on Twitter.

Be more consistent with your keywords

Build more backlinks pointing to your site

On Page Site Audit :

The on page site audit is intended to understand how well the site is `visible’ to search engines, a key step in making them searchable to end users. We have the below observations


We may want to modify the meta- descriptions to make them target global destinations and users. We may also want to make the copy more succinct and persuasive than it currently is to ensure a better click through.

Heading tag h1 is missing in the website. H1 is the primary and main heading tag and should be use only ones on each web page of the website, rest other sub-heading tag should be optimize by h2, h3, h4.. etc. We suggest implementing Heading tag H1 only once on each page rest can be optimized via H2, H3, and so on…

Keyword Consistency (optimization) is missing on whole website. It is recommended to implement keywords consistency on the whole website. It improves the chance of ranking high with a specific keyword. You should use the most important keywords consistently in your content, title, description, H titles, internal links, anchor text, and in your backlinks anchor text.

Your website's ratio of text to HTML code is below 15% (i.e. 8.26%) this means that your website probably has less content available.

Be sure that www.orionesolutions.comand orionesolutions.comare not running in parallel. Redirecting requests from a non-preferred hostname is important because search engines consider URLs with and without "www" as two different websites. Once your preferred domain is set, use a 301 redirect for all traffic to your non-preferred domain.

Website has W3C validation errors (Zero Error) on just the home page. It is important to use valid mark-ups that minimize errors. Syntax errors can make it difficult for search engines to index such pages.

While the site is rich in content, it is not based around any specific keyword strategy – Mapping back relevant page content to specific `search phrases’ can allow us to target specific user segments.

Customized (404) NOT FOUND page is all missing. Please implement one 404 error page on the website to appear for any kind of “Not Found Page” with the instruction of redirection to home page. This is important so that no visitor left without getting any information.

Competitor Analysis Report

*In the above mentioned parameter: Alexa Rank -“Lesser is Better�

Note:The site has poor website health metrics as compared to its competitors. The site has poor website health

metrics as compared to its competitors. It’s got many pore pages indexed which increase its chances of ranking well in search results. The Alexa rank is also much higher (lower is better in this case) which indicates its low performance. All it needs to do is leverage this leadership position further for growth.

Off Page Link Analysis & Competitor Comparison

Google looks at three main things when checking out websites - Age (which remains unaffected), Relevance (which is determined through the content on your site) and Authority (which is determined by the quality and quantity of the backlinks). The graph on the top left shows the number of backlinks you have and the graph on the bottom shows how

many different domains these links are coming from. Google will start disregarding the authority of links if you keep getting them from the same sites. Here is the cumulative backlink data status from November2012 till date. Your websitewww.orionesolutions.comhas around500backlinks created till nowaccording to above shown third party tool. But your competitor’s website www.mindmade.inhas 120 backlinks whereas another www.webdhoom.comhas8,000backlinksi.e., your online business competitor website’sare performingwell in terms of generatingbacklinksfrom last 3 months, which helps in building visibility and strength online.

New and Lost Backlinks Created for

The two graphs below put together indicate a worrying trend. While efforts are being made to add links (graph in green), the links lost (as indicated by the graph) in red far outnumber the total count. As per your website is concern new created links is more as compared to lost links from November 2012 till date. It shows that your website is performing average in creating backlinks and this showsthatthere can be losing link authority (from search perspective) and may lose ranks on SERP pages.

Anchor Text Distribution for

There is insufficient `keyword diversity’ in the anchor text from which the backlinks originate. Most of the anchor text is the site brand name which usually occurs by default. This usually indicates a lack of focused search engine marketing which indicates that we have limited the type of `searches’ for which we want to rank to just company brand and are therefore not investing in building new users via SEO. Note: The above data shows the distribution of Anchor text in the external backlink from referring domain

Website Current Traffic Status

Note: This is to inform you that as per the third Party tool SEMrush, from last 2 year there is no traffic on your

website. We assure if working on proper promotional activities, this will surely improve the visibility and performance of the website. To build good traffic gaining online business visibility your website www.orionesolutions.comneeds to be well promoted via high search volume keywords including generic as well as the brand name for online visibility and awareness. Some Social online campaign should be run on Facebook and LinkedIn, Email Campaigns, Viral campaigns to make the users know about this online business. Note:From the third party tool, it is shown that all given 1 keyword is ranking on Google #1 and 2 keywords ranking on Google #2.

Analytics: Measuring your successes (and failures) is the only way to know what marketing activities are working for you. If you can't measure how many visits, leads and customers your different campaigns generate, you need to reevaluate how you're measuring your activitie

Suggested Project Roadmap for first 6 months Project Objective: To increase organic search traffic to website through improved ranking for chosen keywords using SEO strategies backed by baseline social media initiatives.

Phase 1 ( 3 -6 weeks): Quick Win Efforts which include SEO compliance and baseline social media efforts.This phase essentially creates a solid foundation for all future efforts and is focused on tackling all possible `low hanging fruit’ that will allow us to kick start traffic and build your confidence in our program. •

Keyword Analysis and Recommendation Report:We will implement our 5 step keyword research process to identify and recommend the most valuable keywords that can give you the best ROI in the short ( 3 months) and long terms ( 6 months upwards).This will allow you to optimize your spends in the best possible manner over the next few months.

On page optimization:We will address all on page SEO health metrics and `errors’ that are preventing search engines from `seeing’ and `indexing’ your existing site content. We will also provide recommendations on some `easy fixes’ to improve the overall usability of the website from a user perspective. This alone helps increase the traffic by as much as 30% for established sites.

Off page Optimization: We will also initiate the off page link building and submission activities, the exact number of which will depend on time taken on the on page optimization.

Phase 2 ( Month 2 onwards):This phase will focus on showing a measurable improvement in rankings / traffic and involves investment in both on and off page SEO activities to improve ranks for chosen keywords, the results of which will be visible in Month 3 or earlier. Key activities are as below but the pace is usually determined by the budget commitment per month:

ContentGeneration: Out team of writers will be creating web optimized, keyword rich articles and other web content for SEO as part of our efforts towards achieving the traffic goals both through search and referral. Good persuasive content is the cornerstone of any digital strategy and continues to help the brand even if SEO spends decrease. Our in- house team of writers can also produce and provide other branded content like blogs, website content, mailers, press release ,e-books to promote your brand if needed.

Link Generation:We will start submission and promotion activities to all relevant for all blogs, article bases and directories which in turn will build links and authority for your site. While we have a central database, our in-house research team further qualifies and adds to this database in line with your industry and other specific requirements.

Keyword Research Given Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is the cornerstone of any successful online campaign. Different organizations prefer different keywords depending on their associated traffic, associated profitability, and ease of prospect conversion as well as other organizational objectives. Below is thelist of given5 keywords, which are the highly recall keywords. Keyword


[web development company india] [it support companies] [windows server management] [web design company] [server management]

0.14 0.53 0.45 0.65 0.61

Global Monthly Searches 3600 2400 320 33100 2900

Local Monthly Searches (India) 2900 73 46 9900 590

Current Rank Status of Given Keywords in Keyword Web Development company India IT support companies Windows server management Web Design company india Server management Promox Consultants position 45 75 89 38 1 URL

Current Rank Status of Given Keywords in Keyword Web Development company India IT support companies Windows server management Web Design company india Server management proxmox consultant position 88 175 190 1 URL

Virtualization Consultants


Tentative Project On/Off-Page Plan -SEO Project Detail: Title: Web Development Company India | Server Management | IT support | Web Design Company India Url:

Description : Orion eSolutions is a growing web designing and web development company offering off-shore development services to the clients. Our portfolio also includes Web hosting, Help Desk support, Server Migration, Mobile Application development, e-commerce solutions and Sharepoint Development.

Keyword: a. Web Development company India b. IT support companies c. Windows server management d. Web Design company india e. Server management f. proxmox consultants

Off Page Work For:

. Search Engine Submission . Directory Submissions . Optimize Social Bookmarking . Local Search Listing Submissions . Classifieds Submission . Press Release Submission . Article Submission . Document Sharing . Comment Posting . Forum Posting . Image Sharing . Video Promotions . Create Web 2.0 Links

Type Of Submission : We are submit a our link in best themetic sites which are useful to increase our ranking ,traffic etc Total Submission Per Day : 80 To 90 If you want to do more thing in basic let me know . Note: Optimizing your content is a key step to ensure you give your valuable content the best chance possible of drawing traffic from the web. In essence, this section is about maximizing your ROC – return on content.

Thanks: Abdul Rehman

Web Development Company India | Web design company india  

Orion eSolutions is a growing web designing and web development company offering off-shore development services to the client

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