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NOTICIAS ¿Qué está pasando en la Clase de Español? January-February 2012

MIDDLE YEARS The different groups are exploring a wide range of topics like: celebrations, families, family members, vacations

and leisure activities, and even restaurant etiquette. The themes help us learn about the use of Spanish concepts that include: direct object pronouns, the preterit, how to

express possession, and conjugations of different verbs. Students are able to integrate all the learning into the Health and Social Education Area of Interaction,

thinking about how to balance leisure and work.

Feliz Año Nuevo! All classes in Mackintosh are

excited to continue the Spanish learning this New Year. In all classes we try to learn not only the intricacies of the language but cultural background

and understanding. December was really busy with all the learning of the different traditions and celebrations form the Hispanic World, la Navidad ( Christmas), las

posadas, el pesebre (nativity scene), and las luminarias where part of the traditions we explored.

Feliz Año Nuevo!


Pre-K and Kindergarten It’s amazing how these brilliant minds learn like sponges! With the Symtalk method they can manipulate the symbol cards and practice their pronunciation as they create more complex sentences. With the Pre-K Unit of Inquiry we got to practice our colors, learn body parts, and also name the different family members with “los Pingüinos.” We also learned interesting facts about the penguins that live in the Antarctic closer to the Spanish speaking countries. Kindergarteners, are learning about different “cuentos” (tales) that are part of the culture and tradition in Central and South America. We have been exploring stories from Juan Bobo ( John the Silly Boy) and learning values and lessons from his misadventures and we explored the Legend of The First Tortilla and we even got to taste how good they are!

Reading in Spanish!

Coloring Penguins! Amarillo- NegroAnaranjado- Blanco…

THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES The students have been learning many conjugations and vocabulary. They also how to make questions and express their needs. The Unit of Inquiry presented interesting myths and legends form the Pre-columbian

FIRST AND SECOND GRADE First and Second grade started using a wonderful

cultures: “How the Rainbow was born” – Zapotec Myth, The lost City of El Dorado” – Chibcha Legend, “The Fall of Quetzalcoatl” –Aztec Legend, and many more. After studying the legend students were Risk Takers and presented skits to their classmates to share what they learned.


technique with the Cognates. The Unit of Inquiry offered a great opportunity to read a book completely in Spanish: Máquinas Simples (Simple Machines) and the

students used their English language to “decode” Spanish words like “Rampa”, “Plano Inclinado,” etc.

It was a fun experience to see how their wonderful minds discovered similarities between the languages!

We continue advancing in Chapters with Realidades. We explored the different activities that we enjoy doing and how to express our likes and dislikes and also we are able to name the different objects around the classroom. For the Physics unit, we observed “La Energía Cinética” and “La Energía Potencial” and we measured results of a simple experiment in Spanish.


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Mackintosh Littleton Spanish Newsletter  
Mackintosh Littleton Spanish Newsletter  

Mackintosh Littleton Spanish Newsletter