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Mackintosh Middle School Weekly Update

FEBRUARY 6, 2012

This Week: th

Wednesday, 8  Humanities Test Thursday, 9th  10:00 Spelling Bee Friday, 10th  3:45 – 5:00 Parent Meeting regarding Service Trip for 8th Graders

Student Report by Phil Rutty…. On Monday of the past week, we began our work on Romeo and Juliet rehearsal at the YGP. We did the same on Tuesday, and for the entirety of both of those days we worked on making the lighting and tech operations perfect, as well as our character embracement and vocals. Wednesday was the day we performed our play, and, though there were a few minor mishaps, I think that our performance was quite nicely done. Thursday brought with it a regular school day and I noticed how dull regular school is compared to the time we had spent at the YGP for the previous three days. We also received an unusually high amount of homework, but thankfully, Friday was the big blizzard. We got a snow day! That was a nice end to the stress of Romeo and Juliet and Thursday’s homework. P.S. If you would like to keep any of your internet rights at all, please sign the petition against the Internet Censorship bill, ACTA. It is essentially SOPA and PIPA x3. We have been discussing this a lot in class meeting. If you would like to learn more, please visit the following link: Teacher Report…. We are all relieved to have put off two great Romeo and Juliet shows. Thank you for your attendance and support in so many ways.

We were grateful to get back to normalcy (or as normal as middle school can be) on Thursday. Friday’s snow day hopefully allowed us all to recharge our batteries. In Humanities, we will be studying the Qin and Han dynasties, with our chapter test on Wednesday. Next, we will be moving into a study of Ancient Rome. In English, we are finishing up our study of Beast and Bound and starting our

writing unit. In Mrs. Muench’s math group, we will be studying parallel and perpendicular lines while supplementing our studies with more compass constructions. The students are beginning their new visual arts unit, and we are planning a field trip to the Denver Art Museum in a couple of weeks.

In science, we also are starting a new unit on astronomy and space travel, culminating with an incredible field trip to the Challenger Learning Center to use their on-site mission control simulators and space missions. More information to come. Most importantly, please bring in used books this week. On February 14th, our 8th graders will be selling these books for a fundraiser for their service trip. If you are able to support us at any point of the day, please let me know. Encourage those of our parent community to feel free to visit at any time on the 14th to buy used books. Of equal importance, please mark your calendars for Friday, March 9th from 4-7 pm. The Hofer family arranged for the Lido Wine Merchants in downtown Littleton to host a wine tasting to help fund our 8th grade students’ service trip. Besides being a fun fundraiser, it should prove to be a great opportunity to get together. Ten percent of all wine sale for that one week period and on the night of the wine tasting will go to our 8th grade students’ trip fees. Just mention our school. Lido Wine Merchants 2529 West Main Street Littleton, CO 80120 (303) 798-0122 Please watch for the all-parent flyer which will be coming out soon.

Our 8th graders also can be selling those lovely Butter Braids to family and friends to help offset the service trip costs. Hope you have a good week!

Middle School WEekly Update  

Middle School WEekly Update

Middle School WEekly Update  

Middle School WEekly Update