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Mackintosh Middle School Weekly Update

FEBRUARY 17, 2012

Student Reports by Darcy Cooper

This Week rd

Thursday, February 23 BB GAME 4:00 pm against Aspen Academy

This week has been very exciting for the Middle School. We started by going to the pre-K class, who had been researching solids, liquids and gases. They had made root beer and generously shared it with us.

Sharing Root Beer with Kindergarten


Friday, Feb. 24 10:00 – 5/6 West Show of Prince and the Pauper on campus

On Tuesday, we had a very successful used book sale fundraising event, from which we raised over $300 for the Eighth Graders’ trip.


Friday, Feb. 24 Field Trip to Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Golden 1:30 – 4:30 Drivers: Mrs. Muench (7), Brandon’s mom (7), Matt’s mom (4), *could use one more driver please

Upcoming Weeks Tuesday, Feb 28th Field Trip to Denver Art Museum, Denver 8:30 – 11:30 Drivers: Mrs. Muench (7), Lucia’s mom (4), Philip’s mom (7), Ms. K (3) Tuesday, February 28th BB GAME 4:30 pm against Sheridan Middle School Thursday, March 1st Field Trip to Boulder Play of Excalibur 12 – 3:30 pm Drivers: Mrs. Muench (7), Ms. Kapsalis (school van) 7, Matt’s mom (3), Brandon’s mom (5)

Wednesday harboured a Humanities test on Rome, and the start of another Roman chapter. Miss Kapsalis also had the Seventh and Eighth Graders worried when she was absent sick that day. Thursday was very also a busy day. The pre-K class had their 100 day celebration, where they commemorated their hundredth day of school. Thursday was also home to an unexpected event – a fire drill. On the whole, the fire drill went well, and the classes lined up outside. Breaking the cycle of excitement, Friday was a rather uneventful, but refreshing, half-day. Teacher Update Humanities this week we studied the soap opera of murder, conquest, love, money, and revenge that is the Roman Empire, laced with some good intentions. The study of greed and self-interest led to good discussion about sustainability of a society. The students are working in group projects for an exposé of the life and times of Julius Caesar. These are due on Tuesday the 21st. English brings us a new unit of Creative Writing. Students have been working on creating humorous similes, solving alliterative puzzles, composing compelling article titles on animal defenses, and crafting alliterative sentences about endangered species. This week we have moved onto writing juicily descriptive paragraphs, engaging short news stories, and solid editorials. Students are honing their skills at out-of-the-box thinking and writing to prep for our culminating assignment - the writing of a short story in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre. This unit goes hand in hand with our Aerospace Science curriculum, allowing students to delve deeply into the subject matter with both sides of their brains.

Thursday, March 1st BB GAME 4:30 pm against Sheridan Middle School Wednesday, March 7th BB GAME 4:30 pm at Buck Recreation Center against the Littleton Teacher Squad Thursday, March 8th, Challenger Learning Center, Colorado Springs 7:30 – 2:00 Drivers: Indeesh’s father (4), Eli’s father (4), Matt’s mom (4), Olivia’s dad (4), Ms. Kapsalis (rest)

100th Day Conga with PK Students

In Science this week, we traced the trajectory of astronomy through a historical visit from the Ancient Greeks up to modern day space exploration, discoveries, models, and theories. Students visited the Hubble Space Telescope's astounding and mysterious images and explored outer space with modern day missions. We were introduced to the Space Transportation System program, the International Space Station, and how the Air Force has contributed to U.S. Space Operations. Next week will bring an exciting exploration of Space Environments.

Wednesday, March 14th, CHAC Gallery and Chicano Humanities Arts Council 9:30 – 11:30 Drivers: Muench (7), Kapsalis (7), Phil’s Mom (7)? Science Experiments with Kindergarten

Used Book Sale …$300 earned!

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100th Day Conga with PreK

Mackintosh Littleton Middle School Weekly Update Feb 17  
Mackintosh Littleton Middle School Weekly Update Feb 17  

Mackintosh Littleton Middle School Weekly Update Feb 17