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Mackintosh Academy nurtures the keen minds and compassionate hearts of the gifted child in a responsive and caring community of learners. Our students mature into confident, healthy human beings inspired to contribute to a world that needs them.

FROM THE BOARDÂ Dear friends, The 2017-2018 school year was filled with "Mack Moments" that found our community living its mission by honoring the past, celebrating the present, and planning for the future.


Board of Trustees Stephanie Gill Kelly, Chair Annie Slothower, Vice Chair Bart Crawford, Treasurer Trey Douglass, Secretary Keely Bostock Kristina Campos Clifford Hickerson Jason Widegren

Celebrations to commemorate the school's 40-year anniversary found us welcoming back alumni students and families, former staff, teachers and trustees -- and even a few donkeys! Eve Mackintosh started this school because of her ambition to meet the needs of her own gifted child. It was wonderful to reflect on the number of keen minds Mackintosh Academy has impacted, and the many ways the school continues to live its mission, all these years later.


Our students take very seriously their charge to contribute to a world that needs them. This past year found our school recognized at the local, state and national level for many of the student-led green initiatives that have been implemented throughout our campus and community. The Board of Trustees could not be prouder of, or more grateful for, the leadership of Mack's faculty and staff in nurturing the compassionate hearts of our learners in a responsive and caring community. The Board of Trustees worked earnestly the first half of the year to successfully complete the legal and governance restructuring for the Littleton and Boulder schools, effective July 1, 2018. As a result of these efforts, the two Mackintosh Academy campuses are now wholly-owned subsidiaries of Mackintosh Academy, Inc. (501c3).

Other board highlights for the 2017-2018 school year include: Separation of the financials and assets by campus, providing an improved fiscal structure. Creation of two independent Boards of Trustees, one for each campus, providing a more supportive governance format and collaboration between the campuses. Funding of a full Solar Scholarship through trustee contributions.

Future Knowing that we are educating change-makers in a rapidly evolving world, the board has dedicated time and resources this past year to thoughtfully exploring ways we can continue to best live our mission with our current facilities. Last spring, Mackintosh Academy Littleton received approval from the City of Littleton to expand our facilities, which will eventually allow us to achieve full enrollment up to 148 students. The Board is currently developing the outlines and priorities associated with this potential expansion. Early leadership from the Board of Trustees and Administration has resulted in pledges of $100,000+ to support this campus expansion project. Comprised of valued members of the community, along with current and alumni parents, the Board of Trustees is pleased to be witness to a community so fully living its mission. Confident, healthy human beings are being inspired every day, and we have no doubt they will contribute to a world that needs them. We remain inspired by and confident in the leadership of Mackintosh Academy Littleton and are excited to see where the next forty years will lead. Most sincerely,


ANNIE SLOTHOWER Vice- Chair of the Board


Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, we honored our roots as Colorado’s first school for gifted students. We re-dedicated ourselves to fulfilling our clear purpose as defined by Eve Mackintosh in 1977, and looked forward to the next 40 years with a spirit of innovation. Beginning with our fall festival homecoming, welcoming current families, alumni, neighbors, and three Mackintosh sons, and continuing all the way to graduation, we focused on the historical ties that bind all of us to our school and the exciting opportunities of the future ahead. Mack veteran teachers collaborated with more newly-minted staff to provide the established yet dynamic, forward-thinking International Baccalaureate program. A vibrant and active parent community contributed time, talent, and treasure to strengthen our school. Traditions such as theatrical performances, from the Middle Years foray into the world of Shakespeare (The Tempest) and the PreK/K (Lemonade) continued with great spirit. Our new tradition of an annual talent show, coupled with the premier of a Mackintosh art show, demonstrated the wealth of student-driven artistic

"The children were first in her mind – always and that’s what drove the rest of us, too."

Andrew Mackintosh about his mother, Eve Mackintosh

expression. Our ongoing focus on humanities, literature, science, and math provided further testament to our dedication to broad- and inquiry-based teaching and learning. Students studied Native Americans, pioneers, poetry, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Physics came alive with rockets, catapults, and a pinewood derby, complemented by our second annual Girls in Science and Design event. Fifth and sixth graders explored the complexities of global diplomacy, and seventh and eighth graders competed in the annual World Affairs Challenge at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, where they addressed the major problem of food scarcity with award-winning substance and style.

Team Mackaponics World Affairs Challenge 3rd place winners show that aquaponics is a viable solution to the hunger issue in Puerto Rico.

Mack students completed over 1300 hours of service, including cleaning up our adopted neighborhood Ridgeview Park as well as sections of the Platte River. They collected food and supplies to assist the homeless, and prepared and served food for local food-insecure families. Our green Smart Village initiatives grew to include more student-directed projects like the planting of a pollinator garden and the development of a cell-phone charging stationary bike. Our greenhouse continued resplendent. All this and much more resulted in our notification that Mackintosh was recognized as a U.S. Department of Education 2018 Green Ribbon School.

1300+ Hours of Service

Our physical campus benefited from positive changes. We doubled our 5/6 classroom space and received approval from the city of Littleton to add more parking and, most exciting, to increase our square footage by over 4,000 square feet, paving the way for future improvements and expansion.

The 2017-2018 school year was a time of appreciation for the past, lively engagement with the present, and whole-hearted embracement of the future of our wonderful school. Warm regards,

DIANE M. DUNNE Head of School

ADMISSIONS Mackintosh enrollment increased by a stellar 16% this year, setting a strong foundation for long-term sustainability. Part of the increase was supported through an expansion to two fifth/sixth grade classes, meeting the market demand, and expanding our Middle School pipeline. Third through sixth grade classes were all at capacity and kindergarten through second grade were near capacity for the school year. With a heavy demand for placement, particularly in the midelementary grades, we continued to see an increase in timely contract renewals, allowing effective planning for the 2018-2019 school year.

Annual Enrollment


Word-of-mouth continued to be an important source of Mackintosh inquiries, representing almost one-third of our inquiry base. Our positive reputation continued to grow through receipt of awards and grants from the Denver community and beyond. Mackintosh worked closely with CAGT affiliates in the area including Douglas County (DCAGT), Jefferson County (JAGC), and the newly formed South Metro affiliate (SoMe). We hosted our second “Girls in Science� event with over 50 young girls in attendance and a panel of inspiring scientists from across the country. We also continued our award-winning Taste of the Apple events in the fall and the spring. Taste of the Apple has proven to be a significant factor in solidifying interest with prospective families. Our second biggest source of referrals continued to come from psychologists, therapists and education specialists. We worked on expanding this resource base and reached out directly to many professionals to offer school tours. Our strong relationships, particularly with professionals offering testing services, ensured an admissions pipeline of well-qualified applicants. In addition, the connections to service professionals allow us to connect students with high quality support, where needed, for outside services such as occupational therapy or counseling. Mackintosh is committed to maintaining economic and cultural diversity in our community. In 2017-2018 about one-third of our students received some form of

African American/Asian .9% Asian, Chinese, or Indian 4.3% Middle Eastern .9% Hispanic or Latino 15.5%

tuition assistance. We were thrilled to see our Solar Scholarships expand to a new level. Originally, based on solar panel savings designated for tuition assistance by a group of sixth graders, our funding grew to supporting four Solar Scholars this year.

Caucasian/White (Non-Hispanic) 78.4%

This funding came through generous support from our board and members of the Mackintosh community. In addition, Mackintosh established a partnership with ACE Scholarships, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low-income families with access to their school of choice. ACE committed to supporting up to five qualifying low-income students with small partial funding awards towards their Mackintosh education in the coming years. Thank you for your support and willingness to make positive referrals for our school!

BETH STEKLAC Director of Admissions

CURRICULUM Our dedicated team of teachers, many of whom are long-time Mack veterans, continued to improve upon our practices as an International Baccalaureate World School. We balance the IB requirements with state standards, our commitment to social-emotional growth, and the specific needs of gifted children. One area in which we grew and deepened our teaching practices in the 17-18 school year was by implementing a new system of standardized electronic testing (MAP – Measures of Academic Progress). This online testing platform allowed us to measure our students’ progress in mathematics, language, and reading at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. Because results are available nearly instantaneously, our staff was able to analyze the data and adjust instruction immediately. MAPS allows us to better monitor student academic growth and adapt classroom practices quickly and appropriately.

Kindergarteners explore the human body with amazing life-size replicas.

Another major curricular shift was in our mathematics instruction. We purchased Beast Academy, a gifted math curriculum in comic book form, and Ready Math, which allows us to ensure we are meeting Common Core standards as well as addressing the needs of the gifted student. As a result, there was a greater sense of continuity and tracking of student growth in mathematics. As always, our students from PreK to eighth grade displayed great success in all areas of the International Baccalaureate learner profiles. Our PreK learners showed off their emerging literacy by writing poems, performing nursery rhymes, and rewriting a Dr. Seuss classic. The knowledgeable Kindergarteners explored the human body by constructing life-sized replicas of their own body systems. First and second graders explored how to be principled by researching leaders and presenting information to their classmates dressed as those leaders. The intrepid third and fourth grade inquirers conducted electricity labs and explored the electromagnetic spectrum through dance, music, and art. The fifth and sixth grade thinkers studied Newton’s Laws of Motion in a hands-on, lab-filled unit where they constructed wind-up toys, Rube Goldberg machines, and miniature catapults. Our open-minded seventh and eighth graders explored the complexity and beauty of language from 500 years ago with a rousing production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the complexity of traveling to Mars.

6th grade exhibition students explored world problems and challenges and innovated solutions, including a “Lose the Straw, Littleton” campaign.

Our entire community was reflective as we participated in an International Baccalaureate self-study, considering our growth and areas for improvement as an IB school. We look forward to the IB team’s visit in February 2019, and to continuing to adapt, improve, and move ahead as educators and learners!

SHARON MUENCH Curriculum Coordinator

GREEN FOCUS We Keep Growing Mackintosh won a grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation for a $5000 hydroponic system for the greenhouse. The hydroponic greenhouse produced crops of salad greens, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers throughout the school year and sold produce to the parents every other week. In the fall, the first and second graders planted dozens of bulbs in our raised beds and our PreK parents and students built an outdoor garden in which they planted edible plants and flowers. In the spring 2018, a sixth grader planted butterfly- and bee-friendly native plants in the terraced gardens for her exhibition project. Additionally, Middle School students took third place in the World Affairs Challenge for proposing the use of aquaponics as a means for addressing food insecurity in Puerto Rico.

And Producing

17,130 kWh of renewable energy from our solar panel arrays

150 Pounds of compost

And Saving Parent Council purchased and installed an Elkay EZH20 Water Filling station in the gymnasium which resulted in more than 2000 plastic bottles not being used or sent to landfills.

2,000+ Plastic Bottles

The entire campus participated in a "Conserve Energy Day" to determine ways to reduce energy consumption while school is in session. Using data from the solar panel monitoring system, the students’ analyses resulted in taking energy-saving actions such as turning off classroom lights and using natural light, not using or unplugging microwaves or other energy devices (called "energy vampires") during the day, turning off the A/C, and not charging laptops at school. Mackintosh also sponsored a bike/walk to school day in the fall to encourage students to use alternative modes of transportation on a regular basis.

And Recycling

7,200 Pounds Glass recycled through Clear Intentions

15,600 Pounds Paper, Cardboard, Metal & Plastic recycled through Alpine Recycling

1,550 Energy Bar Wrappers 301 GoGo Squeeze Packages recycled through Terracycling

And Cleaning For International Peace Day, our Atumnal Equinox celebration, and our annual Earth Day activities, each classroom decided how they were going to reduce their carbon footprint. Students engaged in personal and classroom service projects including school clean up, local pond clean up, greenhouse-gardening maintenance, and our adopted park clean-up with local park managers.

And Winning! In the fall of 2017, Mackintosh achieved Silver Partner Level in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Environmental Leadership Program. In the spring of 2018, Mackintosh Academy Littleton became the first independent school in the state to be named a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools honoree. Mackintosh Academy Littleton was among only six nonpublic schools nationally to receive this award.

ALISON WEEMS Sustainability Coordinator

GIVING Your generosity supports the people and programs that make Mackintosh Academy excellent. With your help, we provide:

Staff professional development in IB, gifted ed, social-emotional learning, and other special trainings Technology equipment and upgrades (multimedia lab coming soon!) Environmental and sustainability initiatives, such as the greenhouse Campus enhancements including our improved parking lot Vibrant, integrated visual and performing arts, PE and Spanish programming (these are "extras" at some schools, but not at Mack!) Your gifts are crucial because enrollment gives your child access to more than what tuition fees cover.

The cost of independent school programming typically exceeds tuition revenues by 10-30%; at Mack, tuition funds 90% of program costs.

We rely on a small but enthusiastic circle of parents, alumni and alum parents, grandparents and community members. Your gift of any size makes a difference to our school. More importantly, 100% parent participation in giving shows our supporters and grant partners that we have a passionate, committed parent community and makes them more likely to support us as well. 100% of our families, staff and board supported Annual Giving in 2017 and 2018! THANK YOU for making Mack Littleton one of your family's top giving priorities! Every gift is a gesture of support that truly matters.

2017-2018 Giving

Fund Totals 2017-2018 Annual Giving Other Gifts Auction Revenues Solar Scholar Fund Board of Trustees Parent Council GRAND TOTAL

$52,000 $29,200 $51,190 $49,000 $18,000 $7,400 $206,790

Who Supports Mack?*

KRISTI ESPINEIRA Director of Advancement

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Kurt Gotschall and Marie Adams Christy Allen John and Abigail Anderson Stacey and Wayne Anderson Tabitha and Matthew Anderson Greg Ashworth Fanch Rebecca Beavers David Beitel Marco Bello and Lynette DeSchepper Rich and Katie Bellon Jason Widegren and Michelle Beutz Rebecca Blauw Spencer Blauw William and Laura Boroughf Keely and Vance Bostock Alex and Ashley Brahl Diann and Douglas Brahl Christopher and Susan Brion Arleen Brogan Smith Marcia Burke Dan and Clara Butler Kristina Campos Maria Cardona Andy Carmain and Jeannie Stamberger Kieran and Lydia Ann Champeau Alexander and Brianne Claypool John and Sherry Claypool John Cobb Drew and Sarah Collins Lisa Weiske Conner Bart and Allyson Crawford Sam and Brandi Dantzler Timothy and Deborah Daugherty Suzanne Davis Robert Douglass Diane Dunne Cheryl Eckhardt Curt and Marilynn Eckhardt

Andrew and Cynthia Ehrnstein Kristi and Andres Espineira Mary Lou Faddick Larry and Maureen Farmer Scott Finlay Cindy Frederick Nolan Frederick Mark and Judy Fuller Sandra Furth Julie Gary David and Melissa Gibbons Vasilisa Glauser John Goldsmith Timothy Goodwin and Rosie Gunter Svein Groem Philip and Tia Guerrant Kenton and Lula Guilbert Mike and Dana Guilfoyle Timothy Goodwin and Rosie Gunter Eden and Erica Gutierrez Pam Haigh Dr. Suzanne Hamm Melinda Haussmann Peter and Erin Heim Pearl Henderson Thomas Henderson Judy Holmes Eric and Kelli Imada Joseph D. Jamail III Susan Jenkins Jeff Jochum Dallas and Paula Johnson Kelly Kates Stephanie Gill Kelly and Keith Kelly George Kembel Roger and Megan Knight Jamie and Karinn Koback Gregory and Jennifer Komarow

Matthew Kratter and Souen Park Ana and Matt Krumholz Joe Kukuchka and Jennifer BaldwinKukuchka Chris and Lindsey Kurz Robert and Marian Kurz Mindy Lambert Adam and Tori Larson John and Jodie Leatherman Stephen and Mary Leathers Laura Lee Luciano Lemos and Dana Liebert Siobhan Lien Jeff and Kate Lormand Joe and Sherry Mackinnon Lisa Marie Maxson David and Sherri McAninch Mark Melton Jim and Valerie Metcalfe Walter and Connolly Meyer Laura Miller Robert McElreavey and Jocelyn Mills David and Michelle Missal Max and Amy Mitchell Eric and Nicole Mitchell Camila Monroe Scott Sturgis and Emily Moore John Morrison and Stephanie Price Brian Reichlin and Cathy Mueller Cory and Sharon Muench Gene and Maureen Muhich Barry and Nancy Muhich William Napier Farima and Mehran Nemat Brenda Newton Stacy NImmo Nadine Neswadi and Kelly Noble Joel and Felicia NuĂąez Frances OLaughlin Dominic and Melissa Ortega Joe and Lara Pausback Jason & Chrissy Peragine Steve and Cori Peterson

William and Betty Petty Karl Thomas and Julie Petty Richard Wortmann and Caroline Ponce-Wortmann John Morrison and Stephanie Price Mark and Shauna Quistorff Rick and Amanda Raddatz Balu Rangaswamy and Vani Iyer Kiffrey and Samara Rasmussen Martin and Christine Remy Megan Rich Glen Roberts and Alison Heller Siobhan Roder-Cox Jennifer Rodina Sam Rodina Glenn Roettger and Michelle Horne Matthew Routzon Patrick and Jan Rutty Mary Schaefer Susan Scheibel Writer Mott and Kristin Schledorn Gul and Sefika Sener William and Anne Slothower David Smith and Amy Schilling Don and Elaine Stathis Derek and Jennifer Stathis Beth and Ivo Steklac Heather Thomas Gary and Cheryl VanMatre Nick and Amy VanMatre Jonathan and Jennifer Von Stroh Patrice Von Stroh Maxine Wagoner Carol Wall Greg and Patty Walters Kenneth and Susan Wann Alison and Weyman Weems Patty and Chuck Weston Ken and Debbie Whaley David and Wendy Wiesner Scott and Kathy Yates Sandra Young and Bahman Ebrahimi Celia and Paul Zaharas


Highlands Ranch


Belay Fund


Parent Council

FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Assets Cash & cash equivalents


Operating investments


Tuition & other accounts receivable, net Prepaid expenses & other receivables

$2,181.33 $10,763.82

Property & equipment, net


Endowment investments (including CFF assets)


Total Assets


Liabilities Accounts payable & accrued expenses


Tuition & fees paid in advance


Notes payable, net


Total Liabilities


Net Assets Unrestricted


Temporarily restricted


Permanently restricted


Total Net Assets


FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Revenue & Contributions Tuition, net


Student activities & camps


Interest & other income


Non-operating contributions, net

Total Revenue & Contributions



Operating Expenses Educational programs


Administrative support & facility expenses


Interest expense

Total Operating Expenses

Change in Net Assets




FIGURE 1. According to Wikipedia, an annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding year.

STAFF Christy Allen Visual Arts Lead Teacher

Mindy Lambert 1st/2nd Grade Associate Teacher

Stacey Anderson Learning Specialist

Leo Lampman Facilities Manager

Greg Ashworth Pre-K Associate Teacher

Chris Mixon 7th/8th Grade Associate Teacher

Arleen Brogan Smith Business Manager

Sharon Muench Curriculum Coordinator

Rebecca Blauw Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Nancy Muhich 5th/6th Grade Associate Teacher

Clara Butler Front Office Assistant

Joe Pausback 5th/6th Grade Lead Teacher

Maria Cardona Spanish Lead Teacher Kindergarten Associate Teacher

Lara Pausback 1st/2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Lisa Conner Pre-K Lead Teacher Diane Dunne Head of School

Lisa Powell Before/After Care Megan Rich 7th/8th Grade Lead Teacher

Kristi Espineira Director of Advancement

Beth Steklac Assistant Head of School Director of Admissions

Lula Guilbert 3rd/4th Grade Lead Teacher

Heather Thomas 3rd/4th Grade Associate Teacher

Pam Haigh Business Office Manager

Carol Wall 5th/6th Grade Associate Teacher

Susan Jenkins 3rd-8th Grade Spanish Teacher

Alison Weems 7th/8th Grade Lead Teacher

Kelly Kates Performing Arts Lead Teacher

Patty Weston Physical Education Lead Teacher

Karinn Koback Front Office Assistant

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Mackintosh Academy Littleton Annual Report 2017-18  

Mackintosh Academy Littleton Annual Report 2017-18