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Kindergarten Update

November 19, 2013 2013

Mark Your Calendar November 25 *** Pajama Party (Learner Profile earned party) Details coming in Friday Folders *November 26 Grandparents and Special Friends Day and Early Dismissal at 11:00 November 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday No Classes/Campus Closed December 5 Parent Conferences 4:00-6:30 December 6 Parent Conferences 8:00-4:30 No classes December 10 Fieldtrip to Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities (8:45-2:30) *December 20 Early dismissal at 11:00am December 22- January 6 Winter Break January 7 Classes resume

What a busy month! We celebrated Fall and Halloween with our costume party and parade at Mackintosh with beautiful Colorado weather and sunshine! Thank you to all who contributed to our refreshments and came to share in the festivities! “This was the best Halloween party ever!” JB

UNIT OF INQUIRY THEME HOW THE WORLD WORKS CENTRAL IDEA: Climate and weather impacts daily activities LINES OF INQUIRY:  Components of Weather and Climate  Measuring and predicting weather changes  Impacts of climate and weathe KEY CONCEPTS: Form, Change, Causation Related Concepts of patterns, cycles, variables, systems LEARNER PROFILE: Knowledgeable, Inquirer, Thinker We demonstrated a lot of prior knowledge and had great inquisitive “I wonder” questions from the start!

Here are some of the highlights from our excursion to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder with our Boulder Mackintosh Kindergarten friends.

We were in the Stratus Clouds! JH

We saw interactive displays about clouds, storms, wind and climate!

When asked, “What 3 things did you like the best?” Here are a few observations from budding meteorologists: “The cloud touching thing---I really liked that!.”MK “Cloud touching was fun because it had a mist.” JB “I felt the vapor in the cloud in the bowl. “ TW “You could touch the cloud vapor!” SC and SR “The wind blowing the sand. You turn the wheel and the Fan changed it.” SR “I liked playing with the blowing wind and sand.” CJ “The wheel turning in the sand and wind. I liked how it made the sand go in different directions.” JH

The lightning tube was zig-zagging! MK The lightning tube because it moved when I touched it! TW “The Tornado. Watching it start and grow low and go high!” JH “I got to see a tornado form!” JB “The tornado thing showed the hot and cold air chasing each other!” AT “The tornado. It formed and went around.” CJ “I liked the gi-normous telescope.” AT

We had a great time thanks to our parent chaperones who helped read and ask questions of the children to make connections and understand very advanced and technical displays on weather elements and climate data. We also made wind socks and anemometers to measure the wind. We took them outside and they actually worked on an auspiciously windy day in October.

We conducted investigations just like a scientist or meteorologist! We used the Scientific Method and recorded our Questions, Hypothesis and Conclusions. Cloud and Water Vapor Experiment: When Will It Rain?

We are quite impressed and proud to share what your children have learned! They are truly amazing scientists! Warmly, Wendy Hollister and Toni Burns

Kindergarten update nov 19,2013  

How The world works

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