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February 26, 2012

Mentor Meeting Checklist #8

Big task for the week:

Finish your paper and turn it in on Wednesday Week Summary: This week you are wrapping up your research paper. It is due on Wednesday. Mentor Meeting Option #1: If you meet on Monday or Tuesday

 Email your mentor the latest draft of your paper or hand them a hard copy of it. Have them review it tonight and get feedback about it on Tuesday.

 Include these suggested revisions before you turn it in on Wednesday Mentor Meeting Option #2: If you meet with your mentor on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

 If your mentor is willing, follow mentor meeting option #1 as best you can  Thank your mentor profusely for their support on your paper  Have them pat you on the back for your success in the most challenging research paper you have written to date

 Chat with them about what you think you would like to do in the 2nd line of inquiry as you embark on the small group project

 Keep this meeting short, possibly under 15 minutes

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This space is for any comments or questions you have

This sheet is due back by 3:30 on Friday

Mentor Meeting checklist number 8  

Mentor Meeting checklist 8